Christmas home decorating

There are oodles of interesting methods to come up with unique interior Christmas decorating plans. You will want to pay close attention to this type of decorating because it will be one of the most useful ways to decorate for your holiday season. It is an essential aspect of your family's holiday celebrations and really what will determine what type of Christmas you have. With the right decorations, your home will feel warm and comfortable. With so many unique and fun ideas on the market right now, there is something that will fit perfectly in the scheme you are looking to create with interior Christmas decorating. With fun and inspirational interior Christmas decorating needs, consider the many ways to tackle this project.

Ideas For Your Decorating Passion One of the first interior Christmas decorating tips for you is to use your favorite dolls and bears from around your home. Dress them up in holiday style and then create a unique display. You can add a miniature tree to the display perhaps with presents underneath it. You can even have your children help with creating this special display. Use items that they will be happy to share in these displays.

Another idea for interior Christmas decorating is to use bowing throughout the home. Purchase some Christmas printed ribbon to use and these throughout your home. This can be placed throughout various rooms to create a unique style and look to the room. Next, hang stockings in the home. They do not all need to be stuffed with goodies come Christmas morning, but still will add a festive touch to the room if you use them. Making Table Cloths And More, Another way to create a fun interior Christmas decorating method is to use a white tablecloth and some fabric paint to create your own holiday tablecloth. This is perfect to do with younger children and they will love the art project that's something they are never allowed to do throughout the rest of the year. Keep going with the festivities throughout your home. Keep your bathroom in holiday spirit by decorating the shower curtain into a unique holiday pattern. Use a hot glue gun and various decorations you find. Add a few ornaments to the house plants that you have to add a bit more charm to the home. There are many unique and homemade ways that you can take advantage of interior Christmas decorating. Why not step outside the box and do something unique this year.

Home decorating software

When you are undertaking an interior design project, using a high quality home interior design software program can be very helpful. It could help you choose colors and place furniture. There are many design software programs available, so choose wisely. These software programs allow you to create the room you are decorating right on the computer. You can choose the measurements and shape of the room. Then you can place walls and windows where they are in your room. This allows you to try out different colors and designs on your own room right on your computer. Some home interior design programs will also let you download a picture of your room. Then you can really get a good feel of how a color or design will work in your space.

After you have created your room on your computer, then comes the fun part, trying colors and designs. You can use actual samples of paint colors, flooring options, window treatments, lighting choices, and more. If a particular product that you are interested in is not featured on the home interior design software that you have chosen, you can import your own samples from other sites. Another nice feature of design software is that you can plan furniture arrangements on the screen. No more moving around heavy pieces of furniture, only to change your mind and have to move it somewhere else. You can complete your furniture placement on your program, and then move it to the desired location.

Home design software is especially helpful when planning a new home. You can choose from many exterior designs and finishes. You can see how your new home would look in brick, and then change it to siding. You can even plan out your landscaping. When planning the interior of your new home or remodel, this software can be very helpful. Kitchens and bathrooms are the trickiest rooms to plan. With a high quality design program, designing these rooms is a snap. You can change the layout as many times as you want until you find the perfect space for you. In the kitchen, you can import actual appliances and countertop choices. You can put together your dream kitchen all on your computer. Home interior design software allows you to get a snapshot of your new space before it is finished.

Discount home decorating

With so much emphasis being put on discount rugs, evidently there is a tremendous level of desire for individuals from all around the world, including cities such as Los Angeles, to get their hands on all manners of discount rugs that can beautify their home at a low price. With so much emphasis on low prices and discounts, discount rugs have cemented their place as a very popular design element for those who are interested in sprucing up their home. With discount rugs available in all manners of locations in cities around the world such as Los Angeles, it is not hard to imagine that it is somewhat simple to get a hold of these types of discount rugs and other discount products. With the discount rugs available, you can design your home or around a theme or simply find the products that you require and enjoy.

By using a discount rug rather than paying full price, you can save money and beautify your home at the same time. While it is true that you have used a discount rug, no one needs to know this except for you, and you can keep your secret to yourself. With discount rugs becoming so popular in areas around the world such as Los Angeles, it is not surprising to see such an emphasis by interior designers to get a hold of as much discount rug product as possible to complete all manners of design schematics.

