Decorating their home 2009

Bamboo is enjoying a, much-deserved resurgence in popularity and this can be attributed to a few different reasons. Bamboo's applications are versatile, attractive and environmentally friendly. Using bamboo is a great way to bring a touch of Asia into your home without spending a small fortune. Bamboo is Versatileontrary to popular misconception, bamboo is not really a variety of wood; it is a type of grass. While bamboo flooring looks like any wooden flooring, the many different species of bamboo imparts every floor with its own unique look. Besides looking fabulous bamboo is also very durable when taken care of properly. Unlike wood, bamboo is resistant to insect infestation and is not as vulnerable to moisture too.

Furniture is usually the first to come to mind when talking about decorating with bamboo and there is an endless assortment of bamboo furniture to choose from- bedroom sets, chairs, sofas, lawn furniture... Bamboo could also be dyed to any color imaginable and used to make baskets, mirrors, lamps, screens and wallpaper as well as a wide variety of fabric. .. Curtains, throws, sofa covers, area rugs and even window blinds can be made of bamboo.

Bamboo is Attractive A little bamboo can lend an Asian feel to your home. Asian design is popular for its simplicity and sophistication. Screens that are made of bamboo can be painted with a distinctive Asian scene or with Japanese symbols representing particular qualities the family valued that. Not only is this attractive but it also personalizes your home decorating and gives it a distinctive touch. The ability to bleach and dye bamboo means home decorators are not held to just one color scheme. It is beautiful in its natural state, but the ability to make bamboo any shade you like makes it even easier to match it with the rest of your d├ęcor. It is especially suited for homeowners who wish to go for a tropical feel in their home decorating.

Bamboo is Environmentally Friendly The "green" consciousness is spreading. People are looking for every possible way to do their part in preserving and healing the environment. Cutting bamboo is not the same as cutting down trees because while trees take decades to grow back and must be replanted before they can do so, cutting down bamboo promotes regrowth.