Modern Showers For Bathroom

Today people are using sauna showers to experience spa like treatment at the comfort of home. These showers enhance the beauty and comfort of a bathroom. Modern day accessories and furniture can completely change the look of your bathroom. Luxurious showers are not so big in size and can be installed in small bathrooms. By installing luxurious showers you can save a lot of money which you spend in visiting a spa salon.

One of the most popular showers which are being used today is sauna showers. Some additional features which you can find in a luxurious shower are mp3, telephone, foot massager and even television. You can find different sizes and shapes of showers. Showers can be bought according to your needs. By using special kits you can change your existing shower into a luxurious shower. It is a good idea to buy accessories through internet stores. Many internet stores offer discount coupons. The website offering bathroom accessories should be reputated. If you want to enhance the beauty of your bathroom then it is good idea to add some modern accessories and designer furniture. A bathroom is a place which is being used to get rid of all day stress. A clean and luxurious bathroom reflects the lifestyle of a person. Before planning a new bathroom you should set your budget. You can spend a lot on bathroom accessories but everything depends on your budget. Modern bathrooms are considered as a luxurious place where you can relax after your day job.
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Bathroom Accessory Luxury Shower For Your Bathroom

Bathroom showers can be bought in different, shapes, styles and sizes. Today you can install traditional showers as well as luxurious showers in your washroom. Traditional showers are most commonly used. One of the traditional showers is walk in shower. Walk in showers are practical and beautiful. Another shower which is commonly used by people is a combination of a bathtub and shower. Bathtub and shower combination is best option for small bathrooms. Today people are using modern accessories and designer furniture to add comfort and beauty to their washroom. Steam shower is most commonly used luxurious shower. Steam showers emit vapor which gives a refreshing feeling to the body. Steam shower can give you spa like relaxation at the comfort of your home. Luxurious showers have some additional features like ceiling rain, foot massager, jets, radio, MP3 output, dual seating, and telephone. Steam shower does not need much space for installation. By using some special kits you can change traditional shower into a luxury shower. Before buying anything you should set your budget.

One more shower which is very practical is electric shower. This type shower heats the water which will be consumed. This type of shower is used in houses with no hot water supply. Houses which are having low water pressure use power showers. Power showers have a pump attached to them. Because of different type of showers now you do not have to worry about low water pressure of no hot water supply. If you are planning to renovate your bathroom then most important thing is to decide the theme of the bathroom.
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Granite Kitchen Countertops Increased Popularity

The popularity of granite kitchen countertops has increased dramatically in recent years, with the media focus on kitchen remodeling and personal incomes rising. Originally the choice for granite countertops was limited to wealthy individuals. Today, homeowners of moderate means choose granite countertops for their durability as well as beauty. In addition to their utility and longevity, granite kitchen countertops are one of the few home improvements that maintain their value. Typically, any appliances, flooring or cabinetry decisions will only add about twenty-five percent of their retail value to the appraisal value of a home. In addition to long term value, the beauty and warmth of granite makes it an ideal material for aesthetic appeal among homeowners and interior designers.

The natural beauty of a granite kitchen countertop complements any style of cabinetry, from French country to the sleek lines of cosmopolitan styles. This ancient stone adds warmth and character to any kitchen, whether it's a new build or a remodel. Granite is found worldwide, and is available in hundreds of colors. Brown and beige tones are the most popular, as they work well with a variety of kitchen color schemes and offer a great deal of flexibility. Some granite colors exhibit "movement," or a noticeable design within the color, while others have very small patterns. The combination of color and movement means that no two countertops look exactly alike.

Opinions regarding the color that is best for a kitchen will vary. Dark cabinets can be warmed up with a light colored stone, while light colored cabinets can be anchored with a dark stone. When choosing the granite that will be added to a kitchen décor, it is best not to make selections from “chips” that the decorator or major retailer has on hand. There is too much variation in the color and movement in each slab to be captured in a single chip. Rather, it is better to go to the stone supplier and look at each slab. The slab needs to be reserved at the time of decision, or it may not be available at a later time. Granite countertops are a favorite choice for their beauty and durability; however they are not impervious to damage. Regular care includes proper cleaning and the use of sealers to prevent staining. Granite can also easily be chipped, although a professional can perform “invisible” repairs.
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Teenage Bedroom Designing

The first point to note is that you will no doubt feel more like the cash point than the designer, as most teenagers have very firm ideas of how they want their very personal space to look. There are a few things however that you can keep in mind and perhaps give them the odd nudge to keep them on the right lines. I hope you find my tips useful:

1. Teenager's, boys and girls, tend to be quite precious about their bedrooms. They see them very much as their space that will increasingly become an expression of their own personality. From your perspective, you will want a room that looks presentable and that does not impact on your house value! Therefore, be prepared for a degree of negotiation and compromise.

2. As with any design project, set yourself a budget and stick to it. Make sure your son or daughter understands the budget, they will enjoy spending it!

3. Try and agree what general look you are aiming for. This is a difficult one, as a parent as you will understand only too well that what looks good at 13 may look very different in their eyes at 15. If possible, choose furniture that you can take in a number of design directions. Changing wall colours or coverings and updating a room with some cleverly bought accessories is much cheaper than going out and buying new furniture every two years!

4. When choosing furniture for a teenager, do take into account the fact that GCSEs or A levels will never be that far away. Teenage bedrooms should be a place that they can retreat to and spend time in, but they will also need to study in them and so a well-sized study desk with decent storage is a sound investment. Remember, a lot of revision is now done online and so consider the positioning of a laptop or standard computer when purchasing the desk. A good study lamp is a must, so make sure there is a power point in the correct place before you decorate.

5. We all love accessories and understand how they really can put those finishing touches to a bedroom. Mirrors are one of my favourites as they truly do bounce light and the illusion of space around a room. I've yet to meet a teenager who doesn't love mirrors. If you are decorating for a girl, there are some wonderful dressing table/chest of drawer sets available. I have found these particularly popular as well as offering valuable storage space, allowing make up, clothes and general teenager clutter to be neatly packed away.

6. I can't finish this article without commenting more specifically on storage. Any child's bedroom requires far more storage than you will initially think. There are lots of options available in lots of shapes and sizes. I'm a big fan of the basics on this front and recommend a decent wardrobe that offers a good balance between hanging space and shelf style space. If you can fit in a three door wardrobe, do go for this option, the extra cost will be more than worth it. Do also remember that teenagers will normally require surface space for a TV and other electrical items. CD and DVD storage racks are another good investment, can be picked up relatively cheaply and really do avoid a look of too much clutter at the outset.

7. We've touched on accessories already. I favour keeping accessories cheap and cheerful, you will not mind so much when your son or daughter asks to redecorate their room in about 12 months time! Lots of websites and high street stores sell good value children's bedroom accessories. Take your son or daughter shopping with you or sit down together in front of the computer to do some surfing. It is a great way of letting them put their signature on the final feel of the room and a lovely way to spend some time together.
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Designer Rugs Contemporary Decoration Item

Contemporary designer rugs are a new hot item in home decorating these days. Many people are looking for the perfect area rug to make their home more beautiful and comfortable. Modern area rugs are a very nice addition to any room of your home or office. They add color to a space as well as protecting the floors beneath them. Many people find that a rug adds just the perfect touch to a room. You can visit many places to purchase contemporary designer rugs. However, with some research online, you can save time and energy, and you can look at hundreds of places that sell these modern area rugs. You will find all shapes, sizes, colors and designs from a large variety of rugs. Online shopping is the perfect way to find the perfect rug for your home. Another popular rug style is the shag rug. The shag rug is a very plush rug that brings a great deal of comfort and coziness to a room. They are quite soft, but they are also very durable, able to stand the test of time, this means that your purchase of a shag rug will be a lasting fashion asset. These rugs are also easy to clean, and tend to be hand-made. There are many options when you are looking to purchase a contemporary designer rug. While these may cost a bit more than the unknown designers, they are that much more beautiful. These rugs are usually of a higher quality than lower cost rugs. These rugs are sure to be treasured and to last a very long time.

