Iittala Sarpaneva Cookware Electric

The Iittala chef’s choice. Originally designed in collaboration with professional chefs, All Steel now attracts home chefs with an eye for performance. The Iittala collection consists of numerous stainless steel items, all conceptual and functional, right down to the very last detail. The casseroles have measuring scales on the inside and the handles have been improved by making them even bigger and sturdier. The series include a copper sauteuse, as well as a frying pan and wok. Your professional grade kitchen will be well served. Camron is working with Scandinavian homeware brand, Iittala, to launch their first retail concept in the UK. Iittala will open its first flagship store in London at 126 Regent Street in December. Established in 1881, Iittala is a driving force in Scandinavian design most famed for its iconic Aalto vase by Alvar Aalto first produced in 1936 and its Toikka birds by Oiva Toikka. The new store in London will offer the full Iittala product range including cookware, dinner sets and decorative items for the home. Iittala stands for ‘Lasting Everyday Design Against Throwawayism’. In an increasingly disposable world, Iittala believes that everyone has the right to expect design to last a lifetime.

The Iittala Sarpaneva Pot is one of the finest cast iron pots in the world. The most unique part of this black, white enamel lined pot is the detachable wooden handle. This attractive feature makes it easy to lift the pot from the stove, carry it to the table, and remove it from the oven. The Iittala Sarpavena Pot is also made from one of the best materials for cooking. Cast iron stores heat, keeping food warm and it cooks evenly and gently, perfect for stewing. The new iron age Professor Timo Sarpaneva's grandfather was a blacksmith. It inspired him to recreate a popular version of the ancient cast-iron pot. The Sarpaneva pot became such a favorite that it was featured on one of a collection of postage stamps celebrating the Finnish design élite. The design is a combination of tradition, functionalism and polished aesthetics. It's a basic object for the home that you can lift from the stove straight to the table. Its distinguishing innovative feature is the detachable wooden handle you use to open the lid and lift the pot.
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Wine Glasses Baskets Ratings

Very Nice Wine Glasses Riedel Glassware brings a contemporary flair to the traditional duck-style decanter. The Riedel Dove Wine Decanter is as pleasing to the eye as it is invaluable to fine wine service. The sleek elongated base helps young wines open up, while offering a dazzling presentation for aged vintage wines. The wine decanter has a 32 ounce capacity and like all of Riedel fine glassware, it's made from 24% lead crystal. Famed for their technical and hedonistic sophistication, Riedel are at the cutting edge of glass-making and Charles Mitchell Wines can only truly be appreciated when accompanied with Riedel glasses. Riedel produces a range of 24% lead crystal glasses, with shapes and sizes to suit your wine, maximising the taste, aroma and finish. Combining Charles Mitchell finest wines with Riedel finest glasses is a match made in heaven and they are available exclusively to our customers.

Introducing the official Tequila Glass, designed by Riedel Crystal with the help of Tequila producers, officials and cognoscenti. Elegant and slender, the Riedel Tequila Glass is 8 high with a capacity of 6 ounces, designed to highlight the finest characteristics of Mexicos national drink. Non-lead glass from Riedels Ouverture collection, the tall stem lifts tequila to the level of appreciations it deserves. Claus Riedel was the first to recognize that the shape of the glass could enhance the overall enjoyment of alcoholic beverages. He believed that the bouquet and taste of wine was dependant on the form of the glass. 'Sommeliers' is the ultimate in hand-blown lead crystal excellence. While 'Vinum' offers the same wide range in a machine made lead crystal version. Maximilian Riedel decided to create a Pink Champagne "O" glass to toast life and hope for those women whose lives have been affected by breast cancer. After much deliberation, discussion and collaboration between Maximilian and Georg Riedel on the final design, it was Georg Riedel's design that was chosen. Maximilian says, "We liked his drawings better than mine." The Pink Champagne glass differs from the standard "O" glasses as it sits on a ribbed hollow pedestal and the bowl is an elongated tulip shape. The first handmade prototypes of the glass will be shown at the April 2006 NY Tabletop Show.
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Wooden Water Tank

What is a Wooden Water Tank? Wood storage tanks are the best medium to safely secure millions of gallons of water at a time for fairly many-many years same as other contemporary `Water tank` does. They are as same reliable architectural mastery or expertise as any other concrete based `Water tanks` and can be reliable to safeguard the breakages or leakages of water from the tank because usually wooden water tanks are made up of hard unbreakable plywood which remains intact wit the water and other components mixed to construct a titanic water tank structure and over time the hard wood doesn’t get decayed while coming in contact with the water and even avoid `Plant roots` to seep under; by the side or over the tank because water tanks constructed in every part of the world is extremely vulnerable to `Plant formation` in and around the tank and are architects horrible dream scenario that even has the power to break the water tank in multiple pieces if extra care and attention isn’t levied upon therein. `Varnishing or wood painting` is applied before and after the water tank construction so that paint could efficiently seeps into the pores of the wooden areas and holds the leakage in abundance. Wooden water tank is strongly recommended to handle with care under extreme conditions or circumstance as they can turn out to be very fragile by nature. Strong recommendation is provided to safeguard wood from unnecessary cracks due to hard architectural work such as: Hammering, pasting, broad or thick needle usage, applying concrete with wooden board adjustments placements, etc. have to be beard in mind beforehand.
Advantage of construction
· The initial construction of wooden water tank is significantly less in quantity in comparison to concrete based expensive components availability;
· Onsite construction time: `Wooden Timber Tanks` have very low maintenance requirements compared with the cost of painting steel tanks every 5 to 10 years or the leakage problems of reinforced concrete tanks.
· Deliberate and inherited intricate design and wood patterns are systematically incorporated at the construction time to make the ‘tank’ (earthquake proof) or résistance to natural calamities;
· Plywood applied to the water tank construction is made up of `Termite proof` hard wood where termites and other insecticides or pesticides may not eat them to demolish the entire structure either from the base; in between or from the top structure;
· Reservoirs can be readily dismantled and proficiently be transported for re-erection from one vicinity (locality) to another if required and if it is made up of wood only. That helps in time; physical work (energy and labor work) wastage utilization to a nil.
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Outdoor Patio Fire Pit/fireplace?

What is Outdoor Patio Fire Pit/fireplace? Indoor/Outdoor Fire pits combines the soft and warm subtleness with paired cozy feeling in around the area it’s installed as in the backyard, at a campsite or even on the beach, these compact units come in a variety of shapes and finishes to accommodate any decor or natural setting. An outdoor patio fireplace turns a patio into an outdoor room, a fully useable extension of the interior. Add toasty warmth to your outside gatherings with invited guests/visitors. The fire pits or Hearths are not totally made up of furniture accessories but with slight wooden appearance is attached to it. For enhanced burn longevity and heat productivity a `Log Grabber` is introduced. The Log Grabber resists heat from burning firewood due to its durable steel construction and powder coat finish. The rubber grip handle stays cool to the touch and features three-grip tongs for extra safety and adaptability. A spring-loaded lever action allows users to manipulate firewood with relative ease and comfort.
Fireplace features:
1. All sturdy Hard wooden construction;
2. Black Enamel Lid And Bowl For Extra Durability;
3. Galvanized Spark Guard for Rust Resistance and Ember Control;
4. 360 Degree oval view of round fire pit console;
5. Cooking and Charcoal Grate for Grilling Versatility;
6. Large Removable Ash Drawer;
7. Hinged Front Door Panel with Latch for Easy Access;
8. Diamond Matrix Border Creates Even Vent System;
9. Large Wooden Roller Wheels For Portability (mobility);
10. Heat Shield on Bowl Handle For Hands Protection;
11. High Quality Heat paint for protection of wooden sections of the hearth;
12. Strong Tubular Legs With Angled Feet For hearth’s Stability(charcoal fall);
13. Large Removable Ash Drawer Multiple Fire Handling capacity and cleaning facility;
14. Stainless steel wood ash tray/pan attached with wooden console fire pit;

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Kitchen Design Appliances And Cupboards

A Look At Kitchen Design Worktops, Appliances And Cupboards The kitchen is often considered the most important room in the house, redesigning a kitchen requires a lot of thought and effort to create the ideal space. Before visiting a supplier and considering replacing all of the worktops and cupboards there are certain considerations that should be factored in. As a room that contains many essential appliances, use of space should be a major concern. With so many kitchen suppliers out there offering deals on worktops, cupboards, appliances and lighting solutions it is important to shop around. Getting as many quotes as possible is vital to ensure you find the best price and the most productive work schedule. Remember having a new kitchen fitted can be a stressful experience, thorough planning will help reduce this stress.

