Decorating Your Home

If you're decorating your home, it's important that you find the right home decorating fabric. Whether you're going modern, Victorian, or classic, the theme of your home decorating will be influenced by the type of fabric you choose. If you already know what particular theme you want, do a little research online to decide which fabric will fit best. You can also choose to look at home decorating magazines or books.

For example, if you use a Victorian theme, remember that this type of theme is both feminine and quite ornate. Therefore, the home decorating fabric you choose will be brocade, velvet, or other "heavy" and rich materials. For accessories, you can choose ribbons and bows, beads and lace for trim.

If you choose to go with a modern theme, you'll want vibrant and bold colors in your home decorating fabric. Usually, when you go with a modern theme, the rooms are big and spacious and the concept is "open." This is meant to draw your attention to the room's details, including the fabrics used. The walls are usually done in light or cool colors.

Another popular home decorating theme is Oriental. With this, use elephants, Chinese dragons, screens and fans. This makes the room visually interesting and unique. The colors used are rich red, coral, jade and ivory. The Oriental theme usually uses silk as its fabric, and the rich colors stand boldly against the dark woods recommended for Oriental furniture.