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The sun is slowly sinking behind the Tuscan hills. The sky is alive with a warm, rosy-red glow. Nothing could be more relaxing than imagining yourself enjoying This view. If you would like to bring the peaceful, uplifting Italian Tuscan countryside into your home read on To create an uniquely Italian look, the following aspects need to be considered: use of a bold design and original color scheme, attention to detail, demand for quality and a desire for creative and dramatic accents. Italian decorating expresses the individuality of the owner. Obviously, Tuscan home decorating can involve many variables. You can create ambiance, your individual ambiance by selecting from a large variety of uniquely Tuscan décor accessories.

Bring this old world flavor into your room with bold simplicity. You will achieve this by incorporating textural contrast and earthly colors. Consider color first when creating your look. The Tuscan people felt a connection to nature, from the landscape to agriculture, so choose from these rich, earthy tones: golden olive oil, terracotta, luscious olive green, deep browns, rich burgundy, Mediterranean blues, burnt orange and golden yellow. These colors may be made to look weathered or muted to create an attractive, timeless beauty.

One of the main features of Tuscan Italian décor is the abundant use of texture. Add texture to your walls by combining your paint with texture additives. Wall texturing ideas include Venetian hand plastering, suede or granite texture paints or sponge style painting techniques. These wall applications will give your room that old world touch. If you are planning an entire room makeover, you should consider stone tiles or hardwood floors for a complete Tuscan decor look. Nevertheless you may achieve the Italian theme, with the incorporation of a few great furniture choices and home accessory pieces. Solid hardwood furniture with textile or leather coverings are the trademark of an authentic Tuscan home. Consider traditional, very comfortable style furnishings to pull off your Tuscan feel. Strive for quality, uniqueness and personal comfort.