One catchphrase that is often bandied about in kitchen design circles is the 'golden triangle.' However technical it sounds it primarily refers to the fact that the majority of appliances should be located close to each other with worktops in between. This is a vital component of the kitchen design process as efficiency of use is always the most desirable outcome. Put simply it will make cooking less stressful and more enjoyable. This triangle theory to kitchen design does however have a problem. It is in no way generic as people use their kitchens differently and rank the importance of certain appliances and worktops in their own way. Some would put the oven, fridge and sink as the most important while others may choose a dishwasher, microwave and washing machine as vital components of their triangle. Whatever the choice, the top three should be used as the anchor points of the kitchen triangle. A side note to the triangle is the aesthetic pleasure that a kitchen should provide. The choice of worktops, cupboards and decor are a vital component of this and unsurprisingly the choices are limitless. Worktops come in softwood and hardwood, all with a specific varnish. Hardy materials such as granite and marble make great kitchen worktops and stunning design features. Increasingly contemporary kitchen design has started using industrial materials such as stainless steel for the truly post modernist look.

Storage should always be a major concern in kitchen design; it is easy to have too little or too much storage space. If you have too little an easy remedy is utilise a suspended rack that you could use to stow pots and pans without taking up space in the cupboards or on worktops. Strangely it is possible to have too much storage space in a kitchen; the amount of clutter you store away soon grows and storing the out of date food that fills cupboards can be seen as a fruitless task. Also the space used for extra cupboards can often be better utilised with a breakfast bar or extra appliances. If you are pleased with the layout of your kitchen there is no reason to go for a complete re-haul. There are certain ways to revamp your space that will give your kitchen a new lease of life at a fraction of the price of a full redesign. Re-painting can give a fresh new look, as can re-tiling certain areas. An extremely cost effective way to revamp a kitchen is to replace the cupboard door handles or even the doors. By refitting new worktops your kitchen can take on a completely new look as will updating the current appliances.
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Fabric Decorating in Home Bedding

How To Choose Your Home Decorating Fabric: If you're decorating your home, it's important that you find the right home decorating fabric. Whether you're going modern, Victorian, or classic, the theme of your home decorating will be influenced by the type of fabric you choose. If you already know what particular theme you want, do a little research online to decide which fabric will fit best. You can also choose to look at home decorating magazines or books. For example, if you use a Victorian theme, remember that this type of theme is both feminine and quite ornate. Therefore, the home decorating fabric you choose will be brocade, velvet, or other "heavy" and rich materials. For accessories, you can choose ribbons and bows, beads and lace for trim. If you choose to go with a modern theme, you'll want vibrant and bold colors in your home decorating fabric. Usually, when you go with a modern theme, the rooms are big and spacious and the concept is "open." This is meant to draw your attention to the room's details, including the fabrics used. The walls are usually done in light or cool colors. Another popular home decorating theme is Oriental. With this, use elephants, Chinese dragons, screens and fans. This makes the room visually interesting and unique. The colors used are rich red, coral, jade and ivory. The Oriental theme usually uses silk as its fabric, and the rich colors stand boldly against the dark woods recommended for Oriental furniture.

For a more subdued "country" theme, choose light-colored woods, crisp fabrics such as linen, and light colors, perhaps accented here and there with dashes of dark red or blue throw pillows, for example. You can also choose sturdy knotty pine and rough tweed and denim fabrics for a more rustic look. When you use home decorating fabric, you are putting icing on the cake, basically. The furniture you add complements the colors you use. In addition, the window treatments you'll use also fit within the theme, using these same colors. Home decorating fabrics can be found in many places. Cushions, slipcovers and curtains can be bought premade at department stores or online. Many stores or web sites also specialize in home decor and can help you with this process. If you are skilled in sewing and wish to make your own materials, it's probably best that you go to a local fabric store so that you can see the fabrics you want to choose firsthand. Store staff will also be able to advise you on patterns, threads, and accessories such as buttons, ribbons and bows. If you are considering a particular color scheme, staff will also be able to help you choose fabrics in the right coordinating and contrasting materials and colors.
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Local Carpet Companies Offer Quality and Price

Local Carpet Companies Offer Quality and Price When it comes to your home, there are very few things that are as make-or-break as the flooring that you choose. The color of the walls, the decor, and even the furniture in your home can all be chalked up to individual tastes, but a cheap carpet or a carelessly installed floor can not only become an eyesore in a hurry, but can also significantly devalue your home as it may show signs of wear and tear much earlier. Installing a quality carpet or flooring that is both high quality and low cost is of the utmost importance for many home owners. Name brand carpeting and flooring, which can ensure the highest quality possible, may be the right option for you, while quality store brand flooring and carpets can alleviate the financial strain of having carpets and floors installed in your home. A viable option for many home owners is using smaller family-owned carpet and flooring showrooms, as they often offer the best customer service and highest quality flooring and carpet while still generally being able to offer competitive prices. Using Anaheim as an example: an Anaheim carpet company may sell carpet at $3.50 per square foot and offer excellent customer support and service while a larger national chain, lacking the same level of support and service, may only discount their products by a few cents per square foot making the local Anaheim flooring company a better overall value. Local flooring companies, in Anaheim and beyond, tend to pride themselves on providing quality products and superior service.

Connecting Locally via the Internet Local companies throughout the world are becoming a stronger presence online as the appeal of the internet for smaller locally owned businesses increases. There are thousands of small, locally owned carpet and flooring companies online who can offer users the opportunity shop online or peruse and compare before making a final decision regarding their carpet purchase. Searching for "carpet" or "carpet company" and your city name in most search engines will help you find locally owned carpet suppliers who offer wide arrays of carpet and flooring options for your home. Using the Internet to comparison shop can help you find the right carpet at the lowest prices, while using local companies can ensure that you get the best "home town" service and support - it's the best of both worlds.
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Rustic Decoration for your Mountain Cabin

You have just bought that cozy mountain home, or you want to bring some of that mountain log home feel back home with you, consider decorating a room or your whole house in a mountain cabin motif. Bringing the solitude of nature into your home is the idea behind this new mountain trend and it is catching on like wildfire. Rustic lighting and furniture is all the rave right now. Black bear decor or an antler chandelier will add a whimsy feel to any mountain home. Having the lodge look is as easy as a click of the mouse. You can find rustic cottage furniture for the bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living areas and even your outdoor patio. Made of natural woods such as pine, or cedar, many pieces can be painted with designs of country scenery, animals or birds. Others have a mixture of wrought iron & metal art in the shape of leaves and stems creating an outdoor feel to any room. A large rectangular table made of cedar or pine would be great for your kitchen or dining room table. Add a wrought-iron or metal chandelier as a focal point to provide vintage lighting for that lodge decor style home. Accent your kitchen or dining room by displaying rustic dinnerware, using antler door pulls or an adding an iron leaf baker's rack in the corner. Use open shelving in the rustic country kitchen to display plates, dishes and dinnerware collections.

Iron and stain glass lighting in your living room can bring some of that old world charm into your country style home. Use wicker baskets to hold firewood, or decorate with pine cones, or dried flowers or old bird houses to bring the outdoors in. Kerosene, oil, or hurricane lamps, and lanterns, also adds to that old timely feel. Throw a handmade quilt over an old chair or use an old travel trunk for a table, covered with lace doilies or old fabric that reminds you of a happy childhood. Think of things from your past that make you smile and remember a simpler time. Use neutral earth tones and natural colors to accent your rustic cabin look. Barn Red, blues and greens add that subtle comfort, helping you create a calm and elegant atmosphere. Bear or Moose decor curtains or throws add that nature accent to finish off that country cabin look. Whether you live in the country, a wooded mountain cabin, or an inner city setting you can lose yourself in the beauty of the mountains everyday by decorating in a mountain decor to enhance the beauty and warmth of your country home.

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Contemporary Bathroom Vanity Decorating Tips

What does your bathroom look like? Does it look exactly the way it did when you first moved in? Does it stay exactly the same (except for a change in the towels)? Why? Your bathroom doesn't need to be boring or non-descript. In fact, since you have to spend so much time there, why not decorate your bathroom and turn it into a place in which you don't mind spending time. Turn your bathroom into your own personal sanctuary and the first place to start with your bathroom decorating remodel is with your vanity. Of course, there is no rule that says a new vanity has to break the bank. On the contrary, there are plenty of discount bathroom vanities that look just as good as their more expensive counterparts. Your bathroom vanity is the area of your bathroom that you have the most control, why not pick a vanity that you love? There are so many different styles of vanity available now; it is more than possible to pick a discount bathroom vanity that reflects your personality and the environment of your home. Bathroom vanities come in a number of styles. Forget about choosing colors for now, let's concentrate on the materials that you want your vanity to be made out of. The sink itself should be a metal or a ceramic material, but the surrounding cabinetry can be made from wood, ceramics, metal, plastic, or laminate. There are plenty of materials to choose from. Do you prefer the look of wood or are you more impressed with chrome and metal? Picking out the building materials is the first step to choosing which discount bathroom vanity you should install.

