Wall Decoration

Painting a wall can achieve so many different looks and change the feel of a room. One of the advantages of a large wall is that you can choose to use any paint color. To make a room with large walls look even larger, use light or pastel paint and paint vertical or horizontal stripes. For a cozier feel that will make the room look smaller, choose darker colors and paint a border. You can even paint a mural such as a country landscape, especially if you have a Mediterranean-themed home. Painting a large wall is also one of the most inexpensive ways of decorating a room.An eye-catching design idea for large walls is to hang photographs on the wall. Photographs always get people's attention because they often have a story to go with them. You can frame photographs individually or in group frames. The frames can be displayed across the wall in a straight line and in several rows, or they can be hung in a random pattern.Wall accessories include curtains, plates, mirrors and shelves. Large, heavy curtains can give a large room a warm, cozy feel. A collection of plates and mirrors or other art can be combined and arranged on a wall to achieve an interesting pattern. Shelves can be installed across a wall in several rows and can be used to display books and other items.



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