Guest Bedroom Decor

Luggage Rack
A simple, portable luggage rack keeps bags off the floor and out of the way.

Small Guest Bedroom
Built-in furniture helps maximize space in tight quarters.

Seating Area

In a large bedroom or small guest cottage, a bistro table and two chairs make a peaceful spot where guests can enjoy tea or breakfast in private before joining in group activities.

Extra Blankets
Keep quilts and blankets in an armoire for extra warmth on chilly winter nights.

Vintage Linens

Vintage linens add a luxurious and lived-in touch to a room that might remain unused most of the year.

Sheet Spray
Help guests sleep soundly by spritzing sheets with a calming scent, like lavender.

Twin Beds

Consider using two twin beds in the guest room instead of one larger mattress. Guests can choose to sleep apart or push the beds together to form a king.

Chaise Lounger

A comfortable chaise at the foot of a bed gives guests a cozy place to relax and read a book during downtime.