With discount rugs naturally being extremely popular in areas such as Los Angeles that traditionally feature bare floors in the summer and throw rugs in the winter; evidently there is no end of demand in the marketplace for these types of products. Discount rugs have become more and more popular as the economy sours, giving individuals a way to save money and provide themselves with the products that they need to earn and, save money. In Los Angeles, these types of discount rugs are extremely popular among the population, because of there is such a tremendous need for coverings over the floor in the winter in a state that traditionally has bare floors due to the warmth of the summertime weather.

Home decorating craft

Have you been in a craft store or maybe gone to a fair and noticed booths filled with home made crafts such as embellished wreaths or pretty decorated boxes and thought it might be fun to make something like that. Well it is fun, and it’s a lot easier than you may think. However, lets start by talking a little about the advantages to making your own craft projects. One is the cost factor, for example in most instances it is less expensive to make your own decorative wreath than purchasing one already completed. Another savings is with the materials; many can be used for numerous projects. For instance a bottle of paint or a jar of decoupage glue even a yard of fabric can go along way.

This is another way that becoming a savvy home decorator really pays off. Another big plus is the gratification and pride you will feel by taking something you have made and using it as an accessory in your home. Looking for a new idea? The next time you are flipping through a magazine and you stop to look at a picture, examine the entire picture not just what the caption on the bottom is primarily focused on. For example,what’s hanging on the walls, is there a bookcase or hutch and if so what kind of objects have been placed on them. If you see something that catches your eye, try making it yourself.

Tip: One thought to remember, if you do happen to find something you like, don’t get discouraged thinking you have to duplicate it exactly as you see it. In fact by making changes, you’ve personalized it and really made it your own. The goal here is to help inspiring your creativity and to give making your own craft projects a try to once you have, to then continue having fun with them.

Modern home decorating

There are a lot of different ways to decorate you house now-a-days, but one of the fastest growing ways is to do contemporary decorating. Now, not everyone knows what contemporary means. However, to give you a better idea, we are going to cover a few ideas that could help you in turning your house from traditional to contemporary. Although you still may not know what contemporary is, one thing is for sure and that is the fact that you are going to be able to feel the difference in your living space. There are a lot of decorating ideas out there, and we cannot cover all of them, but we will get to a few right now!

First, plan, plan, and plan some more! You can never do too much planing when it comes to contemporary decorating. You need to make sure you know what colors you want to use, window treatments, and even cabinets. These are all very important objects in the home, and they need to be addressed first. When choosing colors in your home, it's important to remember that contemporary colors are more of your earth tones. Anything that is not too far out there. Now this does not mean that you cannot use colors. In fact, colors are very welcome. However, these colors have to be more dull and not so bright. Keep in mind that a lot of people like the steel look in their contemporary homes, so colors that go good with that are always welcome.

As far as cabinets go, a lot of people like the free standing cabinets for their contemporary decorating. One of the most popular right now goes into the bathroom. This is a cabinet that you put your sink in. However, it is only attached to the wall; there is no bottom to it. The gives the cabinet a floating affect, and it's very contemporary. Some people like to use a lot of wood tones in the bathroom when dealing with contemporary, but it is really up to you. Just remember that choosing your cabinets is very important when talking about contemporary design. You are going to want them to go with the colors that you picked out, as well as the contemporary theme.

Overall, you can see that contemporary design is something that takes a little getting used to. A lot of people think of the funny shaped chairs, and things like that when it comes to contemporary. However, that does not have to be the case. There is a lot more that goes with it than meets the eye. The contemporary look is going to give your house a very classy, upscale look, but still keep it functional at the same time. This look can be the perfect answer to many people. A lot of single people like the contemporary look, but families go for it as well. Usually, the families are the people who want an upscale looking home, but do not want to worry about their kids messing it up.

Home decorating site

A tapestry is a work of art that is normally used as a decorative wall hanging to liven up and beautify an otherwise ordinary, if not drab, area or space. The beginnings of these magnificent works of art can be traced as far back as the Hellenistic times. They are manufactured by the interweaving of two kinds of threads, warp threads and weft threads. Warp threads are laid out vertically and are stretched from the loom coming from the roller. Weft threats intersect the warp threads horizontally with the aid of the shuttle. These threads are typically made from natural fabric materials, such as cotton, wool and or silk.

