Restaurant on the roof

Nomiya is a transportable, temporary restaurant on the roof of Palais de Tokyo museum (Paris, France). The 63 sqm restaurant features a 12 people dining room with a panoramic view over the Eiffel tower and the Seine.

Design: Laurent Grasso, Pascal Grasso
Photography: Kleinefenn

Restaurant 560, Lisbon, Portugal

The Restaurant 560 is located in an old building in Lisbon’s city centre. The unity of the two dining-rooms is given by the osb - wooden material that fully coats the walls, floor and ceiling. The separation between the services area and the eating area is made by a black tile wall, which draws the line to where the bar, kitchen and toilets are, and marks the change in materials.

Design: Joao Tiago Aguiar
Photography: Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra

Nobu Dubai restaurant, Palm Jumeirah, UAE

The Nobu Dubai restaurant (Palm Jumeirah, UAE) includes a main dining area, bar/lounge, private dining room and sushi bar. Three dimensional abaca woven panels surround the main dining area, the bar is made from 3 inch timber solid planks with an onyx backlit front. Sushi bar surfaces are encased in black color bamboo embedded terrazzo.

Design and photography: Rockwell Group

Le Dauphin restaurant, Paris, France

Le Dauphin restaurant occupies 80 sqm and has very attractive and nicely done interior design, which received the 2010 Fooding award.

Design: Rem Koolhaas, Clement Blanchet
Photography: Clement Guillaume, Ruault

Ithaa Underwater Restaurant, Rangali, Maldives

Dine 5 meters below sea level at Ithaa, Rangali Maldives Island's unique underwater restaurant. Guests can enloy the beauty, clarity, and color of the underwater world through acrylic roof and walls.

Design: MJ Murphy

Green Bistro, Osnabruck, Germany

Green Bistro in Osnabruck (Germany) is a modern sustainable place, which provide green healthy food. The tulip tables and white chairs perfectly complete a welcoming design with an original ceiling shape that seems to belong to a magic fantastic world.

Design: Siddik Erdogan & Jorn Frohlich

heckety at home

heckety at home

The Nautilus Project restaurant, Singapore

The Nautilus Project restaurant design (Singapore) embodies the present feelings of the times and expresses the big tolerance in the psychologically comfortable interior.

Interior: Design Spirits