After you decide on the materials from which you want your vanity to be built, you can start worrying about the color scheme of the vanity. If you want to turn your bathroom into your own home spa, you'll want your bathroom vanity to be in softer shades. A wooden vanity can be white or sandalwood perhaps. If you are into more of a post modern look, you can go for the stark primary colors, the black and white look. It is up to your personal style! Finally, how do you want to accessorize your bathroom vanity? Do you want your vanity to come with a lot of storage space, or do you want a simple standing sink, mirror and small counter? How much of your bathroom storage do you want to be responsible for adding to your bathroom? Do you prefer the minimal look of a simple sink and counter? Do you like shelves or cabinets? The best news is, when it comes to choosing your bathroom vanity, there is no reason to fork over a chunk of your bank account. Discount bathroom vanities are just as good as expensive vanities. In fact they might even be better than expensive vanities because the money you save can be put toward something even more fun! Who said your bathroom has to be boring?

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Using Feng Shui to Your Advantage Tips

Using Feng Shui to Your Advantage While a lot of people have heard about Feng Shui, truly understanding it can be a challenge. Feng Shui literally translates to Wind Water, and it is an ancient Chinese concept of balancing elements and energies in a home. This balancing is done through the deliberate placing of furniture, and choosing colors and shapes that naturally reflect certain energetic qualities. While it all seems a bit far fetched, many people attest that major positive changes can occur when they follow the advice of Feng Shui. Some people consult a Feng Shui expert before they even buy a home, and many interior designers and home stagers utilize Feng Shui philosophies. While certainly not everyone cares about a home's energy balance, it is an interesting concept, and one that can be fun to put into practice. Using Feng Shui might make your home more comfortable, and it may even make it more appealing to buyers when it comes time to sell.

Feng Shui can be very complex, involving an awful lot of aspects. Fortunately, many modern practitioners have filtered the art down to its essence, allowing the lay-person to practice some Feng Shui without being completely overwhelmed. Something that outlines Feng Shui is a simple way is the Bagua. The Bagua is like a map that helps you decorate or design your home. Some simple concepts involve symbolism. Let's take love for example. Ideally, the master bedroom in a home would be in the love center, which, according to the Bagua map, is in the back right hand corner of a home. If you want to encourage relationships, decorate with pairs. For example, be sure to have two bedside tables, and two of each decorative object. Single candlesticks, statues or paintings of single people will encourage the owner to be single. If you are trying to find a partner, choose art that depicts happy couples, and decorate in colors like pink, red and white. Be sure not to let pink dominate in a girly way, as this discourages masculine energy. If you despise red tones and really don't want to decorate with them, adding just a touch of pink in a small but deliberate dose will help increase the love energy of the room.

The bedroom isn't the best place for plants, as their growing energy will disturb sleep. Plants are ideal in the wealth center, however, which is located in the back left hand corner of a home. If one wants renewed movement in their career center, adding water gets the energy flowing. Circular shapes and watery colors also add this energy if an actual water feature is impossible. In Feng Shui, bathrooms, laundry facilities and even kitchen sinks are places where energy can literally go down the drain. If these are in the financial center of a home, the household may have trouble saving money. Similarly, if you can see the bathroom from your bed, you may wake up with depleted energy. Keeping bathroom doors shut, or at least toilet lids shut can help to balance this. If possible, rearrange furniture to avoid this energy drain. There is so much to Feng Shui, I couldn't possibly explain it all in a short article. But keeping it in mind when designing and decorating a home is fun at the least, and life enhancing at best. You just might get offers to purchase your home from other Feng Shui believers!
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Loft Conversions Different Types

Different Types Of Loft Conversions Loft conversions have become increasingly popular over recent years which isn't surprising when you think of the difference they can make to your home. If you're in the position where you need a bigger home but don't want to move for whatever reasons, adding an extension to your home could be just the answer. Not only do you gain valuable extra space but it can significantly add to the value of your house when you decide to sell it on. There are a number of different options available to those considering loft conversions which means that you are bound to find one that suits both you and your home. There are two types of loft conversions, these are full conversions and shell conversions. The difference between the two depends on how much work you want your building company to do for you. If you don't know anything about loft conversions and the work that needs to go in to them, then a full conversion is recommended. However, if you, friends or family know what they are doing and can do some of the work themselves, then a shell conversion could be for you.

A full conversion covers anything you can think of when it comes to loft conversions. This means the company you use will do a technical survey for you, will design all drawings of the conversion and ensure they comply with building regulations and work out any structural calculations. As well as this they will obtain planning permission if necessary, submit all plans to your local authority and install any insulation that is needed. Finally, they will also complete everything from skirting to doors, plaster everything and even do the plumbing and electric for you. The only thing that will be left for you to do is decorate your new room just how you want it. A shell conversion includes any technical survey plans and designs being drawn up for you, all floor, structural work and supports being completed as well as things such as stairs and timber work. On top of this any windows, roof work and external finishings will be done as well. Although these types of loft conversions don't include as much as full conversions, they are ideal for people who know what they are doing when it comes to building work but need an extra helping hand. Every company who carries out loft conversions is different and therefore their ideas of full conversions and shell conversions may vary. For this reason it is recommended that you look around so you can find something that suits you the best. Once you have decided what kind of conversion you need and want it will need to be approved by your Local Authority. Once this has been done building work can go ahead and you will be able to experience the many benefits of loft conversions.

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Painted Drums To Create Beautiful Rustic Decorating Style

Use Painted Drums To Create Beautiful Rustic Decorating Style If you are searching for an inexpensive, rustic decorating idea, try using the beautiful, painted drums made by Native Americans Indians. I was recently looking for an easy and inexpensive way to decorate my guest room and give it a rustic, western flare, and started purchasing great southwestern accessories for rustic home decorating. I ended up buying two beautiful painted drums that incorporated the perfect southwest look in my home and enhanced the rustic feel that I was searching for. The thing I love most about these painted drums is how they portray a true reflection of American Indian life and work through the paintings. Perhaps you are like me and truly appreciate the authentic creativity of Native American art. As you study the origin of these paintings you will love how the artistic spirit of the American Indians can be seen in the painted drum. The beautiful hand painted drum heads serve as an art gallery for the expressions and motives of Indigenous life. Because the Native American drum artists find their inspiration through the work of their ancestors, owning one of these rustic drums gives you the unique privilege of being part of many generations of Native American artists. Each new line of Native drum artists creates their work, mingled with the past, to bring forth a truly unique work of art. As you learn about the history of painted drums, you will see that animal drums have always been the most popular Native American musical instruments of choice and have a special meaning to these Indian people. The medium, with which they work with, varies among drum painters and is a matter of personal preference. Some Native American artists still use hand ground natural dyes, though paint has also become an acceptable choice as traditional drums make room for modern expressions of culture and creativity.

Just like the variations of mediums used to paint the drums, you will also see that drumming traditions vary between tribes. Some tribes play large drums while gathered in a circle around it, while the drums of other tribes are unique and personally decorated by the drummer. Now days it is very rare to find true ceremonial drums, but the Native American hand drums of the Tarahumara Indians are among the most authentic Native drums created for playing in drumming circles or for rustic home decorating. Drum painting is definitely a unique art and an important part of the rich heritage of the Indian people. The painted drum has come to signify both the drummer and the tribe, as well as preserve the Native American culture through drawings of nature and legend. If you are drawn to the true values of the American Indians, you will certainly enjoy adding rustic style to your home decorating. You can easily find these Native drums online or in stores that sell rustic and southwestern home decor, and bring American Indian culture to life in your home with the exquisite art of painted drums.
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Modern Bathroom Accessories

Are you finding a new design for your bathroom?If you want your bathroom to be comfortable,it should be equipped with modern accessories.Bathroom is one of the important room in your home.The most important elements you can add to your bathroom are tub,shower stall,sink and commode.You can not imagine a bathroom without accessories.Today people are using bathroom not only for cleaning themselves but also to get rid of all day stress.It is very important that all your accessories should match with the design of your bathroom.

Bathroom is a place which reflects lifestyle of a person.Before designing your bathroom you should try to find information about all the accessories available online or in the market.The most important thing which increases comfort as well as beauty of your washroom is a shower.A bathroom shower can be bought in different shapes,colors and design.Showers can be bought according to your needs and budget.Many people use designer mirrors to increase the beauty of their washroom.Mirrors reflects natural and artificial light and makes the bathroom look more spacious.While buying bathroom accessories you should pay attention not only on beauty but also on safety.A bathroom accessory should be made up of organic and eco-friendly material.washroom items can be bought on furnishing stores and on the internet.Modern bathrooms are place where you have a lot to install and all that you install add to the comfort you will enjoy in the future.

