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Tubac house is located in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. It’s one of several houses in deserts designed by Rick Joy. Even though the house looks quite modest it’s beautiful and eye-catching. Like usual houses it has a garden and a courtyard but plants there are cactuses. The whole cactus is looks like oasis because of its cool dark areas, the sound of water, the smell of flowers and so on. It features a cropped view of Tumacacaori Park which is located near by. A negative edge pool located at the west end of the courtyard extends the experience to this view. The coarseness of the rough steel exterior contrasts with the refinement of the interior palette of white plaster, stainless steel, maple, and translucent glass. Protruding steel box windows forms penetrate the building in apparently random but carefully selected locations to frame specific views of lightning storms and distant mountain ranges.

green living room

green theme room

green couch

pictures of green living room

living room green