Home Decorating Style

Determining your home decorating style can be difficult, especially if you have never decorated anything before. However, with a careful examination of your personality, your color and hue preferences, and geometric shapes that you find pleasant, you can quickly begin to shape your use of furniutre and decorating personality.

The home décor you choose will reflect the things that you find pleasant in other aspects of your life. If you think back to when you were in school, you probably had a favorite subject. If you preferred math, you will probably prefer to decorate with clear, concise lines that imitate geometric shapes and can be measured in real numbers. However, if math wasn’t such a pleasant experience for you but you loved art class, you may like the more abstract, flowing type of design, with intricate weavings or carvings and delicate drawings and images.

Modern furnishings tend to be quite geometric, while the neo-classical furniture style takes into account the need for a contemporary design while still being compelled to love the ornate and robust. Neo-classical integrates the two cultures into one decorating style that can please those who are torn.

Home décor also reflects your moods and coloration. For example, if you tend to be an energetic person who never sits still, is always on the go, and has a need for adventure, the colors in your home will be bright and motivating – reds and deep purples, bright blues and sunny yellows. On the other hand, if you are laid back and tend to go with the flow, your decorating style will reflect this with choices of pastels, like delicate pinks, pale blues, and mellow yellows. Still another may be artistic and introverted, causing dark colors to appear, with black trim or navy blue décor. For those who love nature, the home décor will bring nature inside, with browns and greens, as well as floral motifs and oceanic designs.