A certain atmosphere can be added to a room with a contemporary designer rug. These rugs come in a variety of colors, from muted and soothing, to bright and spirited, and so can match any room, creating any atmosphere desired. There are numerous rugs available, so you can be sure to find you to suit your personal taste. Surprisingly, there are area rugs made exclusively for children. These particular rugs are stain and tear resistant. Bright colors are pleasing to the eye, making children love the rug design. If you are looking to add excitement to your child's room, this is a fabulous choice for you and the child! Today, modern designer rugs are popular in domestic settings; modern area rugs can add beauty to any home or office. If you are looking to purchase contemporary designer rugs, many options are available. You can find a variety of rugs in different shapes, sizes, and designs on the internet. Another popular style is shag rugs. They are plush, soft and very durable. Area Rugs that are resistant to stains and tearing are just the thing you will want to look into. Designer rugs are sure to stand the "test of time" and a bright color rug is a sensible choice for any child's room.
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Right Flooring to Fit Your Lifestyle

How to Choose the Right Flooring to Fit Your Lifestyle Choosing the right floor for your home is a big decision. It sets the tone for the whole interior of your house, and is the foundation for everything else you put in a room. Your choice should fit not only the way you want your home to look, but also the way your family lives. “When making a decision about flooring, keep in mind such factors as design options, comfort, warmth, safety and maintenance,” says Piera Marotto of Forbo Linoleum, Inc. “And don’t forget you can have fun with color!” Each family is unique and will have different demands and expectations for their flooring choice. A large family with kids will have a different set of needs than a retired couple. Pet owners will have particular requirements as well. Allergy and asthma sufferers will need to keep a clean and dust free environment.

For households that have light traffic, carpet is one option. It is an attractive addition to a room and the color choices are virtually unlimited. It is however, high maintenance -- regular vacuuming and shampooing are mandatory, and stains are a constant worry.Hardwood floors are a classic choice for many homes, and they work with most kinds of décor. However, they are sensitive to climate changes and may expand and contract throughout the year. They are also susceptible to water damage and need constant maintenance. These kinds of floors can also be quite cool in the wintertime. A flooring choice that has a lot more flexibility is Marmoleum. Made mainly from organic materials, it is an environmentally friendly surface that is easy to maintain and is enhanced by time. Exposure to the air serves to increase its durability, yet it remains a comfortable and warm surface on which to walk.

“Homeowners today want a flooring product that is easy to clean, comfortable to live with and one that looks great too,” says Marotto. “Marmoleum is an exciting alternative.” Cleaning involves just the occasional dust and damp mopping. Unlike with other surfaces, muddy footprints and other stains don’t sink in. They can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth. Not only is Marmoleum practical, it can enhance any interior design style from retro to modern to country. Available in sheet or tiles, it can be customized with decorative border and corner pieces. Colors range from solids to cubed or spattered effects and can be mixed in unlimited ways. Some of the color palettes offered include mixed greens, rhythmic blues, grey-dations, sunset’s boulevard, and neutral color collaborators.
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Decorative Switchplates Cheap With Your Walls

If you are trying to finish your room, with the right touches, such as throw pillows, flowers, vases, trinkets, then don't forget the switch plates! Have you ever been into a newly decorated house, where they had spent thousands, new carpet or tiles, new furniture, and the first thing you noticed was the gaudy switch plates on the walls! How embarrassing is that?. A lot of people will spend the money on top of the line products, and paint the walls their designer colors and then just stick the same old beat up switch plate covers back on the walls.

As the homeowner, you are used to them, you know they fit right, and in reality, didn't think much about them. They are for function only, and therefore they have to be there so what can you do about it?. Well, times have changed and you can get so many beautiful and unique decorative switch plates online now. No longer do you have to go to your local hardware store and pick between white, black, brown or ivory. You know the ones I mean, with the shrink wrap and the tiny screws floating around in the package?

We have so many electronic gadgets now, that the electrical outlets and light switches are inevitable, so why make them stand out just because they are functional. With a little imagination, functional can also be beautiful in a house, so take the time, and allow some money in your budget to finish off your walls with the right touches, and shop for some really unique and stunning switch plates. You can follow a theme, and I bet you will find just what you are looking for. Some of these sites have over 200,000 switch plates to pick from. I am sure you can find something better than those plain hardware store ones.
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Steel Shelving Work of the Master Class

The sleek lines of modern furnishings tend to dominate the look of contemporary interiors today. In most modern houses, an astonishing range and variety is available. The spectrum includes an array of lines, shines, and rigid classic designs. Who would have thought that an ordinary steel bar could create such a brilliant masterpiece? This is, indeed, the art of contemporary organization, one that is commonly know to the industry as steel shelving. Steel shelving is, basically, a choice of shelving matter. The other type is wood shelving. Though, both were made to provide the same function – a modern way of organizing things. Steel shelving is generally composed of dazzling with minor details of steel. The steel is treated with either a powder coating or a paint coating. This treatment is made to protect the item from scratches and the possible accumulation of rust.

Unlike its typical counterpart, steel shelving offers versatility and affordability all at the same time. In most cases, steel shelving’s come in do-it-yourself kits to accommodate various sizes of closets, and purchase of additional individual components is possible. Basically, steel shelving can be mounted either as static or mobile shelving. Static shelving is more affordable than mobile shelving. This type of installation is best for small offices where there is no added space to change its location. On the other hand, mobile shelving is installed with wheels at the base of the structure. Because of this feature, the shelving can be easily transported. It renders mobility and ease of managing the place used for storing the items. Conversely, the main function of steel shelving is commonly focused on industrial settings. It provides ideal storage for most offices and warehouses.
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Selling Home - Interior Decorating Tips

Buying a home is more often than not much of an emotional decision. The location, size, surrounding homes and age are very significant factors that set the base price of a property, but a superior design and feeling of the interiors can push it up significantly. By getting the potential buyers emotionally attached, you can get them to compete with each other and achieve what you've set yourself up to - sell your home faster and for more. There are several things you may do to improve your interiors. Apart from the obvious mechanical fixes and getting new floors there are many little tricks that can dramatically affect not only the perception of your property, but which can make living in there better - whether for the next buyers, or yourself.

* Choose a good color - The color of the interior has a massive impact on the mood of visitors and family, and you should use it to your advantage. Pick more vibrant and warm colors such as red for areas where you'd like to feel more energetic, such as the living room. In general, cool blues and greens provide a more restful tone and yellows fit well in kitchen areas with as they bring a bright and cheery feeling. White, in the other hand, will always make a room appear larger, very suitable for lighting up dark hallways. Don't be affraid to use accent colors, which in combination with lights can produce magnificent results.
* Bookshelf makeover? - Do the cover colors of your books distrupt the appearance of the room? Consider trying custom made book covers, which match the color theme of their surroundings. It doens't have to be one color, try experimenting with "rainbows" or develop your own color code system. It can be practical as well in the future!
* Add accent lighting - This alone can do magic. Your area lighting will change the appearance of the colors you choose. Daylight, florescent, track lighting or incandescent lighting all give different shades of colors. If you're not scared to go a bit over the budget, you might want to look up different systems which can continuously change the intensity and colors based on the weather outside. The options are limitless and it can make your home truly special.
* Eliminate clutter - Does your home look like a warehouse? If it isn't far from the truth, a major cleanup is the first thing you want to do. Use storage boxes and try to sell things you don't need. Don't forget to check our previous tips on how to eliminate clutter from your house.
* Neutral styling - If you want to sell your house for more, opt for a neutral but pleasant feeling. Someone likes antique furniture, some might seek the super modern route, but your best bet is definitely to make it appeal universally.
* Mirrors and glasses - Both help a great deal in making an area appear up to 170% larger than it's real size. Glass walls and mirrors bring extra light, which can make the home look even cozier and fresh.
* Hide those old appliances - if you have things in your house that could be mistaken as a museum piece, buying new ones isn't the only mean. You can redecorate them at least so they don't distupt. You have many options - refridgerators could get a new veneer panel or at least a paint. You can get all you need in most of big discount home improvement stores.
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Home Decorating Tips For Small Rooms Basic Ideas

Home Decorating Tips Your home—whether big or small--should inspire you! It should convey your happiness for the opportunity to claim your own space in this world and make it yours. The following home decorating tips will help kindle your creativity and motivate you to make the most of a small room. A basic home decorating tip for any small room is not to accumulate! A rule of thumb to go by when shopping is to ask yourself if you really need the item in question. If you find something that you like better than what you have, then replace it and give what you have to someone else. That means you can’t keep both items. This is difficult for many people but is crucial to cutting down on clutter and making that small room attractive.

