Modern Beds

Portland Contemporary lacquer bed
You are going to love the deep rich mahogany color that this modern lacquer bed provides. The Portland, a marvel of modern Italian design, features a large headboard covered in black leather, a high gloss lacquer finish on a stainless steel bed frame. Also include is lifting storage and a beautiful matching nightstand. If you want fashion and functionality, this luxury bed with built in storage will satisfy all your needs.

Claudia Modern lacquer bedroom set
Contemporary design furniture focuses more on functionality. It promotes the value of furniture pieces not only as decorative pieces but as well as items what have multiple uses. These ideals are therefore infused in this modern lacquer bed.
This modern lacquer bed is one of the top pieces of contemporary bedroom furniture basically because of its style and function. This cherry-colored lacquer-finished bed is available in Queen, Twin and California King Sizes which one can choose from. This bed is made of hard wood, thus proving its durability and versatility against changing fashion trends.

Concorde Modern bed with Storage
The main essence of any beautiful bedroom is the bed that it contains. And to soothe the artistic and trendy choices of today’s world this Modern platform bed “Concorde” is just right. This stylish and chic low height bed has many features one might find very useful and handy. This bed is customized to modern day contemporary Italian design and is also a good deal for modern furniture. This bed with storage space has multi utility choices.
The color palette for the bed is brown and beige. The bed comes with drawers underneath, one from each side and one from the front area. They have strong steel bars for easy management. With it comes a choice for dressers, double dresser, which has 8 drawers, and single dresser that has 4 drawers. The furniture lits up the bedroom’s ambience and your desire for useful modern furniture with trendy structures is fulfilled.

Maya Modern Lacquer bed
Planning to give a new look to your bedroom? If yes! Then the best option is to go for the modern beds. The bed in the above picture is known as Maya Modern Lacquer Bed, which is a perfect bed to give a new, and a modern look to your bedroom.
This contemporary bedroom furniture with a combination of cream and brown colour is definitely an eye catcher for your guests and an eye refresher for you. This modern bed is available in Full, Queen and King sizes. Apart from this, the most outstanding thing in this is that though it is a platform bed still because of its modern Italian design, it has storage space in it, two-drawer unit from front and from each side.

Contemporary Bedroom Furniture
Contemporary elegant bed

Palermo Modern Bed with Storage
Contemporary design furniture doesn’t always adopt a minimalist lifestyle. Rather, it focuses on how space can be made useful no matter how big or small it is. And this is what this modern platform bed is all about. This modern platform bed is a high rise bed suited for people who have lots of clothes, bed sheets and other personal belongings. It is a contemporary bed with a storage space underneath. For people who have limited closet space, this bed is very much ideal.

Capri Modern bed with storage
It is completely amazing that what a bed can give you, when it comes to relaxation, comfort and satisfaction. After a long day of hard work and stress all that a person requires is a hot shower and modern contemporary bedroom furniture known as the Capri Modern Bed.
The company is doing an excellent work by manufacturing this modern contemporary bed, which has an excellent storage space in it, i.e. one drawer from each side and also it has steel corners with lights on the head board and what’s more the mirror has light on both the sides which is completely made only for the comfort of the customers.

Marina Modern Contemporary Platform Bed with storage
Modern platform bed with mat finish, has one drawer on the side and two drawers in front of the bed. Optional two drawer nightstand. Eight drawer dresser with st steel handles. Stylish mirror has wood frame.