Sofa Beds

As family or guests decide to visit, many of us with small apartments become concerned. Will they opt to go to a hotel room instead? What's a person to do? The convertible sofa beds are a collection of sofa beds for those who not only want to live well, but to do so in fashion. From sitting, storage, to a sleeping zone and more, you will embrace the flexibility of the eye-catching, highly functional design.

They redefine the meaning of multi-function. The smooth lines of the contemporary styled sofa beds remain uncluttered by ornate designs. And yet opening a sofa bed from the seating position is an experience in itself. Just pull the sofa bed seat up to reveal storage underneath and move it with the indolent elegance you'd expect from something this effortlessly pleasing to the eye. Once you hear a click, simply move the seat down and it becomes a bed providing a spacious sleeping zone for guests. Revert it back to the sofa position for ample seating for get-togethers.

When you have chosen your style, go on to choose your desired fabric. The microfiber fabrics of the sofa beds have a sensual appeal that just cannot be imitated. Lately, microfiber fabrics have become a timeless classic, and on a sofa bed certain colors take on a fresh, urban edge. This is tradition re-energized. The microfiber exudes perfection even as it delicately reflects its surroundings, creating a style statement that blends in as much as it stands out. So next time your guests visit for a day or two, they'll have the perfect sofa bed to sleep on that can offer convenience and retro-contemporary styling. The convertible sofa beds are a perfect choice.