Christmas theme decoration

The Christmas Cocktail Partied Tree : This christmas hierarchy theme looks great on both big and small foliage. First, if your hierarchy is not a prelit hierarchy try stringing it with a series of novelty light instead of the regular egg shaped light. You can buy synthetic novelty lights in the contour of Chinese Lanterns (for a 50's feel), chili peppers (for that fresh martini bar feel) and Pink Flamingos (for that Tikki mixture accessory atmosphere.) Then try decorating the ranking with tiny brew parasols and multicolored cocktail picks. If your hierarchy is certainly big you could also recognize it with forced champagne glasses into which you have glued dazzle or glitter. Miniature chocolates crammed with liquor also make trivial ranking decorations.

The Gingerbread Treed : This most gorgeous of christmas tree themes never goes out of type. It looks best on a green or red tree. Decorate it with gingerbread man cookies, red goblet balls, tons of toffee canes, red velvet bows and household paper snowflake stuff. This tree looks great accented it with colorless or gold beaded festoon or a bushy red or sallow tinsel wreath. Or icicle-look garland. Top it with a Christmas themed stuffed white or chocolate bear.

The Chocolate and Gold Tree : This is perhaps the trendiest of the christmas tree themes described here. It looks great on a red artificial tree. The incline scheme in this folder is reds, browns and golds. Tiny second gold and red light look best. Think of the eighties when you paint this one. Decorate this tree with walnuts, pinecones and chocolates wrapped in halt. Gold coins are a fine trace. Then tie large transclucent gold and red flags, with the kind of ribbon that has bendable wire inside against the ends of the leaves. The greatest outcome of this tree should be very luxurious and fertile.