2009 Cheap home decorating

Roman shades can add simple elegance to any room in your house. Your Roman Shades can be made of varied fabrics and different textures. You can add some pizazz to inexpensive Roman shades that you buy at the store by making some creative changes to them and to the area directly around your windows. Sew on attachments to the shades themselves. You can make a fabric border for the shade that is in a contrasting color, a patterned fabric that enhances the main color of the shade, or a fabric in a color that is a few shades lighter or darker than the shade. Add store bought tassels to the bottom hem of the shade, or you can make your own tassels from extra yarn you have on-hand. You could also decorate the shade for a theme room or for an approaching holiday.

For instance, you can sew big buttons onto the Roman shades in a random pattern if the shades are on your sewing room windows. For a nursery, try using iron-on baby-themed appliqués. Iron-on appliqués are sold at all fabric stores and come in much different designs. You can also make your own appliqués by cutting out appropriate designs from scrap fabric you have at home. You can try spray gluing them onto the shades, or stitching the designs to the Roman Shades.

Match or contrast the Roman Shades to the surrounding wall. One stunning way to make your Roman Shades look expensive is to have them be part of a statement for the whole room. In other words, consider them together with the color of your walls. Why not buy an inexpensive gallon of paint and redo the wall color in that room, or repaint the wall with the Roman Shades as an accent wall? For a sophisticated look that will make the room look larger, match the color of the walls and the Roman Shades. It'll be hard to tell where the wall ends and the shades begin unless the shades are open. Or you can paint a stunning border around the window with the Roman Shades. It'll frame the color of the shades.

Get different colored Roman Shades. This will be a one-time investment, but change the shades twice a year to different rooms in your home. (This will work for windows that are the same sizes) You'll be amazed at how different your rooms will look when you change the shades. It'll force you to be creative when you change the look of your rooms periodically. For instance, if all your bedroom windows are the same size, get different colored shades and switch them out for spring and fall. Maybe your bedroom is green for spring and then in the fall you'll get the red Roman Shades that have been in the bedroom you use as an office. Just this one switch will freshen and enliven your living spaces and inject new energy into your rooms.