Two very different techniques are employed in the manufacture of these decorative wall hangings, the Haute-lisse technique and the Basse-lisse technique. Weaving is done vertically in the Haute-lisse loom as opposed to the Basse-lisse loom, where weaving is done horizontally. Although these two techniques are as dissimilar from each other as can be, it is really quite impossible to actually tell the difference between the two, especially when using the end result as a basis. Traditionally, these decorative works of art were handcrafted by craftsmen and artisans. Nowadays, although there are still some pieces made by skilled hands, most of them are already produced by machines and instruments that cut the construction time by more than half.

A variety of different themes are the subject matter of these unique wall decorations. The most popular themes available in the market today include Religious, European, Unicorn, Medieval or Middle Ages, Renaissance, Asian or Oriental, to name a few. The popularity of this particular type of artwork, regardless of its subject matter or theme, may probably be attributed to its versatility and usefulness. They can be used to decorate massive spaces like castles, mansions, churches and museums, as well as small spaces, like bedrooms, dining rooms and kitchens. They can also be used as insulation during hot months and they can cover cracks on wall, as well as other unsightly home interior blemishes.

Colonial home decorating

Using American Colonial Style Decorating in your home does not have to be complicated. At its very core, the American Colonial style is elegant and rich. Think mahogany, crown moldings and panels. Think shutters for the windows. Consider quilts and texturized materials. Creams, greens, dark yellows and barn reds are typical colors in colonial style decorating. Why Mahogany Mahogany was popular amongst the more affluent homeowners in the colonial age. It is from them that we get the modern American Colonial Style. There are no rules when it comes to the wood you choose. Any darker wood will give authenticity to your design. Chippendale and Queen Anne furniture with inlays and carvings or the look of the same are classic colonial pieces.

Crown Moldings and Paneled Walls Large homes with spacious rooms and open areas are perfect for crown moldings and panels. The colonials knew how to decorate their homes with simplicity as well as flare. Get some books or buy some magazines that have great photos of the American Colonial Style to get a good idea of how walls were done before the birth of the United States. Shutters on the Windows Shutters were popular in colonial days. The ability to pull shutters closed offered a sense of security and a chance to add more design to the home. Colonial style calls for shutters instead of curtains and blinds.

Colonial Colors Colonial colors are taken from the primary colors but are muted due to the natural pigments used in paint during that period in American history. Walls can be painted or papered with elegant floral designs. Furniture is decorated with colorful velvet fabrics and tapestries. Handmade quilts don four poster beds with, or without elaborately designed headboards. The Heart of the Home The Kitchen An American Colonial kitchen was and is made of wood. Think butcher block and island with iron pans hanging overhead. Wooden cabinets and cupboards. Windows with multiple planes of glass and wooden shutters are perfect for every outside wall of your home including the kitchen.

Home christmas decorating

The entire world waits with excitement for the Christmas season since it is the sign that this year is almost over and the New Year is just around the corner. A lot of people over the world start celebrating the festive season from the first day of December, or even earlier if you go be the displays in the department stores. The Christmas caked, the Christmas tree, the Christmas decorations and most importantly, Santa Claus, are some of the things we are instantly reminded of every time we think of Christmas. Not only those, wreaths and stars are also inseparable from Christmas. Everyone from small children to old people start getting busy planning for Christmas sometime before the big day It does not have to be a lavish celebration for everyone. It is a time to be together with the family and simple cozy celebrations are also nice, with people having a simple Christmas tree and decorating it with some ornaments and a star.

Christmas decorations can be done both indoors and outdoors or, both together. Most people use the Santa Christmas scene, snowmen and white snow as themes to brighten up their indoors decorations, all centered on the tree. You can choose a Christmas tree according to your budget since there is one to suit everyone's pocket. They are generally decorated with swirls, ornaments, garlands, bells, stars and pine cones. To make it seem more like a 'real' Christmas tree, fake snowflakes are often sprinkled on the tree. If you cannot get these fake snowflakes, you can also use cotton swabs in their place. However, do not use too many accessories in the Christmas tree if you display it in a small room.

The Christmas garlanded can be fixed to the tree using polyester or velvet Christmas bows. This makes the garland look neat and pretty wherever it is attached. Stars traditionally symbolize Christ's birth and are available in a variety of sizes and colors. A lot of different kinds of Christmas wreaths are also available, including giant wreaths to go on the front door. There are also animated decorations available in the markets which are appreciated by everyone, especially kids. You could get yourself waving Santa, horse and carriage, riverboats, twinkling stars, or even a collectible animated ornament.