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Using Ceremonial Drums For Unique Southwestern Home Decorating

Using Ceremonial Drums For Unique Southwestern Home Decorating I gave my home that great, southwestern look by adding ceremonial drums to my rustic decor. I was so happy with the authentic, rustic look that the Native American drums added to my home, that I started researching and reading about the history and the primary role they play in Native cultures. If you are like me, you have probably seen how meaningful ceremonial drums are to the Native culture but do not realize their importance in Native ceremonies or how exactly they are used. Every tribe is different in how they use ceremonial drums but one similarity between each tribe is that the Native drums are very important and part of the main focus of the ceremony. Throughout my studies, I have come to find that learning about these drums truly gives you a great appreciation of the American Indian culture and their customs. As you start studying about ceremonial drums, you will find it very intriguing that the Native Americans think of the ceremonial drum to be sacred. They are usually used in powwows, Shamanic ceremonies and honor ceremonies to come in contact with the Spirits and to connect with their creator. It is believed that each drum holds a spirit and that the drum beat signifies the heart beat of Mother Nature. Since the drum is believed to connect the people with the spirit world and guide the a healer in helping his people, you will see that they are commonly used by the healers or Shaman to enter the mind state, known as the Shamanic journey, needed to connect with the Spirits.

Also, as you study the importance of ceremonial drums in today's culture, you will find that Native Indian drums play a significant part in the livelihood of American Indian tribes such as the Tarahumara. Making and selling these rustic style drums allows them to earn a living, through selling and trading their cultural hand crafts, and helps them extend the knowledge and traditions of their culture to those who buy them. The drum making knowledge, passed on from generation to generation in these tribes, teaches the drum makers how to make durable and long-lasting ceremonial drums with elements from the Earth and the environment around them such as pine wood and natural raw hide. Today, Native Indian drums are not only used in Indian ceremonies such as Indian drumming groups and as Native American musical instruments, but they are also gaining popularity as pieces of decorative art, instruments used in school music classes and even as canvases for Native American art projects and southwestern paintings. Some types of ceremonial drums are also used as rustic style furniture and Native American decor, such as the larger powwow drums and pedestal drums that are used as rustic tables. Today, it is very easy to buy these beautiful Native American ceremonial drums online and in stores that sell southwestern, western and rustic decor. However you decide to use your ceremonial drum, whether for drumming purposes or in interior design, you will definitely be drawn to the simplistic charm and southwest style of ceremonial drums.

Open Floor Plan Decoration

It seems that the majority of new homes these days are designed with open floor plans. They give a nice open feeling and make the living space appear larger. It can however, create a decorating challenge. Where do paint colors begin and where do they end? How do you distinguish between different areas? How much furniture is too much? The following suggestions will help you deal with these as well as other common problems that arise when decorating an open concept living space.
Furniture Layout - If your room has a slanted ceiling, place your larger pieces of furniture closest to the highest wall.
- Don't position sofas across the corner of a room, but do position large chairs at an angle to use up corner spaces.
- Position your larger pieces of furniture first and then add the smaller pieces gradually.
- Allow plenty of open space between the various pieces of furniture. Using the decorating Rule of Thirds, your furniture should take up about two thirds of available wall space.
Paint - Try to choose neutral colors, but add an accent color on a few walls. Add accessories to complement your accent color.
- Restate colors or themes in various areas to create a flow.
Create Rooms or Themed Areas - Open floor plans allow various members of the family use the same large area for different uses. The kids could be in the dining room playing a game while dad is in the kitchen and mom is watching TV. There are no walls dividing all of this interaction, so it's important to create decorative walls with furniture and accents.
- Divide your room according to uses. For example, a rectangular shaped room may separat into two separate living spaces. Take a great room and split it into a sitting area and a dining room. Or a large dining room could have a couch at one end for relaxing after dinner.
- Define the different areas with an area rug, an accent paint color or wallpaper.
- A subtle dividing wall can be achieved by placing a narrow table behind a couch. Decorate with floral displays or vases to create the illusion of height.

Western Interior Design Choosing Beautiful Antler Lamps

Choosing Antler Lamps For Beautiful Western Interior Design Antler lamps are an excellent way to create western decor. Much more than average home lighting, antler lamps bring character to your environment. If you own a mountain cabin or southwest style home, the rustic appeal of antlers with their unusual shapes and variety of natural color will give your space the authentic rustic look you are hoping to create. Rustic style home owners as well as those constructing modern log homes have used antler lamps for decades as the beautiful rustic lighting to complete their ranch style home decor. Because of the smooth curves of antler lamps and chandeliers there is a natural beauty in the antlers themselves that wonderfully enhances any type of ranch style furniture. There is something dynamic about antler lamps that combines all the elements and creates a sophisticated country look within the room. Antler lamps have a quality about them that distinctly adds rustic beauty in any environment. Antler lamps also compliment many other western accessories in home decor. In the Northwest or "north woods" antlers may be attached to snow shoes and complimented with rawhide lamp shades to use as one-of-a-kind wall sconces. The light colored wood and rawhide lacing on the snow shoe, combined with the leather binding and warm glow of the rawhide shade, make it a fabulous combination. No matter if you prefer to compliment your antler lamp with rustic light rawhide shades or country style dark rawhide lampshades, the option is yours and the result will be stunning.

Smaller antler chandeliers may be made from whitetail deer antlers while larger chandeliers sometimes have several tiers of huge elk antlers. Weather your space is large or small an antler chandelier will enhance western decor. In a small town in Wyoming, the center of town is adorned with arches fashioned from Elk antlers. It is definitely one of a kind and you can create the same spirit with antler lamps in your home. Small lamps can be fashioned from whitetail deer antlers while larger chandeliers may have tiers of elk antlers adorned with rawhide lampshades. One of the most distinguishable lamps is made using moose antlers, unmistakable with their great dark palms and beautiful dark rawhide lamp shades.

Throughout the year, clubs and organizations like the Boy Scouts will find the prized sheds. If you ever find antler sheds outdoors, it is an amazing occurrence. Antler lamps bring that same spirit in your home and can transform your setting's atmosphere in a most exciting way. Antlers are available in varying conditions that are categorized like rare coins. The highest quality is given an "A" grade. The grading scale, indirectly, has to do with the length of time the sheds lie on the ground before found. The more time they are left exposed, the more they lose their quality. Newer antler sheds are a darker brown color. Sheds that are not found quickly will start to fade in the sun until they are a chalky white. Another reason why they loose their value is because of chew marks from small rodents and stains from wet ground or moss. There are also different ways of making the antler lamps themselves. Some lamp makers use glue to hold the antlers together. Others may lash them together with rawhide thong for a western look. And some of the most appealing antler lamps may use a combination of being glued, drilled and screwed together, with the holes closed up for a natural look. Better quality lamps will almost always use rawhide lamp shades.

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Recliners And Leather Recliners

Today’s recliners are made with both comfort and style in mind. The features of a recliner are endless. Whether you want a recliner for simple comfort purposes, therapeutic purposes, or if you need to support your knees and hips when moving from a sitting to standing position and vice versa, there is a recliner out there for every body and every home. Leather recliners are a great choice for durability and comfort. Leather recliners are classy and sassy, come in an array of style and are extremely comfortable. When furnishing a living room, leather recliners can blend with the rest of the furniture and home decor. They are also resistant to stains, easy to clean, and are built to withstand treatment from pets or young kids. Gliders are a type of recliner that offers a smooth and steady gliding action that exceeds the comfort of a good old fashioned rocking chair. Rocking chairs tend to throw off a person’s natural balance, while gliders work with the body’s natural equilibrium. Another type of recliner, if you really want to spoil yourself, is a massage recliner. Some massage recliners have a built in foot and calf massage feature, while others have full massage options that work on your full body. Luxury at its best, massage recliners bring a whole new level to home comfort.

If you are looking to build up your home theater, there are recliners that imitate the finest commercial theatre seats. To bring the feel of a real theatre home, recliners can come in rows of three or four, with arm rests to separate the seats. Some even come with built in cup holders and headphone jacks. If you are a big entertainer, or even a big movie buff, home theatre recliners are a great choice. Recliners and gliders can come with a swivel option, making mobility easy and comfortable. And speaking of easy, a lot of recliners have remote controls so that your comfort is literally in your hand, able to be controlled by a touch of your finger. Recliners are available with foot rests that are attached to the chair, as well as detached. Any recliner you choose is going to make your home life more comfortable. Recliners come in all sorts of materials and colors, and with many recliners, there is the option of adding a sofa recliner. In the past, a lot of recliners stood out and were an eye-sore in a home. These days, your living room can be furnished with a recliner and a sofa recliner to match, making your home warm, inviting, and most importantly, comfortable.

