Deck Decorations

Deck Decorations
A deck may not technically be a Veranda, but it can, nevertheless, be the perfect gathering spot where memories are made.

The key, however, to great deck entertaining is to have a great deck. Many people don’t believe in decorating their decks but having good seating and some type of a theme can help make your deck the most beloved part of your home.

A favorite theme for a deck is "Outdoor Barbeque." Though not really an official title, a version of "Outdoor Barbeque" encompasses a nice deck, with a classy set of chairs and a table and a grilling area where your husband and his friends can show their talent on the grill. Sharing hamburgers and margaritas with your friends while you wait for the homemade ice cream to finish running - now that is my idea of putting a deck to good use.

On the other hand, a fun theme is great if you have kids. For example, the Beach theme is ever popular for decks. Beach and lounge chairs cover the deck with a table and chairs in the center covered in bright blue and white striped fabric. You can even use ropes, sails, nets, and lifeguard floats to hang from the sides of your fun deck and post flags from different Caribbean or Mediterranean countries on the corners of the deck.

Keeping a chest inside of beach paraphernalia - floats, leis, sunglasses, and even a pirate’s eye patch will keep your children entertained as you try to prepare dinner.