Western home decorating

Western home decor has always been a popular style, and recently seems to be growing even more popular! The down home appeal of western decor is attracting more and more people to use this style of furniture and accents. Part of this growth certainly comes from television, decorating books and magazines. This typed of decor is not only popular in the western area of the United States, it has become popular all over the country. The charm and inviting atmosphere of this decor is hard for any one to resist, and the comfortable, relaxed feeling is very inviting to visitors and guests.

There are several different styles to choose from when using this type of decor. Some people prefer the rough and rugged western look such as a wall adorned with an old wagon wheel, exposed wooden ceiling beams and rough textured walls. Others like just a few more modern accents such as a western style mirror or cowboy figurine. The rustic looked can be acquired in different ways, according to your taste. Western home decor could be found in furnishings, mirrors, candle holders, pictures, rugs, figurines, throw pillows - you get the picture. The colors frequently used for this style come from the colors in nature - reds, golds, browns, anything rustic looking. The colors used are rich, warm and absolutely beautiful.

Southwestern decor is a variation on this theme, using color a bit more boldly and textured patterns. For example, in southwestern decor you will see many striped accents, decor items adorned with leather, native American figurines, feathers, and very bold patterns. This style is extremely popular as well. If you love color, texture and bold patterns this style would suit you very well. Many people love an old fashioned western look. Horse and cowboy figurines, pictures featuring old time Roy Rogers themes and ponderosa pines are perfect for those who like the look of yesteryear. Rustic wooden framed mirrors, a horse lamp and a couple of old black iron candle holders shaped like horses will complete the look. Whatever western home decor style is your favorite, you are in good company. No matter what your budget, you will find furnishings, accents and decor in every price range to suit your needs. So get started, lasso up a few western pieces here and there, and say "howdy" when everyone comes to visit your Home on the Range!

Home decorating accent

Do you want to add to or change the look of your apartment or home Are you decorating on a budget? Do you have pictures sitting in boxes and want creatively to display them? Do you love the appearance of wood and want to implement woodworking in your home decor? Have you shopped retail stores but cannot afford retail prices Below are decorating tips that can be used with wood products that will add character and style to your living space. Picture frames: Wood frames can be enhanced by placing a ribbon from both sides of the top and then hanging it on a brass knob. You can easily change the ribbon to different colors to match various color schemes.
Floating picture frames are a unique ways to display pictures. They are hung with ribbon in an uneven format, from an expandable iron rod.

Block letters: These can be used in decorating for different holidays or remain stationary year round using colors that match the room's color scheme. range of colors and sizes make the lettering more interesting and fun. Custom lock letters are great in decorating kids rooms in particular. Displaying a child's name in wood letters reinforces the child's feelings of importance and self worth. Wood signs: Vinyl lettering is popular. Quotes, special phrases or names can be transferred onto wood crafts . Wood signs can be prominently displayed for living room decorating, bedroom decorating or bathroom decorating. Shelves: There is no limit to what you can do with a wood shelf. They are a basic feature in many homes. Shelves are an easy way to alter the look of a room--just replacing the items displayed on the shelf periodically. You can creatively and inexpensively decorate for each holiday with your cherished shelf. Shadow boxes: Like wood shelves, shadow boxes are an easy and inexpensive way to change the look of a wall.

They are a hollow and deep wood frame that is cut in various shapes and sizes. Dried flowers in pots, greenery, small figurines, picture frames, boxed letters and much more look exquisite in shadow boxes. Wood carvings: Turn of the century wood designs were famous for their beautiful and detailed woodworking. The wood designer spent countless hours carving intricate designs in their wood pieces. They took pride in their craftsmanship. Today, we can achieve the desired look of detailed designs by purchasing pieces of elaborate wood. When refinishing cabinets or shelves, you can glue the wood designs on your item and then paint or stain over it. The gives your wood a more expensive, fresh new look.

Decorating her home

Home is a perfect place for a person to relax specially after a tired day schedule. A sweet home build with love and home accessories can make a person relax completely. A person could make his/her home the best place in the world by decorating it with unique home accessories. Look for the best home accessories to enhance your home decor and shower your love all around to welcome every guest in the home with open arms. You can decorate every room of your home in the best way to farther enhance the beauty of your sweet home. Let every room be designed and decorated with different kinds of home accessories that makes each room look all the more lively.