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Decorating Fireplace Mantel

Tips For Decorating A Fireplace Mantel If you are looking to give your room a focal point or something to highlight it, look no further than the fireplace mantel that's already there. Many tend to leave their fireplace mantels bare, failing to realize that they can decorate their fireplace mantel so that it become attractive enough to become the room's focal point. Many homeowners fail to realize that they can do many things on their fireplace mantel to make it more interesting and appealing. Fireplace mantels that come straight out of a magazine page are not the only fireplace mantels that can be regarded as attractive. With a good dose of creativity and fun, even the drabbest of fireplace mantels can be made attractive. A fireplace mantel is a decorative surface that you can decorate in either a symmetrical or asymmetrical manner. If you want to give the fireplace mantel and the room a formal air, go with decorating the fireplace mantel in a symmetrical fashion. However, if you want to give an air of coziness and informality, go with an asymmetrical decoration. You can achieve an asymmetrical look for your fireplace mantel by grouping odd-numbered objects in different sizes and even color. However, there still must be balance in the asymmetrical decoration in order to create the best effect.
When to Decorate Fireplace Mantels Holidays and special occasions are especially great times for you to start decorating and showing off your fireplace mantel. For instance, Halloween gives you the opportunity to use lights for decorating your fireplace mantel and show off some of your creativity. Other times you may want to decorate your fireplace mantel are Labor Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can even decorate your fireplace mantel using seasonal themes. Keep in mind that when it comes to decorating your fireplace mantel, it is best to give your creativity free rein.
Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas
* When you are decorating your fireplace mantel, avoid using anything that is made from inflammable materials. Use decorative objects that aren't inflammable.
* Fruits make wonderful fireplace mantel decorations. A simple, but striking fireplace mantel decoration is a vase or pitcher full of lemons and limes. The contrast of colors draws the eyes to the fireplace.
* Decorate the space below the fireplace mantel with cones.
* Add depth and illuminate the room by placing a mirror on the fireplace mantel.
* Avoid giving your fireplace mantel a "firing line" appearance. Don't simply line up the objects or use objects that are of similar heights. Make your fireplace mantel look dynamic by mixing up objects of different sizes.

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New Paint Color Tips For Interior Designer

Interior Designer Tips for Selecting a New Paint Color : Find a starting place. Pull your color inspiration from something already in the room such as an area rug or painting. If you are planning to replace the furnishings in a room as well as fresh paint, start by finding the new items for the room. Finding a paint color to match a rug you love is infinitely easier than trying to find a rug you like to work with the color of your walls.
# Think about what you like, and what colors you like to wear. If you don't look good in yellow, do not paint your Master Bathroom yellow or you will be unhappy with yourself every time you look in the mirror. You might be seeing a lot of blues and browns in home furnishings lately, but if you don't love blue do not paint your room blue just to keep up with the trends.
# Get inspired! Mother Nature is the world's best colorist and she pulls together the most incredible palettes. Look around outside for color combinations you might have never considered.
# Start small and take baby steps. If you want to try a bold color for the first time, start in a small and manageable space such as a Powder Room. The small space will allow you to live with you new bold color in a small amount, plus you will need very few accessories to pull the look together.
# Ignore all "rules" you may have heard such as dark colors making a room look small. Do not be guided by what you have been told is right or wrong when selecting colors. Yes, some of these rules do have some amount of truth but the world is not black and white, and nor should your home be.

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Country style Kitchen Country Decoration Designing

Country decor is as popular today as it was in years gone by. Creating a country style setting for your kitchen is easy, and here we will give you a few tips for achieving this inviting and relaxed look for your home. When designing your country decor kitchen, you are striving to achieve a cozy, homey effect. Whether your dining area is off the kitchen, part of your family room, or a separate room altogether, wood is the biggest element of this style of decor. Scrubbed pine or rough, natural wood is the perfect choice when decorating in the country decor style. Simplicity, such as a pine or beech table with plain chairs in solid wood or wicker creates a cozy, warm atmosphere. Kitchen cabinets should be made of the same style wood as your dining table. Cabinets with glass fronts are wonderful for this style, and add to the country look. Cabinets that drop down from the ceiling are particularly attractive, leaving room for ceramic roosters, country teapots, and greenery.

For the walls, a striped wallpaper is perfect for the country kitchen. This look is even more striking if the dining room chair seats are padded with a similar design. Sheers in a complimentary shade are perfect for the windows. If you have room, a bakers rack is the perfect accessory for your country setting. Add your favorite country accents such as roosters, sunflowers, cows - whatever you like. A hanging pot rack adds even more interest, and is very useful if you are short on storage space. These are just a few ideas for creating an inviting space where friends and family will want to relax and enjoy themselves. If you want to create a homey, comfortable and inviting atmosphere for your home, use country decor!

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New Roof In Your Home House

Purchasing a home is the single largest investment that most of us will make. The roof of our house plays an important role in preserving our house and maintaining its value in the resale market. The life of the roof depends on the roofing materials used, the local weather conditions, care taken during the installation process and the level of maintenance applied to it. Asphalt and wood shingle roofs can last for 30 to 40 years, respectively. Clay tile rofs have a lifespan of 20 years whereas metal roofs can last for more than 40 years. The sun has a detrimental effect upon the roofing material, regardless of what type of roof it is. The rays cause the material to expand, contract, warp, curl, and lose strength and shape. Elements such as rain water, high winds, snow, hail, etc cause further damage to the already weakened roof resulting in leaks, damage, mildew and fungus growth. If an inspection of a roof reveal that there is a leakage problem at several points and that the shingles are worn out, replacing the roof is a better idea than making repairs. A new roof offers the benefits of providing sturdy protection for your house preventing damage to the structural systems inside the home from leaks as well as a new roof can provide improved insulation and a change in the appearance of your home.

Types of roofing materials There are many different types of materials that are used for the purpose of roofing.
Wood Shingles Wood shingles are usually made from western red cedar and are popular because they are easy to manufacture, light weight and have a very distinctive appearance.
Asphalt Shingles Asphalt is one of the most commonly used roofing materials around today. It has a lifespan of 15-25 years. Asphalt shingles have a fiberglass body that is coated with asphalt and mineral granules for added protection. When the edges of the asphalt begin to crack and warp, it indicates that age has caught up with the material, which is beginning to dry and may no longer be a good weather proofing material. Asphalt shingles are easy to install and can be used with a variety of flashing and edging products without any special accessories for roof edges, wall cuttings, and chimneys.
Tiles Tiles can be either ceramic, clay, or concrete. Ceramic tiles are favored in warmer climates. Tiles lend style to the roof but are difficult to install because of their weight. The roofs need to be reinforced before tiles can be laid out.
Corrugated Metal Corrugated metal is very durable and will last upwards of 50 years with periodic maintenance, they need to be painted and protected from moisture. Metal roofs are available in sheets at home improvement stores in a wide range of colors and can be crafted to give the appearance of traditional tiles. They are sturdy and durable.
Slate Slate is another durable roofing material that is almost non-absorbent. Slate has been used for centuries. It is a naturally occurring product that is resistant to wind, sun, rain, and other forces of nature. Its gentle colors and unique textures coupled with its durability offer a great mix of utility and beauty. However, slate roofs are difficult to install and the material is expensive.
Cost comparison between roofing materials Factors affecting the cost of the roof include the area to be covered; the material used, layers of shingles placed; effort involved in removing the existing roofing; and any work required on the gutters and siding. The cost of roofing materials is usually quoted in terms of squares. One square is equal to an area of 10 feet x 10 feet.
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Bathroom Lighting Design Ideas

Bathroom lighting is an great way to give your bathroom a whole new look and feel. Proper lighting is important in a bathroom since this room serves as a retreat and a place to relax and unwind. A bathroom must have a complete and layered lighting scheme in order to create the desired effect. Since most bathrooms are small enough that only a single fixture may be required to supply an ample amount of light. A ceiling-mounted fixture can be quite useful. There are many beautiful flush and semi-flush mounts that are available on the market that could be used to create the right lighting design in any bathroom. Today's ceiling lighting can be quite attractive, especially if you look beyond the bathroom for ideas. There are many lighting fixtures that weren't necessarily made for the bathroom that could be seen as possibilities for your bathroom remodel. For the best lighting effect, you should apply your lighting in various layers. These layers of lighting include ambient, task, and accent lighting. Task lighting is the lighting necessary to carry out specific activities in the home. Generally, task lighting is higher in intensity than other types of lighting

Ambient lighting is a term used to describe the total amount of light that is present in a space. We can say that a room has high or low levels of ambient lighting. Placing surface mounted fixtures at the ceiling can create ambient lighting. Accent lighting is any type of lighting that brings attention to itself or to an object. You can certainly feel free to have more than one type of lighting for your bathroom, particularly if you have a larger bathroom, you can mix a few wall sconces with a ceiling fixture or group of pendant lights, if you have a high enough ceiling. Depending on your bathroom space you can become creative with your bathroom lighting design. If a bathroom vanity works well in your bathroom, don't be afraid to embellish it by adding a sconce on either side. A small ceiling fixture, combined with your vanity or bar can create a more contemporary feel to your bathroom. You can customize your bathroom lighting to create your own unique lighting design. The type of lighting you select for your bathroom is critical to your bathroom design. You should consider ceiling, vanity and recessed, accent (lighting from below counters, inside showers, etc.) and decorative as in sconces. If you are planning on vanity lighting the lighting should be provided on both sides of the vanity mirror.

