Fireplace Rugs

Fireplace rugs help protect the floor area in front of your fireplace. On occasion, sparks and even pieces of wood may fall out and you need something to protect the floor area. Not many people have carpeting in front of their fireplace, but they do, they need something to protect it. Most people will have a hard flooring of some type in their fireplace room but it still needs protecting. These rugs are specifically designed to withstand heat. Fireplace rugs must be fire resistant which is extremely important considering where they are placed. Studies find that rugs made of fiberglass are the best quality, while rugs made of wool are considered the next best. Other materials used to make these type of rugs is nylon and olefin, however these are not as a high a quality as fiberglass or wool.

Fireplace rugs are available in many styles and colors that are suitable for most any décor. These floor mats are also known as hearth rugs. If you are willing to spend a little more then, fiberglass is your best option. It has a high melting point and any black marks caused by burning embers can usually be washed off. If you are uncertain where to purchase them, you can perform a search on the internet to get you started. Alternatively, most home décor stores or home supply centers should carry a supply of them.

The fireplace rugs are not just for safety either, there are many rugs that have attractive designs and are meant to add to your rooms overall appearance as well. If you would rather spend a little less but still have good protection in front of your fire then a wool rug is a good option. Usually burn marks can be rubbed off of the wool if any embers land on them. Regardless of the material used, if you have a fireplace then you really need to think safety and protect family and home, besides just the flooring.