Office Furniture Needn't Be Gray

Why is it that the token office plant is always shriveled up, sad, tinged with brown and dying a slow death? If you can judge the souls of a workforce by the state of the office plant, it would be a sorry state of affairs across the nation. Millions of lost souls struggling to be creative in their gray, drab offices with gray, drab office furniture are waiting to be rescued by a bit of colour and vibrancy. It's not rocket science - investing in sleek, stylish, colorful and comfortable office furniture isn't a massive cost when you consider the investment you're making in your workforce's mental health and well being.

Comfortable office furniture It may sound extreme, but unattractive, ugly and uncomfortable offices dampen creativity and productivity. A recent survey found that almost 40% of employees feel the design of their office and poor office furniture prevents them from being their best.

Make-over your office We spend the majority of our waking day in our office environment, sat on office furniture and surrounded by work colleagues. If it is all gray and ugly, it will have an impact on moral. In the short term it may be a turn off for bosses to spend a bit of money to improve their office furniture and interior design, but in the long run jeopardizing employee's comfort and productivity can by far more costly. Pleasant office furniture and environments are a major pull in attracting and retaining staff. Good office furniture and the right environment But it isn't just good office furniture that can affect staff - light, temperature and air-conditioning also plays a big part. Even if you have the best office furniture money can buy, ergonomic accessories and chill out sofas - it's no use if you're sat under a vent that blasts arctic winds across your desk. Or if your office furniture is sat next to a radiator that never shuts off, even in July. Even sitting under harsh fluorescent lights (often flashing as the bulb fails) can make staff miserable.

Office furniture can boost moral Grey, ugly, uncomfortable office furniture combined with poor lighting, overheating, or dry, dusty air conditioning can all have a negative effect on employee's physical health and mental outlook.