Look for antique collectibles to decorate the drawing hall, bedroom can be decorated with beautiful bedsheets and flowers. To decorate the dinning hall, use wooden accessories along with the tablecloths and kitchenware articles. Kitchen could be decorated with the help of fine kitchenware accessories and other things. For the bathing zone you can go for accessories like towels, bath products and other usable things. Let every home accessory decorate the house in it's own way. Some of the home accessories even act as a safe guard for the home.

Look for the exquisite collection of home accessories to make your house a perfect place for romance. Search various galleries and buy the most exclusive accessories every guest praised that. You can even go for online shopping to buy home accessories like furnitures, scented candles, curtains and other collectibles. Buy online and get the material delivered at your doorsteps if you have no time to go for shopping. Place each home accessory in a very elegant way so that every accessory becomes a masterpiece within itself. So, just look for the best home accessories to make your home a perfect comfort zone to relax and enjoy.

Modern Kitchens

The red and yellow walls make this contemporary kitchen a warm and welcoming room. A window on one side and an arched entryway on the other make this galley kitchen feel wider than it is.

Open shelving for cookbooks, keepsakes and kitchenware helps this kitchen transition smoothly into the living and dining room. Light wood cabinets and white ceilings keep the dark walls from overshadowing the space.

Glossy black cabinets with glass fronts, glass-block half walls and black countertops with plenty of sparkle add up to contemporary glamour, accented by displayed crystal bowls.

Cherry wood cabinets from Leicht Küchen paired with butcher block and Venetian gold granite countertops establish a warm contemporary look in gold and beige hues. The unique focal point: a cooktop backplash made of gold and silver leaf and painted, curved art glass on a stainless steel back.

A large skylight, natural-wood cabinets, white countertops and a combination of paneled and white appliances keep this kitchen light and airy. Staggering the height of the cabinets adds interest.

Stainless steel works as a neutral, especially in this contemporary kitchen with stainless steel cabinets, hardware and appliances. Blue bahia granite countertops pick up the blue interior of the glass-door wall cabinets. Brazilian cherry wood floors warm up the metal’s cool edge.

Contemporary Kitchens Designs

In this loft-style home, a kitchen peninsula helps define the cooking and eating areas without blocking the magnificent view seen through floor-to-ceiling windows. Red and blue accent tiles add color to wood cabinets and black and stainless steel appliances.

A galley kitchen with no windows lightens up with silver pine cabinetry and stainless steel countertops. Sandblasted Plexiglas doors on the uppers look like windows but conceal the cabinets’ contents.

Stacking small square cabinets with in-cabinet lighting takes advantage of a tall ceiling and offers display space that doesn’t clutter counters. A green glass mosaic tile adds color to dark cabinets and countertops.

A glass tile backsplash in multiple shades of blue adds color and sparkle to mid-tone wood cabinets with minimal molding. Long, thin curved stainless steel pulls also say “contemporary.”

The copper ventilation hood makes a striking focal point in this open kitchen. A 48-inch Viking rangetop with griddle sits near the refrigerator for easy access. The small butcher-block island is on rollers and matches a larger island with seating.

Contemporary framed flat panel cabinet doors feature traditional elements such as inset corner details and handmade hardware. A combination of light and dark natural wood colors in the flooring and cabinetry creates an unfitted look.

New Idea Kitchens

A stone tile backsplash in earth tones softens the contrast of the black and white cabinets. Two sinks and a combination of wood and stone countertop materials make this an ideal two-cook kitchen.

Good design often features aesthetically pleasing through lines from the front to the back of the home. Cabinetry can be used throughout the home, not just in the kitchen, for attractive shelving and storage.

The glossy finish on the cabinetry mirrors the shine of the semicircular glass countertop. A metal frame attaches the bartop to the island. A green checkerboard pattern on the walls adds a pop of color.

Tall, thin cabinets that look like pillars add storage and design to this contemporary kitchen. The edge of the black island countertop mirrors the curve of the sheets of glass in the light fixture suspended above it.

Sleek black appliances, a black granite island countertop, and cherry-stained slab cabinets from Neff create a more formal contemporary look. These homeowners chose to switch up the design norm by placing the cooktop under the divided-light windows and the stainless steel sink on the island.

Neff slab-door cabinets in natural wood help keep this open kitchen, with its white stone tile floors and white pillars, light and airy. A vaulated ceiling with long pendant lights and a decorative soffit with recessed lights make the space functional as well as dramatic.