Another home decorating tip for a small room is to keep the room versatile and multipurpose by making sensible furniture choices that provide a greater variety of seating options. Club chairs and ottomans are more adaptable than a sofa or love seat. They can comfortably seat more people and each person will have their own space without feeling confined. Ottomans can be placed side by side to provide an additional flexible seating area.

What about a large bed in a small bedroom? Don’t panic! It can be a focal point and be played up; after all, it is a bedroom. This is where you start your day and end your day—so make the most of your small bedroom by coordinating color and texture and let the bed take over the room—you will feel like you live in a palace! A few well-chosen pieces of larger furniture can effectively be placed in a small room. Too many small pieces of furniture in a small room will lead to visual ruin and give a cluttered look. A basic home decorating tip is to use mirrors to reflect light and give the illusion of space. A large mirror placed opposite a door, faced by another mirror, will make a small room look more spacious. Putting these simple home decorating tips into practice will give you a home you love to live in which will nurture your spirit in the process.
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Iron Wall Decor Successful Ways To Use

When you start a home decorating project, you might be anxious about where to place your couch as well as what window treatments to use. However, the real decorating worry begins when you start choosing and placing accessories. These helpful wrought iron wall décor home decorating tips will give you ideas to put to use today! If possible, consider what accessories you will use from the very beginning of your decorating project. They may even determine the basic style and color scheme of the room. Wrought iron décor can be used in most decorating styles because of its adaptability. Beware, when using a collection, that you don’t use too many items in your décor. You may need to get rid of or store some of them and rotate the items every few months. This is called “editing” and is an opportunity to assess your collection and keep only those items that still have meaning for you and that will look nice in the room.

To create balance in your wall displays, find the centerline of your display; for example, the center of the sofa or over the mantel. The placement of the objects on each side of the centerline should “mirror” each other. This is “symmetrical” arrangement. If there are more objects on one side, or if they are at different heights, the arrangement is “asymmetrical”. Whichever way, the visual “weight” of the grouping should be the same. To simplify the look of a wall, use a single large image which dominates a wall. Choose something that blends with or complements the room while at the same time adds a special touch. Wrought iron wall décor is an excellent choice because of its versatility and timeless beauty. Wrought iron wall décor can be used alone or in a grouping with framed pictures. Wrought iron candleholders and sconces are popular wall décor because they can be used in any room of the house. You will find wrought iron wall décor in various colors and finishes including “rust” brown, black, shabby chic white or beige, and verdigris.
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Kitchen accessories stainless steel paper towel in OBAR

A necessary accessory in any kitchen, this sleek stainless steel paper towel holder is both unobtrusive and simple, and goes well in any style kitchen. This paper towel holder has an arm to the side that's spring-loaded so it adjusts to the size of the paper towel roll. As the roll becomes smaller, the arm continues to press snugly against the roll so there are no fly-away sheets. This OBAR elegant paper towl holder stands on countertop for handy access. A paper towel holder is one of those things. The next time you’re at a department or craft store pick up a couple of things or just use items you already have at home. In place of the wooden dowel you can also use a sturdy plastic tube or even a narrow ruler. Napkin rings can also be fashioned into a dowel. You have to have plenty of them, the round kind, to glue together. Glue enough of them together to be a little longer than the paper towels are wide.

OBAR is Stainless steel kitchen multi storage unit. The sleek Blomus OBAR Kitchen Multi Storage enables a three system storage process that can be attached to cabinets or walls. Keep paper towels at your fingertips with this attractive antique style Paper Towel Holder. This Paper Towel Holder is designed to use free standing on your counter or table. This multi-storage holder is a must have item in your kitchen. The OBAR multi storage is Stainless steel kitchen multi storage unit. Obar Kitchen Multi Storage unit is a finished in matt stainless steel. Clear shapes and the high material make blomus living accessories an eye catcher in every house. Imported from Germany, and made to only the finest standards. blomus features designs inspired by premiere European designers, and crafted by German craftsmen. The obar is a leader in stainless steel products for the modern home. Please purchase online in Newyork.
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Bamboo Crafts Are Bamboo Products Just A Scam?

The popularity of bamboo crafts has surged significantly in the last decade as many people jump onboard the "green bandwagon." Bamboo is a sustainable product with tremendous environment qualities and it's not just a plant one can grow in their garden or keep in a pot to decorate the interior of their home. The number of products which can be produced from bamboo range from flooring to window coverings and fences.

Bamboo Crafts Dedicated forums for bamboo lovers have become a necessary presence for people to exchange views and information on this hardy resource. Forums such as bamboocraft are busy with enthusiasts discussing such topics as bamboo flooring, window shades, blinds, musical instruments, kite making, clothing and of course, growing bamboo.

Bamboo Flooring As a home improvement resource, it's undoubtedly an environmental blessing. Bamboo flooring is one area where traditional hardwood floors are being challenged by this extremely renewable resource. One of the attractions of using bamboo as a flooring product is it's rivalry in hardness and toughness to traditional surfaces and it's cost effectiveness. Long lasting and durable, it appears any thoughts of this surface becoming a fly-by-nighter has quickly disappeared and the demand continues to surge.

Bamboo Clothing As a clothing resource, it hasn't reached the popularity of it's flooring cousin just yet but it's only a matter of time. Clothing of the bamboo variety offers benefits in the area of versatility which means it's suitable for cool and warm conditions alike and in the area of health. As a fabric, one of it's great qualities is it's hypo-allergenic benefits. It's attracting a lot of interest because of this and unlike cotton, it's not bombarded by pesticides during the growth phase. The western world has taken a little time to catch on to the benefits of bamboo crafts in our day-to-day living. It's suddenly regarded as more than just a garden plant and with the world's sustainable resources taking a hammering, fast renewable products such as bamboo continue to shoot up the popularity stakes.
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Firewood Racks

Firewood Racks are enclosures where cut firewood longs can be stored for use in fireplace. Firewood rack helps to stack the firewood logs properly and the stacked firewood slowly gets dry. The firewood rack must be elevated and has protection from dew and rain. Firewood may be attached by termites or ants and needs good firewood rack to protect. The firewood rack must be set at a distance from home so that it prevents insects and snakes entering home. Firewood may be stacked in racks that allow air circulation and seasoning of firewood during the course of time. Firewood racks helps to keep the seasoned firewood or unseasoned firewood off the ground. When firewood stored on the good takes long time to cure. Portable racks are also available which has wheels so that the firewood logs can be moved to any place.

Top of the firewood racks must be covered properly with heavy-duty vinyl covers to protect the firewood and make available ready to burn. Firewood racks made up of steel is widely used and they also fitted with wheels to make it mobile. Firewood racks which can hold ¾ of a cord or 1/8 of a cord are readily available in the market. Copper firewood racks to store firewood logs with hooks to hold tools for cutting firewood logs into smaller pieces are also available. Firewood racks come out in different sizes and shapes. Firewood rack is an essential accessory in the fireplace as it is the primary source of heat. Firewood racks crafted with nice shelters and with perfect size constructed with heavy duty steel with machine welded joints and zinc finish are resistant from moisture, rain or sun light. They serve for many years as an outdoor or garden accessory. Firewood racks with user friendly devices such as easily adjustable in height and length are more useful to hold smaller logs and larger logs. Fire wood rack covers should have the facility of assembling and disassembling so that it can serve both winter and summer seasons. Loading and unloading of firewood logs must be taken care of while buying firewood racks. Firewood racks ranging from 3 feet to 12 feet are used for storing small quantity to large number of firewood longs. Firewood racks with power coat finish, arc welded, with heavy duty cover and of course structural warranty brings confidence among customers and make use of the same. Firewood Racks are designed to store firewood in an organized way. Firewood racks are designed for interior or kitchen use also. Outdoor firewood racks may be simple and does not require much design or fancy. However, indoor firewood racks must have nice design and luxury. Different materials are used to make firewood racks ranging from metals, acrylic or wood. Animal themes are also used to decorate indoor or outdoor firewood racks. Hundreds of firewood logs can be stored in big firewood racks for several seasons. White cedar wood made firewood racks look natural and is rust resistant and durable. Firewood racks are highly functional and provide charm to the home.
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Stone Earth Wood Water and Light Tuscan Design - Use the Elements

Making a statement - Are you prepared to break away from current decorating trends that emphasize 'global' or 'universal' styles and which are intended to appeal to the broadest possible range of home buyers? If so, get ready to add character, personality, warmth and the Tuscan design feelings of security, comfort, and 'destination sanctuary' to your home.
The Keys for Success
- Functional furnishings with a sense of solidity; rustic finishes and textures
- Balanced use of the elements - Stone, Earth, Wood, Water & Light
- Warm, nature-inspired, color palette
- Simple, uncluttered spaces without ostentatious or pretentious décor.
Understanding the pieces of the puzzle - Designing "simplicity" can, paradoxically, be a complex undertaking. So, before diving in, let's review the components and principles of Tuscan design so you can create a little bit of Tuscany in your home. All found in nature, these four keystone elements . . .STONE - EARTH - WOOD - WATER... provide a foundation for understanding how one may replicate the beauty found in the hillsides of Tuscany. They comprise a true harmonic quadrangle and are the beating heart of Tuscan design. By drawing upon this quadrangle of natural elements, you may build your own haven of comfort, warmth and style. A fifth unexpected 'element' - LIGHT - is also fundamental to adding the warmth of Tuscany to your home.

