Decorating home 2009 idea interior

Is your living space rather plain and bland? Do you need to put a little, or even a lot of, pizzazz into your home or apartment? There are ways to liven up your living space that will offer intrigue and interest but not break the bank. If you live in an older home or apartment, rather than treating your walls with a new coat of paint, choose cream vinyl wallpaper that will give the walls a fake lacquer look. It makes the space look new and clean and completely renews an older structure. An added advantage is that the pale color and glossy finish helps to maximize the available light in the room.

While we are on the subject of wallpaper, you can make a dramatic statement by swathing a single living-room wall with big floral or geometric patterned wallpaper. By using neutral colors on the upholstery and on the other walls, the area will seem brighter and airier. This is especially striking if you have limited windows in the room. You now have a focal point in the room! Molding is another home decorating idea which adds life to a room. Adding molding really finishes off a room and is a quick, inexpensive way to create old-world charm. To add a little spark to the room use high-gloss rather than eggshell white trim. The nice part about molding is it can be used in any room of the house for an extra special touch.

To make a small area come alive go all out with color. Even though a space is rather confined you can make it distinctive with a coat of paint, a faux finish or wallpaper in a mid-tone shade to emphasize the area. You will, no doubt, have nothing but praise from your guests as well as family members. Do you have a bad view from a window in your home or apartment? Even though it may seem immoral to block a window, it is sometimes necessary. A large mirror or even a tri-fold mirror will hide the unappealing view while at the same time reflect light into the room. The gives the room an illusion of more space and a sense of grandeur.

Be creative when decorating and take advantage of the original architecture of your home or apartment. For example, if there are built in bookcases with a space between, turn that area into a cozy nook. Use these easy, simple interior decorating ideas to add new life to your home while staying within your decorating budget!