Do you want to create a brighter bathroom? Do you plan to have built in any features that would need to be accented? Whether you are creating a new bathroom or remodeling your existing one, you will find that lighting design is an important consideration in bathroom design. When it comes to brightening up a drab existing bathroom you will find that there are lots of things you can do with the existing wiring. Give careful consideration to planning out the lighting if you're fitting a brand-new bathroom. If the new tiles have been installed over the wiring, for example, it will be very hard to change The decision on selecting bathroom fixtures for your bathroom lighting will be influenced by the size and zones in your bathroom. A bathroom lighting fixture can be for ambient or general lighting, task lighting for specific purposes or subdued lighting for relaxation. With the just the right amount of planning and selection of the proper bathroom lighting you can transform your ordinary bathroom into something really stunning.

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Floor Reading Lamps

Floor reading lamps can give your space functional light and augment the decorative aspects of your living headquarters. Homeowners, who are searching for an illumination product to incorporate into their design theme, should consider purchasing a reading floor lamp. These illumination fixtures are an important element in any illumination design and are perfect for ambient lighting. Floor lamps in general come in a variety of styles as well as sizes, and can be used for reading, office work, or for atheistic purposes. Choosing the right kind of illumination fixture for your home or office can make a big difference in appearance and function. There is a great selection of floor reading lamps for your space. Our products have been handcrafted by some of the best manufacturers in the lighting industry. Residents or business owners can select quality illumination fixtures from our vast menu. Homeowners never have to worry about, if RLLD will have the right product for their tastes. Our large selection taps into many different styles and designs to compensate even for the most fickle of tastes. There are lighting professionals that can help you select the right reading floor lamp for your home or office. If you have a question about installation, lighting technique or other design elements for your home or business, just ask one of our experts, and they will be happy to assist you.

RLLD works hand in hand with top-notch manufacturers to get your illumination design on the right track. Our floor reading lamps provide the functional light source you require for your work or pleasure. Take for example the products from House of Troy. This manufacturer produces contemporary and traditional style floor reading lamps, along with swing arm versions. The swing arm styles are unique since users can shift the light source by moving the adjustable arm. These lights are perfect for reading, TV watching, or just kicking back on your favorite chair or sofa. Finishes include copper, antique brass, Spanish bronze, and satin chrome, to name a few. We also have a wide selection of decorative floor lamps. The manufacturers are masters in creating these unique illumination fixtures. Homeowners can select a new bamboo style or a Roman version. This company also produces contemporary and traditional style floor lamps, which can be used for reading or other tasks. Lampshades from this manufacturer are also beautiful. Customers can choose linen, frosted glass, Alabaster, and honey leaf style shades for aesthetic beauty.

The manufacturers at Westinghouse also have a fine selection of floor reading lamps. The Thomas Kincaid series are among some of the most elegant and will give your space a touch of dazzling illumination. Westinghouse fixtures come in several different finishes including copper, satin brass, and brushed nickel along with numerous other choices. RLLD also has torchere style floor lamps, which can be used for reading, writing, or decorative purposes. These gorgeous fixtures are the perfect addition to any interior illumination design theme. All of us love to decorate our abodes with beautiful things, but we need the right kind of illumination fixture to bring out the details of these objects. Floor lamps can be used to accent furniture pieces and antiques or as a functional light source for reading, office work, or studying.
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Vinyl Siding Installing Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding as been around since the 1960s, and it is growing in popularity each year. It was originally designed to be a re-cover siding, intended to be installed over the top of an existing water-tight siding material as a means of quickly enhancing the exterior of a house. Unfortunately, the easy application and relatively low cost enticed builders into using this material as a primary waterproofing material. At this time, nearly 30% of new homes now have vinyl siding. As a long-standing roofing company in the Seattle area, Raynproof Roofing has witnessed the effects vinyl siding has had on the building industry. Multiple times every year, Raynproof Roofing is asked to investigate a roof leak, only to discover that the source of the leak is a nearby vinyl-clad wall! Many homeowners and contractors are discovering that their initial cost savings by installing vinyl will ultimately cost them many times more through water damage to their homes. How can this possibly be the case? Let's take a look at the three “faces” of vinyl siding.
The Good Vinyl siding is a contractor's dream material. It installs quickly and it is much less expensive than other siding materials on the market, resulting in both cheaper installation and material costs. With vinyl siding, no painting is required. This means a contractor can avoid painting-related scheduling delays that are often caused by our cold and wet Seattle winters. Vinyl siding is available in a great variety of colors, and the newer generations of vinyl are less prone to fading. It is also available in a variety of faux wood grain finishes to mimic natural materials. With all of these positive attributes, it sounds like the ideal siding material, right?

The Bad Vinyl siding is not a watertight covering for a variety of reasons. The material expands and contracts with temperature fluctuations. The result of this is that vinyl siding cannot be caulked and sealed at wall penetrations like windows and doors. Wind-driven water can be forced into these gaps around the unsealed window and door trims, as well as into the overlapping ends of the siding pieces. In addition, the installation of vinyl siding requires the use of several pre-made trim pieces. These trim pieces have limitations in their applications, and they cannot possibly be bent, trimmed, and formed to meet every conceivable installation requirement.

The Washington Post explains some of the problems that vinyl-clad homes face these days: "...for most people, the real surprise is that vinyl siding leaks -- a lot. The industry puts a positive spin on this issue, describing the siding as a 'supplemental rain screen' that works by 'reducing the amount of water that reaches the underlying weather-resistant barrier.' The Vinyl Siding Institute says, 'vinyl siding is designed to allow the material underneath to breathe; therefore it is not a watertight covering' -- which is to say, it leaks. Water enters through overlapped joints, but mainly at open-sided edge trim. Anticipating this, manufacturers provide weep holes along the bottom edges of clapboard panels. You can't stop water infiltration by caulking because, unlike stationary trim seams in wood or masonry, vinyl has to move freely." Since vinyl siding itself is not waterproof, the building is ultimately protected by a water-resistant underlayment (house wrap), with additional protection provided by peal and stick waterproofing membranes that are used at high-risk areas such as window and door openings. Unfortunately, the water-resistant underlayment is punctured by several hundred siding nails. Also, any installation mistakes with the underlayment, or the way the underlayment is integrated with the peal and stick window/door membranes, will ultimately result in leaks. The number of lawsuits being filed against contractors and vinyl siding manufacturers has been on the incline for many years now. Many condominiums and housing developments in the Pacific Northwest have experienced lawsuits involving vinyl siding installations. Raynproof Roofing is called quite often by people throughout Seattle and King County to investigate phantom œroof leaks, only to discover that the problem is the result of the siding.

The Ugly Vinyl siding does not increase the value of one's home, and in some cases, can actually diminish its value if the home has historic value or is located in a nicer neighborhood with more traditional siding material such as wood, brick or stucco When used as a recovering material, many of the defects of the base siding will be reflected in the vinyl covering. In addition, using vinyl as a recover material “thickens” the wall and many window and door trims actually get buried so you start to lose some of your home's character.

Squeaking and even clattering has been heard when the wind blows strongly against vinyl-clad homes. This is due to the way vinyl must be installed leaving the width of a dime between the nail head and the vinyl panel to allow for movement.The other "ugly" reality that homeowners sometimes forget to consider is that the color of the vinyl will be the color of their home forever -- or until they decide to reside it with something else. Yes, it could be painted, but then you lose the low maintenance quality that it provided in the first place. Vinyl siding can also be easily damaged either by windblown debris, lawnmower debris, ladders or anything else that is harder than the vinyl. Once damaged, the entire panel must be replaced and new replacement panels will not be an exact match since vinyl does tend to fade within five years or so.