Stone is the ubiquitous foundational element used for building, for decoration, and for statuary. Types of stone used in Tuscan design will generally include brick, marble, limestone, quartz and granite. The most democratic of all building materials, stone can be found in humble farm structures as well as in elaborate castles, villas, churches, and cathedrals. Soft, warm woods balance the strength of stone, creating harmony within the Tuscan home. The predominant woods found in traditional Tuscan furnishings, from antiquity to modern times, will be those that have always been a part of the Tuscan landscape; cypress, fir, chestnut, pine, walnut and oak. This third essential element of Tuscan design is perhaps most easily and readily incorporated through the use of clay - bricks, roof tiles, and pottery. Terracotta (literally baked earth) is seen throughout the Tuscan region of Italy, easily recognizable by its earthy, rusty red hues. There can be no life without water. It both sustains life and threatens it; that duality making water the most intriguing of the elements. How does water fit into the scheme of Tuscan design? Subtly, discreetly, and naturally. Water may become a strong element in your design plans through the use of decorative fountains in landscaping forms, or via a large 'villa-esque' swimming pool. The translucent qualities and movement of water act as a balance to the stronger (stone and wood) elements of Tuscan design.

When one thinks of Tuscan design, often a golden wash of light is the first image that comes to mind. Thus, light has been added as an element, even though not traditionally thought of as part of the elements of Tuscan design. We know, intellectually, that stone, wood, earth and water are the key elements, and yet it is that ever-present golden light that draws us into its warmth. It is the light that we desire. It is the light that will wash over our stone, wood, earth and water design elements, and provide comfort within the walls of our home. How can one achieve the light that is so strongly associated with the Tuscan landscape, especially in northern climes and regions not in any way similar to the hills of Tuscany? Perhaps one cannot achieve the light itself, but one can recreate ambient light in a room or even an entire home through the judicious use of color and lighting fixtures (and attention to natural light). Excerpt from Decorating in the Tuscan Style, the 162-page eBook packed with tips and techniques (and lots of photos) to help you transform your home and garden into the heart and soul of Tuscany. To learn more about Tuscan décor, visit Linda Hutchinson has been a designer for over 25 years. She incorporates Tuscan design principles in renovations and in designing new home decor. With her passion and appreciation for impressionist art and painting, it's no surprise that she is inspired by the vibrancy and spirited style of Tuscan decorating.
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Mistakes in Interior Design How To Avoid Common Tips

For some people, interior design comes naturally, but for others, well they have to work much harder to find inspiration for new ideas that will allow their creative streak to shine through so that they too can produce spaces that are beautiful, functional and in perfect harmony with the rest of the surroundings. If it sounds like too much hard work for you then perhaps you should call in a professional interior design so that you can just sit back and watch the transformation take place. However, if you want to have a go yourself, then it would be wise and certainly less expensive if you sought to avoid making some common mistakes and aimed for getting it right first time.

Remember to plan The most important task in any interior design project is proper planning, get this right and the rest will follow relatively smoothly. For example, you need to ask yourself what the space is going to be used for, what safety and practical issues need to be considered, how much money you are prepared to spend and of course you need to have an idea of what sort of look or style you are aiming for as this will influence the furniture, fixtures and fittings, colour schemes, materials and finishing touches. Gather pictures of rooms or spaces that appeal to you, visit showrooms and browse the internet for inspiration so that you get a clear of idea of what you like and what you don't then sit down and spend some time planning the entire project.

Always measure Avoid the temptation to rely on your eyes alone to decide if a particular item will fit into a space, you really don't want to find yourself in the situation of having bought a large item of furniture only to discover that when it arrives it doesn't fit. Measure the available space first and you'll save yourself a lot of stress and expense later.

Test the paint first If you get the colour scheme wrong then it can be a costly operation to rectify it or you will just have to learn to live with it. Remember always to test any paint on a small patch of wall first as the colour will invariably look quite different than the colour on the tin once it is has dried and will also be affected by the light in the room. Testing first ensures that you get exactly the shade you want and you can make sure it matches harmoniously with other items in the room.

Avoid clutter
Don't be tempted to cram too many different pieces, ornaments, pictures and artefacts of all different shapes and sizes into a space; it will just look untidy and cluttered. If you are not sure you could always go for a theme such as nature or water, or choose items in different shades of the same colour, or perhaps in the same material such as wood, metal or glass. There are no hard and fast rules; ultimately, you have to be pleased with the finished result.

Don't mix too many styles together
Too often, people are not sure of what style they want to opt for and may find that they are tempted to throw in a bit of everything that they like so that they end up with a room that just looks fussy and unappealing. Professionals will often mix styles together but they have the advantage of already having a good idea of knowing what works and what doesn't. Try to stick to one or two styles at the most and choose ones that complement each other. Some popular styles include:
* Country Cottage
* Traditional
* Minimalist
* Retro
* Themed styles (Japanese, Scandinavian, Nature, Aztec, American Indian etc.)
Completing the look The finishing touches in any room can make or break a room so choose them carefully. A well placed vase of flowers in colours that complement the room, a strategically placed mirror on the wall, a fine painting or piece of art are just a few ideas which might help enhance the beauty of a space. Avoid keeping any items just for the sake of it as this can spoil an otherwise perfect room, for example, plants that are not in the best of health, shabby curtains and lampshades, items of furniture that are surplus to requirements, rugs that have seen better days or collections of ornaments that just don't match your new look. Keep it simple with the philosophy of less is more and you won't go far wrong.
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Tapestries Medieval and Renaissance Periods

Tapestries are a woven wall hanging that depicts a scene or famous painting. Medieval and renaissance tapestries were first developed in Europe to decorate castles and large churches. At first they were primarily of religious scenes and later to depict historical events. Kings and other nobility would hire artists to make a tapestry of historical battles and other events that they were engaged, especially if they won the battle. Castles and large stone churches were drafty places that are hard to keep warm during the winter. In those days, insulation was unheard of for placement in buildings to keep them warm. A great benefit of tapestries was that they tend to keep large stone buildings warmer, acting as insulation. The importance of tapestries was that they were easy to transport from one location to another for display. This was accomplished by rolling them up like a carpet for moving to another location. The ability to roll them up was perfect for medieval and renaissance period kings and other nobility that would take the tapestries with them when they traveled. The ease of transport gained tapestries greater acceptance over large paintings, because paintings were more difficult to move from one place to another. Because of the method of weaving tapestries, they give a different perspective of colors from different angles and lighting conditions. Tapestries became well know works of art all by their selves and are valuable.

During the medieval and renaissance periods tapestries began to be woven of a larger variety of fabrics, such as: wool, silk, cotton, linen, and acrylic. This gave them a greater range in colors, allowing tapestries to become more affordable for others. Along with using new materials other scenes were desired by those purchasing tapestries. These new scenes included hunting expeditions and great feasts of kings and nobility dining with guests. Additionally, other scenes selected were of reincarnations, incarnation, resurrection, and annunciation. The nobility of this period wanted to have the finest representations of their lives. These tapestries evolved again into another type of work that represented every day people in every day situations. These new tapestries were designed in a manner to depict famous people and fictitious people in classic novels of the period. Medieval and renaissance tapestries had become the art form representing European history for future generations to gain knowledge of the past. Many historical events that were written down can be corroborated by tapestries that represent the same event. These works of art have become a historical record in all the luxurious form and are used by historians today.

