Light and Airy Apartment Interior Design Ideas

This penthouse apartment sits atop South Yarra’s development and features amazing views of Melburne’s busy city skyline. Its interior is designed by Robert Mills Architects as light and airy as possible to highlight owner’s extensive furniture and art collection.

The white surfaces and limestone floors can be found across the whole apartment, including all living, bedroom and bathroom areas. Most of storage spaces are built-in so they also don’t spoil the look and airiness of the interior. The apartment also features the rooftop garden, designed by Jack Merlo, that also features amazing views of the area.

10 Cool Wallpaper Stickers Ideas for Creative Interiors

It is very often that our readers ask for ideas on how to improve the overall look of a room. These cool wallpaper sticker could be the answer they are looking for. Easy to use, the wall stickers are pre-cut adhesive items, that can be simply unwrapped and glued in the desired location. They are various, so many ideas to chose from. We consider them all to be very original and also adaptable to different types of arrangements. From landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and life-sized singers to bird cages and flowers, these wallpaper stickers can turn a common room into a creative and fun interior. We also like the fact that the color palette is wide, which means that for each design you can pick the color that matches your tastes. In the photos below you have some inspiring arrangements to go with the wacky stickers which we hope you will find useful. The items go great in the childrens’ room, but more serious ideas are available as well. We challenge you to tell us which one is your favorite.