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Foyer Lighting Fixtures

When one considers that the foyer is the very first room in the house that a visitor sees, it becomes readily apparent that lighting the foyer represents an important step toward establishing home atmosphere. Foyer lighting sets the tone for the interior lighting design of a home, and it also functions as something of a bridge that links outdoor lighting to indoor lighting. Foyer lights should differentiate the inside world from the outside world, but too much differentiation creates shock to the guest with either too much or too little light. RLLD recommends therefore that regardless of the style of foyer lights ultimately chosen that they also be fitted with one or more dimmer switches to allow for adjustable levels of luminance. One can also install multiple foyer on multiple, separate dimmers, each controlling separate combinations of fixtures and allowing for the creation of layered and colored lighting effects. Foyer lighting is almost essential to homes with a staircase entrance or a tall ceiling, as they provide in these settings a functional level for safety as well as comfort and ambience. The choice of fixture size depends primarily on the size of the ceiling, although such factors as the dimensions of one or more adjacent wall(s) and the presence of mirrors and paintings also plays a role.

Perhaps the most important value of foyer lighting is its ability to instantly set mood for arriving guests. Most people remove their shoes when entering a home, and the necessity of having to pause for a few seconds in the foyer gives the subconscious mind time to take in its new settings--almost like a camera taking a picture. Foyer lights with colored glass fixtures can instantly shift the mind away from the energies of the surrounding locale into the private reality of the residence, and they do this in a very subtle way that the conscious mind seldom notices. Many foyers also have mirrors, and lighting the mirror vanity style is an excellent way to blend function and decorum. Vanity mirror lights on a foyer dimmer switch can be adjusted to illuminate the mirror either as a decorative piece or as a tool for visitors to use to check their appearance before entering the house proper. Smaller foyers lend themselves better to recessed lights, and usually a single overhead fixture is all that is necessary to center down lighting over the room. This can then be complimented with wall sconces or multiple light fixtures placed at or just above eye level. In a two-story foyer it works better to use a suspended fixture or even a chandelier for foyer down lighting. Much of the ultimate selection of physical pieces will depend greatly on both personal preference and fit with other lighting systems inside the home. This is why RLLD inventories foyer lighting fixtures in styles that range from compact fluorescent, contemporary, Craftsman & Mission, crystal, iron & rustic, traditional, and transitional.

Aside from the obvious benefits that foyer lighting offers the individual homeowner, and aside too from the obvious connotation of our brand as a Residential Lighting vendor, there is a tremendous opportunity here for the professional interior design consultant and the commercial lighting design contractor to take advantage of our one-source supply of the world's top-rated, commercial grade materials. In fact, a growing segment of our client base is emerging from the commercial arena as increasing numbers of professionals find timesaving and cost-saving value in our convenient drop shipping delivery policy. Every product ordered travels straight from the factory to the location of install. Interior designers working as sole proprietors find this service invaluable, as it absolves them of the task of having to figure out where to store the equipment they plan to install for their clients.
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Chlorine Free Pools

Chlorine alternatives to water sanitation in swimming pools and home spas are growing in popularity. Chlorine has been implicated as a trigger in a variety of health problems including asthma and bladder and rectal cancer. Pool operators are actively searching for different methods to reduce their dependency on chlorine for water treatment.

Ozone generators, catalytic cartridges, chlorine generators and ionizers all reduce dependency on chemicals and offer a safer swimming environment. Ozone generators use the power of natural ozone to sanitize water. Catalytic cartridges sometimes referred to as mineral sanitation, uses oxygen and natural algaestatic and bactericidal minerals for water treatment. Chlorine generators sanitize by using salt present in the pool or spa water to generate a more natural, softer form of chlorine than what is purchased in pool supply stores. Ionizers remove microorganisms from the water through the use of natural mineral ions. The ECOSmarte Pool System is an alternative to the use of chlorine in pools and spas. The unit is installed in the pool's return line and delivers a non-chemical shock to the water as it passes by the oxygen electrodes in addition to releasing mineral ions into the water. Mineral ions bind to microorganisms in the water and kill them. These ions also provide residual protection in the water against microorganisms.

Most ionizers are not effective at eliminating algae from a pool or spa with a pre-existing algae problem. Chlorine or a non chlorine shock treatment must be used to first clear the water, and then the ionizer can be used to maintain the water purity. Most pool operators also find that they need to keep a residual level of chlorine in the water to maintain adequate sanitation. ECOSmarte customers report a good deal of success with maintaining a sanitary pool with no residual levels of chlorine. Care must be taken to monitor the pH level in the pool (generally 6.8 to 7.0, and some customers state that the lower in that range a pool is kept, the more efficient the ECOSmarte system is), and the copper levels must be checked regularly and kept at sufficient levels to kill algae. Bacteria are not visible to the naked eye, however there are no "bacteria blooms", so periodic testing for bacterial presence, especially coliform bacteria, should be done. ECOSmarte Ionizers typically last three to five years and are relatively inexpensive to replace, usually around $95. They are easy to replace by the pool or spa owner merely with a screwdriver. ECOSmarte has a 60-day money-back guarantee, and existing customers report being pleased with their customer service line.

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Shower Bath

If you are in a family of more than one, then the chances are that some of your family members prefer to take a bath, while others prefer a shower. The luxury of whiling away the time while lying soothing hot water is more than just a way to get clean, for many people. The speed and efficiency of the shower is the preferred method for many others. Not all families can entertain the idea of having more than one bathroom, and most of us can not take a shower room in addition to the family bathroom.

What about a shower bath? Showers, combining the functions of a bath and a shower in an elegant way, and save space. The basic design of a shower is to have a shower screen along one side of the tub so that splashing shower fails the floor to the bathroom wet. In a shower bath with shower screen is an integral part of the design of the bathroom, and are therefore taps - including a shower hose into the valve. The side of the bathroom in front of the screen shower is supposed to be next to a tiled wall, as is the head of the tub. The screen can be rotated in the manner of someone who simply wants to take a bath, and can swing in the position over the backboard bathroom when someone wants to take a shower.

Combination of showers offers the best of both worlds if you do not want to give up your bathroom, but want the ease of a shower. Showers have become popular in the design because they allow both a shower and a bath in the same area footprint of a standard bath. To improve the design elements in your bathroom shower even more, the installation of a modern bath screen in the classic chrome or white gives a feeling airy and modern charm to your bathroom. Turning a typical shower curtain, shower screens are installed on the tub and set on the wall where your shower head is located, protecting your bathroom furniture and the floor of the water.

The benefits of an integrated panel shower as opposed to a shower curtain, it is more efficient to prevent splashing, it is clear because it is designed to go to the bathroom, and being more easy to clean, it is less likely to develop mold From a shower curtain. Showers may have attached the hose to the shower bath taps, or they may be fixed to the wall, using a pump, which provides a more efficient and powerful shower. In this case, the bath taps should not be near the shower, and can be positioned anywhere on the bath convenience or desire of the owner. Opting for a shower may be the best solution for the twenty-first century, the family with multiple requirements.
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Saving Energy and Keeping Hot Tubs Clean With a Hot Tub Cover

If you have a hot tub you probably already know the importance of a hot tub cover, as well as how important it is for you to get a cover that fits. The cover helps to keep the heat in to conserve energy and to keep the dirt out of the tub. Fallen leaves and other greenery may be getting in your water and making it dirty, but a hot tub cover can help to prevent this when properly used. The cover that you purchase has to fit correctly and have no spaces that are going to let dirt in. If there are spaces that are not completely covered you won't be preventing heat from escaping and the water may still get dirty. If you need to go to the dealer to get a cover you should take pictures and measurements (which should be from every possible angle to make sure you don't miss anything) to help you get the exact size that you need.

When you use a cover you may be surprised by how much money you actually save on power bills. The cover holds the heat in instead of allowing it to quickly rise and warming the air around the hot tub. without a cover it takes more energy to get the water heated which is going to take more power and more power makes the power bill higher. On top of that this wears out the tub components faster and will end up costing you even more to replace.

You will certainly want a cover on it if you have a lot of trees in your yard to prevent leaves from getting into the water. Insects, pinecones, and leaves clog the drain quickly and turn the water interesting colors while it is at it. When you have friends over it would be very embarrassing to take them out to a tub full of brown water. The water in your hot tub should be just as clean as the water in your bath tub or your pool. Besides the chemicals needed to maintain a healthy hot tub, a cover is the most important thing that you can get for it. These covers are not very expensive and there is probably one that fits your hot tub.

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Rescue Your Backyard From Boredom

You see them everywhere: empty, unused yards and wallflower decks adorned with nothing but a lonely barbeque. All over the country, the typical American backyard is a mass of untapped potential. So unnecessary! If you want to make the most of what your home has to offer, don't take this important living space for granted.