The evolution of medieval and renaissance tapestries made their mark on the art world, allowing more people to own and have access to great works of art that only a few were able to view before their existence. The historical record would be a little fuzzier today without tapestries. An original tapestry is worth a small fortune today. If you can not afford an original tapestry there are replicas and reproductions that are just as authentic in appearance and would be an investment and addition to any home.
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Solar Deck Lighting Decorationg Tips

Modern, elegantly-designed home chandeliers today have varied designs and formats, with each differing in their weights, styles and patterns. These modern lighting fixtures also vary in the type of light that they produce and radiate. Most buyers of home décor pieces today have a tendency to view these lighting fixtures as only those opulent and very ornate fixtures that have been seen in the ballrooms of palaces or castles. However technically, any ceiling-mounted lighting fixture that hangs from a chain or wire is referred to as a chandelier. As such, installing a new chandelier greatly differs from installing a standard ceiling-mounted lighting piece, since these fixtures are generally more heavier than the average lighting piece. Chandeliers Greatly Enhance The Appearance of A Home's Rooms A modern or contemporary chandelier installed in either the dining or living room or entrance, will surely make a huge improvement in your room's appearance, and for some it makes all that difference in the world. Some even meticulously plan the installation of one as an integral part of their overall home remodeling project.
Consider The Lighting Fixture's weight Your new modern or contemporary chandelier's weight is a vital factor to consider, because you need to match this with your ceiling junction box. The junction box contains all the wiring connections in the ceiling, and it should be tough and dependable enough to fully bear the weight of your new fixture. If your new chandelier has the same weight as the previous one, that is if you're replacing an old one, the previous junction box will most likely work just fine. However, if the new lighting fixture is truly much heavier, you need to replace the junction box with one that should appropriately support the new fixture's weight.
Properly Installing Your Home Chandelier To begin the process of installing your elegant lighting fixture, first you need to turn off the power to the circuit on which you intend to work, to prevent electrocution. The next step is to replace the junction box Remember that you will need to replace the junction box only if you deem it to not be strong enough to carry the weight of your new fixture. Once you have exactly determined its proper weight, you may now continue with the installation process, by threading your new junction box's hardware onto the mounting strap. You will have to install a mounting strap if you don't have one. You may either utilize the one that came with your new fixture's kit ,or you could buy a new one from a home improvement or lighting shop. You may also use the existing screw holes to secure the mounting strap into the junction box.
Correctly Wiring Your Lighting Fixture You need to take note that you should wire in the new lighting fixture in the same manner as the old one came out. Correctly wiring the new modern lighting fixture may be as simple as connecting white wires with white ones, or black wires with black ones, however there may be times that it can prove to be quite tedious, as there could be several wires to connect. Begin the wiring process by stringing wires through the last link on the chain, and then lay it properly through the support nut, collar nut and up through the lamp nipple, and lastly into the junction box itself.
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Decorating Small Spaces Making It Cozy and Attractive

Having a small room doesn't mean the space is lost. In fact, decorating small spaces so they are cozy and attractive can be quite rewarding. The first step in this process, however, involves determining what you want to do with the room. When you have a small space, you have many different possibilities available to you. For example, you can create a reading nook or a small sitting room where you and a couple of guests can visit with each other and enjoy your cozy surroundings. By determining your purpose before you start decorating small spaces, you will be able to decide precisely what the room needs. If you are interested in creating a cozy space, you will need to start off with warm colors. By choosing warm colors for the paint when decorating small spaces, you will make the room inviting and cozy for everyone that sits inside. The warm colors don't stop with your walls, however. In fact, you should use warm colors for the furniture and other decorations you add to the room.

Light is always important when it comes to decorating small spaces. If you are trying to create a cozy and relaxing space, however, you don't want to make the room too bright. Rather, use soft and indirect lighting that will give you enough light to see but won't be overwhelming. Of course, when it comes to making a space look cozy, it needs to feel cozy too. This means you should add comfy furniture and throw pillows that will be inviting to anyone that enters the room. Nonetheless, when decorating small spaces so they appear cozier, you don't want to overload the room and make it look crowded. With the right pieces, on the other hand, your small space just might become your favorite room in the house! To help keep your home organized, download a free copy of the ebook "The Essential Guide to Organizing Your Home". Download it free here: Organizing Tips Lynn Cressy has a love for decorating and shopping for home decor. She owns a home decor web site and writes articles on home decorating and organizing your home and your life.
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Wallpaper Buy on Budget

If you're buying wallpaper on a budget, the best way to save money is to properly measure and plan. Since a good quality wallpaper can be fairly expensive, you don't want to purchase and use more than you will truly need. This is even more important if your style of wall decor must be meticulously matched at specific points on a pattern (see point 8 below). Keep reading to learn how to buy wallpaper for your next project without wasting money.

1. Start by measuring the room that you plan to cover. Draw a map of the room and include each wall's height, width and length. Try your best to draw the map to scale so the sketch is relatively proportionate to the actual structure of the room itself.
2. On your map, sketch in any openings like windows and doors that won't be wallpapered. Write in the measurements for all these.
3. Then measure the wall spaces between openings. For example, measure the width of the wall from the corner to the edge of the window and then from the window to the closet door.
4. Once you're ready, use a simple online calculator to figure out how many rolls you need to buy. Lowe's has a simple wallpaper calculator on their web site that you can use to make your calculations. Alternately, you can take your measurements into the store and the clerk will do the calculations for you.
5. Before you buy, make sure that you're purchasing the right number of rolls. Wallpaper is typically priced and measured in single rolls, but often sold or manufactured in double or triple rolls.
6. Also check the width of the product. Typically, European wallpaper is 20.5" wide and includes approximately 56 square feet of it on every roll. In contrast, American double rolls are 27" wide and have about 70 square feet of paper.
7. When estimating the price, always ask the clerk if the price is listed as a single roll or double roll. You don't want to make a selection, then have to take it back once you find out it costs twice as much as you anticipated. For example, the retailer may list theirs at $15 per single roll, but in actuality the double roll will cost you $30 at the cash register.
8. Ask the store clerk if the product you're planning to purchase is "drop match" or "straight match." Typically, a drop match has to be matched up at specific points, meaning there will be more leftover, unused pieces at the end of your project. Straight match, on the other hand, can be aligned with at any point with another piece of the same wallpaper.
9. Buy from a store with a liberal return policy that will let you return any unused or unopened rolls. If you can, purchase one or two extra rolls to make sure you have enough for your project. Afterward, you can return anything you don't use.
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Armstrong Flooring Quality Flooring Tips to Choose

Today's consumer is faced with a dizzying array of flooring choices, be it from the local Home Depot or from the many specialty flooring stores. How does one know if the product is the best quality for the price when there are so many to choose from at so many different price levels? There is one way to make sure you will get the best quality for the price range you are using, and that it to choose among Armstrong floor products. This industry leader has years of experience in keeping buyers of floor products happy. If you work with Armstrong, you can be confident that you will get a quality product, backed up by professional service. If you view the website for Armstrong flooring, you will see immediately that you are dealing with a company that cares about its customers. You can find anything you want about any of the hundreds of Armstrong products, and the information will even advise you of what NOT to buy in certain situations. This is a welcome change and indicates the confidence Armstrong has in its products and also how much it want to keep its customers satisfied.

