Italian christmas decoration

For the first time, after thirty-being, the Italian Language train “Leonardo da Vinci” has developed a “Christmas Special Course“. It’s confirmed that Christmas is just a little bit far, contacts, but we have thought to open for you a period on the trickery atmosphere of the Italian tradition during Christmas time. In Italy, Christmas goes for three weeks and it is the principal delight in the country. Our schools in Milan and Rome suggest a course which lasts one week in the December, from the 17th to the 21st, and gratitude to which you will have the opportunuty to know lot of curiosities about the Italian Christmas practice.

So, for example, you can learn “How to outline your house for Christmas lunch“, or “How to train an achieve Christmas menu“, in addition you will find the important “Tradition in italian houses during Christmas time of Presepe Napoletano’s“. Moreover, the course includes a lot of interesting activities that tolerate you to take part to this indulge by living it in the Italian way. In statement, gastronomic laboratories will be organised with a “Focus on the typical Christmas cakes”, “Guided visits speck the presence of a professional cook” who will explain you how to arrange a delicious Christmas menu, and a “Practical lecture about flower decoration with an evocation of faint atmospheres through a contemporary situation of regard”.

Rome and Colosseum, during the Italian ChristmasThis course is not addressed only to students enrolled to our teach, but to all the people who are in Italy and covet to keep a sample of Italian Christmas, other than knowledge to converse a fluent Italian. Therefore, the Leonardo da Vinci School waits at your participation to “Typical Italian banquet in restaurant“, and lastly, we will celebrate the Christmas time with a “Final accessory: tasting of all course prepared in a welcoming Christmas atmosphere“. The course will take place from 17th to 21st of December 2007 …. If you must for advance information on this course satisfy vacation our website by clicking-on “Christmas Course Milan” or “Christmas Course Rome“.