Where the Wild Things Are More than likely, boring backyards are the way they are because they just need a little love. But the truth is, many of us just don't know how to improve the relationship. We try. We buy hanging baskets and hedges, statuary and peonies but even after all our good will and faith, something seems to be missing. Fortunately, turning the average backyard into a dramatic outdoor living space that everyone wants to be in is easy. What your yard really wants is action and adventure. It wants to remember the wild place it once was. This doesn't mean that you should start to neglect your lawn. Instead, try adding a few water features and lighting or fire elements. These simple additions will put you well on your way to creating an outdoor space that's fun and inviting. There are plenty of affordable and safe ways to do this.

When A River Doesn't Run Through it You don't need to have waterfront property, a river running through your acreage or an inground pool to have the benefits of water elements in your yard. Fountains, ponds and waterfalls come in a wide range of sizes, styles and price ranges. A small fountain that costs less than $200 is beautiful to look at and soothing to listen to on a warm summer night. Adding running water to your outdoor living area can be as complicated as hiring a landscape artist to build a free-flowing waterfall that serves as a major focal point, to picking up a small fountain from the garden center and finding a home for it in the yard.

Heating it up If you have deeply fond memories of corn roasts, summer camp bonfires and toasted marshmallows you're in good company. Sitting around and watching the fire is one of the oldest and most fascinating social activities of all time. Fortunately, you don't have to live in the bush to have a fire in the backyard anymore. Small enclosed fireplaces, chimineas and simple torches are heating up urban backyards all over the country. Handled with respect, these bright spots in backyard living can warm up your outdoor living area in a way that few other things do. Many backyard enthusiasts go all the way with this concept and turn a section of the backyard into an outdoor cooking area. Ever want your own wood-fired pizza oven? Brick or stone barbeque? It's amazing how much fun you can have with these. Not ready to hire a contractor? Go for a fully enclosed copper chiminea with a protective screen or even a gas fireplace designed for the outdoors.
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Metal Tile

Metal tiles are becoming quit popular with those who are looking for a special design feel and for a design that is not considered an common tile type they available where ever tiles are sold. Most place that carry tile carry a number of brands and a variety of colors and material if you can not find what you are looking for don't be afraid to ask for help, what you're looking for may not be displayed out front, that does not mean that they do not carry the item you're looking for. Many of the shops employees are knowledgeable about the products they carry and what they sell and are glad to help.

Does the tile have to be installed by a professional? Just about anyone can install them once they learn a few basic steps to doing the job correctly. If you are one of those of us who likes to do it your self it is defiantly something you will be able to do. There are also many professional out there that would be glad to take on the installation of your metal tiles. The bottom line is that you will have to decide if you want to install your metal ceiling tiles or do you want to hire a professional to do the job for you.

How affordable are they? In today's market metal tile is very affordable; however as with any product you can definitely find some very expensive designs and patterns. You will find that on a whole metal ceiling tile is an affordable choice to give your project the look you want with out breaking the bank. Set a reasonable budget for your project and you should be able to find some tile to fit your budget.

Does metal tile come in more than one color? These tiles come in a vast array of colors and styles and also are made from different metals from real iron base metal to copper and brass. Recycled metal tiles add a versatile and textural design element to your kitchen or bathroom wall or floor designs along with being good for the environment. If you want a certain color I am confident that you will be able to find the color you are after without having to look too far. Keep in mind that when using a colored tile you want to consider the color of the walls in that room so you do not over load you ceiling with a color that just is to much for the room or that you end up with too much of one color.

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Starting Up With Solar Panels

BINGO : It turns out that this company installs 5- 65 watt solar panels on each unit. After getting the company approval we toted away 13 slightly damaged solar panels. After we got them home we tested the current on each of them. It turns out that only two of them were damaged beyond being usable. In total we picked up over 200 watts of panels for the price of the gas it cost to drive there! We've now shown you a source of no-cost solar panels, but we should also know about the different kinds of solar panels because in the last 10 years there have been some amazing advances in this field.

Tried and True Monocrystalline : For many years monocrystalline solar modules have been the mainstay of the solar market. Those iridescent blue faced panels you have been seeing on rooftops are probably of this type of panels. They have distinct rounded individual solar cells visible from all angles stacked in very uniform rows. This type is produced from a single silicon ingot or crystal. Manufacturing costs are very high because of this process making them the most expensive solar modules on the market. They are, however the most space efficient type of solar panel making them the correct choice when space is at a premium. Monocrystalline cells have a life expectancy far exceeding 25 years, probably over 50 years. The only real problem with this type of cell is it's fragile nature making it a requirement that it be mounted in a very rigid frame.

Polycrystalline : Polycrystalline modules are manufactured from a block of multi-crystalline silicon. They are usually square and have a varied, almost mosaic-like appearance. Only slightly less efficient than monocrystalline modules they are cheaper to manufacture and thus cost less money. You can expect the same great lifespan as monocrystalline cells too.

Thin Film : Recently a new product was introduced into the market that could provide some much needed answers for solar power users. Amorphous silicon PV or thin film technology could make rigid solar panels obsolete if some better research is done. Thin film panels are produced by applying silicon material on glass or stainless steel, or more commonly between two pieces of flexible laminate material. Solid or rigid thin film panels are in use by flexible laminated thin film panels are more popular.

The flexible panels can be applied to any surface and sometimes used as roofing material. Most customers like the almost seamless blending of solar panels right into their roof top. Saving you the cost of regular shingles or steel roofing, thin film solar panels are a good choice. These panels are not nearly as efficient at converting light to electricity when compared to mono or polycrystalline solar panels- not nearly by half. You would need twice the space to accommodate their installation. From a manufacturing standpoint they do absorb light more efficiently though, allowing for a thinner design and less material being used in their manufacture. The real benefit, because less material is needed, is in the simplified manufacturing process resulting in lowered costs to build. The lower price has pushed thin film panels to the lead in price per watt of output.

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Bathroom and Kitchen Ideas for Any Home

Bathroom Decorating: Think About Space: Most homeowners will tell you that their bathroom is too small. A good bathroom will have plenty of storage space for things such as towels, toiletries and other necessary items. If you have a very tiny bathroom and renovating it to make it larger is not an option then consider how you can make your bathroom seem larger by decorating. There are many good storage products available on the market today that are designed specifically for small spaces such as a bathroom cabinets that you can hang over your toilet or in other areas of your bathroom to hold all of your items. Paint goes a long way in the bathroom, too. If you are looking for a more spacious room, then consider a light and cheerful color in your bathroom. Don't forget the small accessories that will make your bathroom look great as well. Bright colored towels, soap dispensers and pictures hanging on your wall will complete the look in your bathroom.

Decorating a Kitchen: The kitchen is a very important room in your home, too. You will prepare meals each day and your children will use this space as well. The kitchen is certainly a high-traffic area, and you will need to carefully consider this when you are researching kitchen designs. Safety is a big concern in your kitchen, especially if you have small children. You will want to keep all of your small appliances handy, yet keep them out of reach of your children. Adequate pantry space is often the solution to this problem. Make sure that the colors that you choose for your kitchen reflect your style and the rest of your house. If you are decorating your kitchen on a budget, then shop around for the best prices on things to complete your look. This is a great way to decorate your kitchen for the whole family.

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The Home Energy Audit - The First Step For An Energy Efficient Home

As a homeowner you obviously want to prevent skyrocketing utility bills. Good news; you can invest in ways to improve your home's energy efficiency. But, before you go about making drastic changes to your home, you might consider an Energy Audit. Such an audit will provide an assessment of how much energy your homes uses and evaluate how you can make your home most efficient. From here, you can begin a plan of attack for making your home more energy wise.

A professional energy audit involves hiring a pro, who will complete an audit that could set you back $300-$700. But, fear not. The investment that you make in the short-term, could mean slashing your heating bill by 40%! Likewise you won't need another audit for another 15-20 years. Most likely the auditor will perform various tests that include: a thermographic scan which detects air leaks and moisture problems, a combustion safety test for your heating system, a blower door test to determine how airtight your home is, and also an insulation, appliance and lighting survey. Professional energy audits go into great detail. The energy auditor should do a thorough examination of past utility bills and a room-by-room examination of the residence.

In terms of finding an auditor for the job, you can check with your utility company. Some companies may even provide free audits. Your state energy office might also be able to help you find a local company that performs audits. Another place to look for a list of home energy raters in your area is to check out the web site, energystar.gov There is also the option of a do-it-yourself energy audit. Start with is a list of places in your home where you feel a draft. Simply taking measures to cut these drafts, whether by door replacement or alternative methods, can save up to 30% a year.

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