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A tapestry is a work of art that is normally used as a decorative wall hanging to liven up and beautify an otherwise ordinary, if not drab, area or space. The beginnings of these magnificent works of art can be traced as far back as the Hellenistic times. They are manufactured by the interweaving of two kinds of threads, warp threads and weft threads. Warp threads are laid out vertically and are stretched from the loom coming from the roller. Weft threats intersect the warp threads horizontally with the aid of the shuttle. These threads are typically made from natural fabric materials, such as cotton, wool and or silk.

Two very different techniques are employed in the manufacture of these decorative wall hangings, the Haute-lisse technique and the Basse-lisse technique. Weaving is done vertically in the Haute-lisse loom as opposed to the Basse-lisse loom, where weaving is done horizontally. Although these two techniques are as dissimilar from each other as can be, it is really quite impossible to actually tell the difference between the two, especially when using the end result as a basis. Traditionally, these decorative works of art were handcrafted by craftsmen and artisans. Nowadays, although there are still some pieces made by skilled hands, most of them are already produced by machines and instruments that cut the construction time by more than half.

A variety of different themes are the subject matter of these unique wall decorations. The most popular themes available in the market today include Religious, European, Unicorn, Medieval or Middle Ages, Renaissance, Asian or Oriental, to name a few. The popularity of this particular type of artwork, regardless of its subject matter or theme, may probably be attributed to its versatility and usefulness. They can be used to decorate massive spaces like castles, mansions, churches and museums, as well as small spaces, like bedrooms, dining rooms and kitchens. They can also be used as insulation during hot months and they can cover cracks on wall, as well as other unsightly home interior blemishes.