Room Decoration

Is your guest room also an office or cramped storage space? Do you shove your guests in a basement room with little more than a pull-out couch and an old pillow? If so, it's time to update your space and give your guests a room they can call their own. They will enjoy their time with you more, and the room itself can help make a great impression about your entire home.

Transform that extra, unused room into an oasis to rival any boutique Bed and Breakfast with small luxuries and thoughtful touches that will really make your guests feel welcome. Here are 12 great guest room ideas just for you:

1. Leave a sewing kit in a drawer. Any lost buttons or torn hems can be easily and quickly mended.

2. Always put out fresh, luxury sheets. Opt for a higher thread count of cotton to give your guests the comfort of softness.

3. Use a fresh quilt or duvet cover. If you can't wash your duvet or quilt, freshen it by spraying it with diluted lavender water and allowing it to air dry on a bright and breezy day.

4. Put out nice, plush towels. Always leave your guests enough towels to get them through their visit and let them keep them either in their room or make space for them on your towel rack. Purchase enough of these towels in advance so there is a set for each individual who visits at the same time.