One of the first things you will notice about the Armstrong website is the contagious excitement the people who designed it have for the products they offer. They make it easy for you to get excited about the product as well. One of the features is the ability to view a room and switch the flooring around to see various choices you can make. You can even upload pictures of your own actual rooms and try their flooring out in them! No more guessing about which color or tone of wood will work with your furniture, wood trim or rugs. You can try all different ones and choose the one that works best before you commit. This is one of the most innovative tools for home design ever invented. Armstrong is proud of it loyal customer base, and it is able to keep the customers happy by offering excellent warranties on their products. They have warranties that compete with warranties you may find on your car! Linoleum floors, for example, are guaranteed for five years, and for more than ten years on on hardwood or vinyl floors. This is one of the reasons Armstrong floors are such a popular choice for most buyers. Respect for their customers' intelligence with information freely given, warranties that stand behind their products, and quality that stands alone are the reasons Armstrong should be the company to choose for flooring.
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Expert Woodworker Tips On How To Become

A beginner can become a good and experienced woodworker if he has the right knowledge and tools. Hard work and experience is all he needs to develop his skills in this field. Wooden railings, the sign of class and elegance Suppose, if you are told to build a railing for a spiral staircase I a huge mansion, what choice of material would you use? Undoubtedly it would be wood, and none other than mahogany or teak. Wooden railing are preferred for the following reasons. Ever since man has learnt the art of crafting objects out of wood, it has become his favorite material for building all house old articles. One can commonly find everything from wooden frames, tables, chairs to wooden railings. The ability of wood to add a touch of class and elegance to your house, no matter what wood-type it might be, has made it the favorite of all homeowners. Durability and elegance are the important characteristics of wood that has made it an age old favorite material for railings. If you visit the 16th century castles in England, you will see that the railings in these castles still are intact and in good condition. Its difficult to think of metal railings last that long.
Do it yourself railings Are you among those who would like to try your hand at constructing a perfect looking, 3 dimensional spiral winding railing for your home. Honestly, we would suggest that you leave it to the professionals because it involves a lot of skilled and hard work. We suggest you be satisfied with doing the maintenance part of such complicated woodwork. What are the options for the DIY person? Well, basically if you love designing and building wooden articles like railings, we suggest you try your hand with straight line railings. To begin with, all you need is a good set of carpentry or DIY tools, little hard work and some time. Tools for Wood Railings for the DIY guy: To construct wooden railing all you need is the basic carpentry tools and little experience in carpentry or woodwork.
• Circular saw
• Wood worker's Clamps
• Hand saw
• Rough files 12" long
• Power drill and bits of 1/8" 3/16" & ¼" diameter
• 3/8" Hex head driver
• Edge sharpening tool
• Sanding tools
• Level
• Tape Measure
• long scale and pencil, other instruments
• Hammer
• Safety goggles Hand gloves and Mask.
How to become an experienced wood worker A beginner should always try his/her hand at easier external jobs like building compound fences or garden fencing. Gradually move on to difficult tasks of the interiors like furniture and railings. Once confident and experience enough he/she can try out more complicated jobs like spiral winding railings, which is by all means the toughest.
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DuPont Flooring Many Advantages

Finding the right flooring company to help you with redecorating the home can be frustrating. With so many different companies out there to choose from, how can you possibly know which one is better to use? DuPont Flooring is a company which has been around for years and as time has gone on it has gained a really good reputation. It prides itself on providing quality flooring and the amount of choice that you have really is fantastic. No matter which design you choose, you can rest assured that it will look absolutely beautiful within your home. The best thing about DuPont Flooring is that it sells inexpensive products, which makes it a company that everyone can trust.

The Choices Available From DuPont Flooring No matter what your tastes, DuPont Flooring has something to suit you. You can even purchase flooring which looks identical to real wooden flooring. Hardwood flooring can often be extremely expensive and it has the disadvantage of becoming damaged easily. So by choosing something which looks like hardwood but which is actually a lot cheaper and a lot more durable, you can experience all the visual benefits and have a fantastic looking home. If you choose the laminate designs from DuPont then you will notice that they come in a variety of different widths. This is so that you have a lot more choice when it comes to the comfort and durability of the flooring that you are choosing. You can also find tiled flooring from DuPont and that goes particularly well in either the kitchen or the bathroom. There are so many different colors and styles to choose from that you really should have no problem finding something to suit the décor of your home. Another advantage of DuPont Flooring is that all of their products are extremely easy to install. So you will not have to hire expensive installers to do it for you. The laminate flooring is particularly easy to install as it comes with an interlocking system, allowing you to simply fit the boards together. They are also designed so that you do not have to worry about your existing flooring, the laminate can be placed on top of your current flooring without any problems. This saves you quite a big job and allows you to get the job in hand done a lot quicker than you otherwise would. Overall DuPont Flooring is definitely worth looking into. You can find it at most good hardware and home improvement stores.
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Nursery Furniture Buying

If you are expecting to have a new born baby in your home then it is very important that you have quality nursery furniture ready as you would want your new baby to be comfortable once he or she arrives. Before buying any new furniture you must first plan and renovate your nursery room. You may want to discuss your plans with an interior designer. You must buy furniture that will be able to fit with the style of your nursery room. If the room has limited space, you may want to choose foldable furniture.

An ideal baby’s room should have beds, sitting arrangements, cupboards and cabinets for storing their toys and other stuff. The furniture you will use in this room should have multiple functions; the items should also be easily accessible. Tables, couches and chairs that have adjustable height would be ideal if you want to achieve this. It would also be preferred if you would use wooden furniture that have rounded curves rather than plastic or metal furniture. You could also use colorful and beautifully crafted baby furniture as a gift for your loved ones. These days a lot of parents are starting to opt for baby furniture that are customizable. With this said you could customize your nursery room with various accessories according to your taste and needs. You could have your furniture designed with the safety of your incoming baby in mind. You should not only think of beauty when you furnish your baby’s room, instead you should also think of other more important things such as safety and durability. By using the right furniture you will be able to transform your nursery room into a comfort zone for your baby.
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Roof Cleaning Tips and Truth About

There is certainly a lot of misconception involved with the topic of roof cleaning. Can you clean an asphalt shingle roof? Can you clean a roof without harming the shingles? What are the black streaks on my roof? What will happen if I don't get the roof cleaned? These are just a few of the questions this article will answer. Knowing this information can save you costly future roof replacements and added heating and cooling costs. In many regions across the country roof algaee (Gloeocapsa Magma) is a growing problem. The algae thrives in warm humid climates, usually first appearing on the north facing slopes of your roof where the right amount of shade and moisture are common. With the proper atmosphere the algae only needs one more element to survive and that's food. Roof algaee feeds on the crushed limestone that is used in the manufacturing of asphalt shingles. When shingles were first produced manufacturers quickly realized they were to light and would not provide adequate protection, so they added crushed limestone to the asphalt to add weight and durability to the shingles.

Gloeocapsa Magma is an airborne algae so it can land on any roof with no rhyme or reason, though it does seem to be more prominent in areas holding a lot of trees. Once the roof algaee lands on the roof it will have to be killed and removed properly or it will continue to spread, it will never get better or just go away on its own. The algaee begins feeding on the nutrients in the shingles, as it rains it is spread down the roof causing black streaks. If not taken care of it will take over the entire roof in a few short years turning the whole roof black. Besides looking very unsightly and diminishing any home's curb appeal and value, what other damage can roof algaee do? When roof algaee are not taken care of they stop the shingles from reflecting heat from the sun's UV rays. When this happens it can affect your home's heating and cooling costs without you even realizing it. Also because the shingles cannot reflect heat they start to diminish prematurely. Signs of wear are curled corners, wavy or humped shingles, broke or loose shingles, and an excess of shingle granules appearing in your gutters just to name a few. Most home owners become concerned when the first unsightly black streaks begin to appear long before permanent damage is done. It's at this point that most home owners will call a roofing contractor and in my opinion it's the point where home owners are steered in the wrong direction.

It has been my experience from talking with many troubled home owners that most and I express the word "most" roofing contractors are not going to tell the home owner that their roof only needs to be cleaned. Think about that for a moment, why would they? I have had many customers tell me that a roofing contractor told them that the black streaks were water marks or a sign of wear in either case a roof replacement was recommended. Another scenario is that some roofing contractors have no idea themselves what roof algae is and that it can be cleaned. Some will also combat losing a potential roof replacement job by telling the home owner that you can't clean shingles without damaging them, which is completely untrue. None the less many home owners are suckered into a costly, premature roof replacement of a roof that only needed cleaned. If you think about it, it is no different than replacing your vinyl siding because it has mold or mildew on it, no one would think of doing that. The good news is that shingles can be cleaned properly without harming the shingles, and the major shingle manufacturers say so themselves. They even have suggestions and guidelines for cleaning roof algaee off of asphalt shingles without harming them. The proper methods include a low pressure chemical application followed by a light rinsing. NOTE: never use or allow a pressure washer to be used on your roof. Inexperienced home owners and unethical contractors have damaged shingles by attempting to blast the algaee off the shingles using high water pressure. Doing this blows the shingle granules off which are there to protect the shingles, thus lessening the longevity of the roof.
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Rooftop Gardens Are Oasis In The Sky

Rooftop gardens are surprising, impressive and fun. Maybe it's because they are so counter-intuitive that people view them with admiration and wonder. They are a step away from reality. An organic, natural phenomenon in a completely unnatural place. Rooftop gardens make a refreshing change from the usual mundane concrete roofs of buildings. They can be the crowning glory, the highlight of a building. One of the world's most famous examples is Kensington Roof Gardens in central London. Created in the 1930s, they cover 1.5 acres and include three separate styles of garden - a Spanish/Moorish garden, a tudor inspired garden and an English woodland. And the great thing is they have largely remained as originally planted but have matured, giving the gardens a natural, bedded in feel. The Spanish Gardens include palm trees and Moorish colonnades, the woodland garden has a river and grassy banks and the Tudor garden even has herringbone brickwork. The gardens have always been popular with Londoners and tourists - in the early days the public were charged for tours which raised money for local hospitals. Now they are Grade II listed and many of the trees are protected by tree preservation orders. They are currently owned by Virgin Group's Richard Branson and form part of a glamorous restaurant and party venue. And not only do they play host to countless trees, shrubs and flowers but also flamingos and ducks! The same landscape designer, Ralph Hancock had already been to the USA where he had created "The Garden of the Nations" on top of the 11th floor of the Rockefeller Centre in Manhattan. It was an ambitious project, inspired by the gardens of Holland, Italy, England, Japan and Spain.