Modern Contemporary Kitchens

A curvilinear lighting track illuminates the workspace, highlights the raised ceiling and acts as artwork in its own right. A wood table with metal-backed chairs matches the overall kitchen décor.

For a European contemporary kitchen, go with high-gloss lacquer cabinets in a bright primary color, like this brilliant blue. White stone or quartz countertops with straight edges and a high-arc, pro-style, pulldown faucet complete the minimalist style.

Black wall cabinets paired with white base cabinets give this modern kitchen a classic feel. To save space, the piece against the back wall doubles as a desk and wine rack, while a window seat doubles as a dining bench.

Stacking cabinets or cabinet doors of the same size and shape adds interest to plain boxes. Frosted glass doors illuminated softly from behind add ambience to the kitchen. Undercabinet and hood-mounted lighting provide the chef with light while chopping and sautéing.

A horizontal grouping of picture windows lets the outdoors into this nature-inspired, soft contemporary kitchen. An alcove ceiling with recessed and ambient lighting adds depth and dimension to a linear room.

The cooking zone of this kitchen stands out with a lime green accent wall, a Miele rectilinear ventilation hood with halogen lighting, stainless steel countertops, and stainless steel cabinet doors beneath the gas cooktop.

Contemporary Kitchens

Tucked under the peninsula, a KitchenAid wine refrigerator faces the living room. Note the red accents, including Sea Gull pendant lighting, found throughout this kitchen.

Details make the difference: Metal accent tiles make this stone tile backsplash sparkle. The wood floor stands out thanks to a border of red-stained planks.

Glass insets, a wine rack and straight edge molding add style to simple slab cabinets from Merit Kitchens. A curved granite slab countertop with a bullnose edge matches the curves of the open shelving, while curved cabinet pulls match the handles of the kitchen aid side-by-side refrigerator.

The elevated, curved counter separates the kitchen from the sitting area and serves as a buffet and snack bar. A white battened ceiling complements the numerous skylights and windows.

A built-in undercounter wine rack, compact refrigerator and undermount prep sink make the perfect small wet bar. Mounting framed artwork on the wall above creates an automatic conversation piece for guests.

Wood cabinetry adds warmth and contrast to stainless steel appliances and granite counters. A curved peninsula countertop with a bullnose edge defines the working and eating spaces in the kitchen.

Antique Bedroom Dresser

True to its Mediterranean heritage, the Casablanca Eight Drawer Dresser and Landscape Mirror Set offers extensive carvings, a wide shaped base rail with bun feet and hardware with the look of hand forged iron.

With its warm golden tone and light finish that highlights the distinctive grain patterns of the wood, the Provincia Dresser and Optional Landscape Mirror creates an absolutely devastating piece of furniture.

Stanley Furniture's American Modern Collection is a contemporary and confident collection with a decidedly urban point of view. As you examine the American Modern Dresser by Stanley, you will be impressed by the rich design details and masterful workmanship throughout. The unwavering attention to detail will make this piece a treasure part of your life for years to come.

Help create a tropical paradise in your bedroom with the Curacao Reef Triple Dresser with Mirror. This dresser is not only highly functional with its seven storage drawers but it is intricately designed in exotic styling.

Tansu can be described as a collection of simple urban elegance with an Asian flare. Crafted from ash solids and veneers, white ash burl, and select hardwood solids, the clean lines and soft curves add a sense of balance and harmony to your home.

The transitional Fallston Breakfront Dresser and Landscape Mirror Set has an updated look that is perfect for today’s more relaxed lifestyles. With twelve spacious drawers, the breakfront dresser will help meet the storage needs of your bedroom.

Style and function come together to form the Monte Carlo Dresser and Mirror Set. The dresser has nine spacious drawers and a center cabinet to store your clothes with care

Celebrating the grandeur of a Caribbean plantation home, the Rumba del Sol Triple Dresser with Mirror Set in Warm Mahogany will be an elegant acquisition for your home. The stately triple dresser will bring exceptional function to your bedroom with its twelve storage drawers

Displaying fine quality craftsmanship, the Tommy Bahama Home Island Breeze Dresser and Cottage Mirror Set in Medium Antiqued Brown will be a great addition to your home.

After starting his career designing costumes for many of the top television variety shows such as the "Carol Burnett Show" and the "Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour," it only seemed natural for Bob Mackie to enter the home furnishings arena.