The English Garden included turf imported from England, and Cotswold stone. The site housed a horticultural centre where the public could buy bulbs, plants and even garden furniture and guided tours of the gardens could be enjoyed. The site was a venue for numerous plant and flower shows and meetings of New York gardening clubs. During the second world war the Japanese gardens were taken down and replaced with a Chinese garden. Sadly over the years the gardens have been neglected and very little of the original design remains. Who knows, maybe one day someone will be inspired to restore them. The City of London boasts several rooftop gardens most impressively at No.1 Poultry and at the Liffe Building above Cannon Street railway station which both have landscaped shrubs and plants, not just a simple lawn. The Corporation of London, which is the local government body for the City of London is working to encourage more roof gardens in the Square Mile. Other notable roof gardens include the New Amsterdam Theatre on Broadway in New York. At the turn of the 20th Century performances were often held on the roof. Remember these were the days before air conditioning when a light breeze was welcomed by audiences! The gardens remain but are no longer used for performances and are not open to the public.
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Home Office Furniture Questions Before You Buy

There are many considerations to be made when looking for the right home office furniture. Ask yourself a few important questions before you decide which type of home office you want.
1. What kind of people will be frequenting your home office?
2. What is your budget?
3. Should the furniture be suited towards long-term use or short-term use?
4. How much space do you have in the room you are furnishing?
5. Do you prefer modern or traditional style furniture?
The types of home office furniture you purchase will obviously be very different depending on the answers to questions like these. Make sure you have a plan before you begin shopping so that you don't waste time and money looking for things you don't need. Let's go through each question and figure out the perfect home office set for me. Then you can easily follow my example to figure out your own needs. The answer to question number one is quite simple. The only people that will be frequenting my home office is me and my husband. We don't have any kids and it will be used mainly for our home computer, printer, and filing of important documents. The answer to question number two will determine where you may buy your furniture. I've set aside about a $2,000 budget for myself. If I do my shopping online I can find great deals on whole sets of home office furniture for this price and possibly even less. Competition on the web causes retailers and wholesalers to compete for your business. This brings the prices down and allows us to save a lot of money over many brick & mortar furniture locations. Question number three is important because you must take into account the length of time you will use the furniture. It may come with you to future homes. In my case, I will plan on a long-term use of my home office furniture. I must make sure I purchase items of high quality and durability. Question number four asks how much space is available in the room. Obviously, this is one of the most important pieces of information. This will determine the size and number of pieces you decide to buy for your home office. Personally, I have a medium sized room, about 20' x 15' devoted to this project. The last question is also very important and will decide the final look of your office when it is finished. I have always been more partial to modern furniture with sleek lines and smooth finishes.
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Colorful Artel Vases

Artel is a glassmaking company based in prague that fuses czech glassmaking traditions with contemporary shapes. Owner karen feldman designs elegant, whimsical motifs that are then hand-etched into the glassware on a made-to-order basis, producing pieces that are truly timeless and reflect a czech tradition alive since the 16th century. This set includes 1 of each of the following motifs, butterfly, dragonfly, fly fusion, lady bug, mayfly and wasp. This is a great set to give as a gift and we recommend it in the single-old fashion or tumbler size as these glass shapes best silhouette the delicate engravings of each insect. Features a hand-etched pattern of plants, filigree, and birds on 100% lead-free crystal. a wide range of barware, stemware and decorative objects are available in this pattern-- please see spec sheets for available colors and shape specifications. The quality of Bohemian crystal has been renowned for centuries. Now designer Karen Feldman is wowing the US, UK, Europe and Asia by breathing new life into a classic craft. This American company, using Czech expertise, is setting a new standard in an age-old industry.

Named for a group of Bohemian artisans established in the early 1900s, Artel has taken this time-honored art and, working hand in hand with only the most highly skilled traditional craftspeople, company founder Feldman has created a collection of fresh, whimsical, yet elegant designs. Adhering to centuries of tradition, each piece by Artel is given the dedication and attention such luxurious items require. From mouth-blown molten crystal to finished, engraved pieces, the process can take days to complete. Feldman's design innovation is winning new audiences with popular patterns such as Frutti di Mare, and a new line of hand-painted glassware is being unveiled using a process unique to Artel. "We will never, for the sake of faster or cheaper production, forgo the tried and true techniques the way other companies have." Says Feldman. A testament to Artel's quality and appeal is its partnerships with such high-end retailers as Scully & Scully, Niemen Marcus and Harrods. Since the crystal is made the old-fashioned way, not knocked out by machines, each piece develops its own story. These are handmade creations that will last a lifetime, eventually becoming family heirlooms that grace the homes and tables of future generations, each on ea story in the making.
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Interior Decorating Magazines To Spruce Up Your Home

Use Interior Decorating Magazines To Spruce Up Your Home If you sit down and think about how you lived a couple of years back, you will be surprised to note the changes that have taken place in your lifestyle over the past few years. Your kids have grown a few inches taller or have entered their teens. You have probably thickened a wee bit in the waist and the hip area. You have newer gadgets around the house, etc. Not looking back, but focusing ahead, you get an overwhelming feeling that you need to redesign and redecorate the house to compliment your changed life style. The thought of redecorating your house itself is scary, and you wonder how disrupted your already hectic life will be. But there is no alternative. The next important and difficult question you are confronted with is, which is the right decorating scheme? Interior decorating is not about making the rooms look pretty, but it is all about functionality suiting your life style. It is also a form of self-expression. Every room in your home poses a challenge in determining the decorating style. Interior design magazines can help you solve this dilemma.

There is any number of interior design magazines available in the bookstores or even newsstand making it difficult to choose the right one. Home Depot, Design Expo, Target, and Wal-Mart amongst many others have stacks of magazines dedicated to home decoration. These magazines offer a lot of original ideas and are relatively inexpensive. Magazine editors are a careful lot and include designs to appeal to both the younger and not so younger audience looking to decorate their homes economically. These are monthly periodicals and have the latest trends and upgrades in kitchen ideas, gadgets, appliances and furniture. The cover of the magazine usually indicates its target audience. Younger people prefer the more contemporary design and it will be seen on the cover. Whereas the not so younger will prefer the country or the Victorian style. These magazines will give you ideas to suit your taste. These magazines will help you in finalizing the color scheme to create the right mood such as vibrant, cozy or mellow. Magazines also help in preparing an overall master plan and individual room plans according to the inhabitants. The most important thing that these magazine do is help you in finalizing your budget. There are many magazines devoted to the latest shabby chic trend, which is based on aesthetics, functionality and beauty. If you are looking to give your home an antique look, there are magazines specifically for this too. These magazines are well written and have ideas to suit the individual's style and budget. Anyone desirous of changing their style or wanting to learn about different styles and trends should just look around the racks and buy a few interior decorating magazines to spruce up your home. You will surely end up with a dozen of inspiring ideas.
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Bath Towels Buying Tips and IDeas

There is nothing more luxurious after a relaxing bath or a hot shower than to wrap yourself in a large, plush bath towel. Not a cheapie version, but a soft, velvety towel with some weight to it. Buying really nice towels is a bit of science. You have to know what to look for, where to purchase them and how to display them once you've got them. Here are some tips to help you with your next towel purchase.
Selecting Your Towel With so many types of towels out there, how do you choose the right one? Most towels are made from different weights or grades of cotton. Egyptian or Brazilian cotton are some of the more costly versions, but choosing a towel shouldn't be based on price and grade alone. It should feel soft, velvety and have some weight to it. Some tricky manufacturers add fabric softeners to give the illusion of a softer more luxurious towel, that is why weight is a good indicator of a durable, quality towel. The fibres should stand up straight and the fabric should be tightly woven. Steer clear of the rough lightweight towels with a loose weave. The more loops per square inch, the more absorbant the towel will be. When choosing colors, white and ivory can be used with all color schemes and will be less likely to show fading. Add interest by including colors from your shower curtain or bath mat or trying combining different shades of the same color.
Where to Shop for Your Towels The average price range for a good bath towel is about $15 with more decorative versions running about $20. An entire set of hand/bath/face towels shouldn't cost any more than about $50-$60 if you buy them on sale. Watch for half-price sales at major department stores or deals in stores such as Winners, Linens 'N Things, or Target. Unless you want to pay upwards of $30 each you have to be creative in your search for a nice bath towel.
Taking Care of Your Towels Now that you've got your first set of really nice bath towels, you want to keep them. Cleaning instructions are pretty basic; wash colors separately and avoid fabric softener, it can make your towels less absorbent. Even though they smell great when dried outside on the line, using a dryer will keep them much softer. These towels should last for years, even when they start looking ratty you can cut them up and make great rags out of them.
Displaying Your Towels Towels when displayed properly become a functional and decorative accent in your bathroom. Here is a quick lesson on folding your towels:
1. Smooth it out flat and fold in half lengthwise.
2. Smooth and fold lengthwise again.
3. Next fold in thirds, one end in and again.
This gives the towel an extra thick appearance, be sure to display with the folding side showing and the tags tucked in. Now style your towels:
1. Pile up in tiers with the bath on the bottom, hand and face.
2. Roll and stack in pyramids, baskets or crates.
3. Place on top of a bed in the guest room with a decorative soap on top.
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Decorating Childs Room Tips and Decoration

1. Start with a theme and think outside of the box. Avoid room themes that are based on your child’s favorite character or television show because it will be difficult to design the room without having to purchase a lot of overpriced and unattractive room décor created to market specifically for kids. Instead, select a theme that is more general based on a broader interest of your child, such as a flower garden or the solar system.
2. Allow your child to become a part of the process. Talk to you child about their specific tastes in colors and other room details. Ask them about what they would like the room to look like; perhaps they will have an idea that is lots more creative than anything you might see in a magazine or catalog.
3. Use a great paint color but think sophisticated rather than Crayola crayon. Select a paint color that is subtle, subdued and classic. Allow the brighter colors to come from accessories and your child’s toys, these items will inevitably be brightly colored.
4. Make it personal by incorporating your child’s name somewhere in the room. Perhaps you can stencil their name on the wall above the bed. Also, rather than spending money on store bought art work, use inexpensive plastic frames to display your child’s artwork and other creations.
5. Remember not to strive for perfection when creating a child’s room. Nobody is perfect, including your child, and you want to keep the environment friendly and forgiving for the ongoing mess and clutter that often associated with a child’s bedroom.
6. Make toy and clothing storage accessible to your child’s height and reach level. Be sure that your child can be successful in selecting their clothing, and be able to reach toys for play and easily put them away at pick up time.
7. Don’t forget about the ceiling. This is another great space to add a bit of visual interest. Depending on the theme of the room, you might consider hanging fabric butterflies, beautiful planets, or other items that relate to your concept.
8. Look for wall paper cutouts that are easily applied to the wall, and easily removed. These are a great alternative to traditional wallpaper, wallpaper borders, or murals as they go up (and down) in a matter of minutes.
9. Think long term. When purchasing more expensive items like furniture, look for pieces that are classically designed and will grow with your child.
10. Keep it simple and fun. Remember those times when you child was very young and more interested in the wrapping paper rather than the actual gift. Same applies with their bedroom design. There is no need to go overboard and spend lots of money. A little effort and creativity on your part will go a long way in creating a room that you will like and your child will enjoy for many years.
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Budget Decorating Decorate With Plants

Budget Decorating - How to Decorate With Plants Decorating with plants is a great way to breathe life into your home without spending too much money. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of plants inside your house along with tips on different ways you can use plants to brighten up your space and how you can maintain them.
The Benefits of Plants
Cleaner Air All indoor plants will clean your air and act as a natural filter, but some do the job a little better than others. Typically ivies, poinsettias, palms (lady palms and areca palms), peace lilies, Boston ferns and spider plants are great at improving the air quality in your environment.
Reduced Humidity Levels Plant transpiration works to create an indoor humidity level that's ideal for humans. Remember, if the air's too dry, you're vulnerable to flu and colds, but if it's too humid, it can be uncomfortable or cold. Through transpiration and evaporation, indoor plants help to regulate the humidity in your home, keeping it at an ideal level.
Reduced Noise Levels Plants can actually absorb, reflect and diffract sound. While this difference is more noticeable in environments with hard surfaces and harsh corners, plants can and will diffuse noise and loud echoes. The Peace Lily and the Sweetheart Plant are both good examples of plants that can diffuse sound.
How to Decorate With Plants
Group Them Together Group plants together if you want to not only create an indoor green space and nice arrangement, but also take advantage of a big window with lots of sunlight.
Repot Your Plants Regularly Typically a spring chore, repotting your plants will give them new life and infuse them with healthy new soil. Remember to always wash out a pot thoroughly before you put a plant back inside it.
Make Your Plants Functional Try to keep plants that have a functional purpose in your home. For example, have an aloe vera plant handy for cuts, bruises and burns. Or, keep a handy herb garden on your kitchen window ledge. You'll benefit from the beauty of the plants, but also the extra flavors in your cooking.
Protect Your Plants from Your Pets If your cat or dog likes to destroy house plants, set up a few deterrents to keep your plants healthy and thriving. You can plant toothpicks in the soil as the sharp points will deter your pets. Another method involves spraying the plants with a diffused garlic, pepper and water mixture. The unpleasant smell and taste will keep your pets at bay.
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Indoor Water Fountains And Water Features

Selecting an indoor water fountain requires just a little thought on how a particular room is decorated and the type of home décor and furniture you have in it. Most tabletop water fountains can be placed anywhere but wall mounted or floor standing fountains need a larger room. Tabletop water fountains have more of a decorative value as a table accent. They are usually on the smaller side and normally made of glass or ceramic. If you live in a very dry climate, a major benefit of these smaller fountains are that they are portable and can be easily moved from one room to another. In a bedroom they can put just enough moisture into the air so that you don't wake up with a dry throat or stuffy nose. They also help as a natural moisturizer for your skin. When choosing table fountain whether it is a large or small desktop size, read the description so that you know whether you need to purchase anything separately. They will come with the pump installed but sometimes you may want other accessories to go with it. One of the most interesting fountains that I have purchased lately is the flower vase. This is a very nice decorative piece to use in the kitchen, because you can use it as a flower vase and fountain together. If you are looking to add a decorative effect to a bookshelf, mantle, or entertainment center they are a good choice. The subtle motion and sound will relax guests creating a peaceful ambience. Some feature electronic sounds of nature that enhance the sound of trickling water with a natural design. Most of these types also have multiple options for changing sounds. Mist fountains and the kind that create a fog are a nice addition if you want to create a romantic atmosphere. These could also be used as a humidifier in a pinch.

Wall mounted fountains are usually home décor items that you want to display as the main focal point in a room. They are seen a lot in office reception areas and in homes that have a very large foyer or entrance way. If you are planning on installing a wall fountain in a family room, do not buy one that is too large. The noise level increases with size and if you are watching tv or carrying on a quiet conversation you may think of it as an annoyance. Trickling fountains are the best to use in these rooms because they produce the right amount sound that you hear quietly in the background like a distant sound. The wall area to install these does not have to be large, only around 3 to four feet, the only concern here is that they will not be banged by opening doors or by people walking by. Many wall fountains can be used as a floor standing fountain if you wanted. has more information about wall mount water fountains and large water features. Outdoor fountains can be used as part of your landscaping to increase the value and as a special selling feature when your home is for sale. Fountains placed near a garden or by the patio, help create and add to your outdoor living space. The relaxing sound of water carries throughout the yard and sets the scene for a more relaxed enjoyable afternoon. These water features for indoor or outdoors could be the extra edge you need to sell your home. If it comes down to someone choosing the tie breaker, the home with the water fountain will win out every time.
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