Ceramic Wall Tile Installing in Bathroom

Have Fun While Installing Ceramic Wall Tile in Your Bathroom It's not that difficult to customize and installing ceramic wall tile in your bathroom. A little patience and dedication will get you a long way to installing your dream ceramic tile bathroom wall! A bit of home improvement experience would help you a lot, but if you're a newbie, you'll find that installing ceramic wall tile is a cinch simply by following these tile installation instructions. Start by getting your tiling tools. You will need the following tools for this project: A tape measure, some chalk and string, a tile cutter, a pair of tile nippers and a pair of pliers. You'll also need tile spacers, sandpaper, a notched trowel and a rubber grout float. You will need a strong setting material or tile adhesive for installing ceramic wall tile on your bathroom or kitchen. You can choose from a wide selection of tiling mortars and tile adhesives. When installing ceramic wall tile grout, make sure it matches your setting material color as well. Tiling grout comes in a variety of color tints, so you can choose a tint that would fit your room's desired look. Get some buckets, rags and sponges for after you've laid in your tiles. These will help in cleaning your tiles of excess grout and other debris. And don't start to installing ceramic wall tile without your safety gear. Get long-sleeved work clothes, a pair of safety glasses, heavy leather gloves, and work shoes. Once you have your tools, you're all set. The first step to installing ceramic wall tile is to lay out your walls. Start by finding the center of your wall using your tape measure, chalk and string. Draw vertical and horizontal line at the center of your wall. Mark the intersecting lines; these will be your reference lines for your tiling work.

When installing ceramic wall tile, make sure that your walls are clean of dust and debris. Repair cracks and fill in gaps and holes. Roughen up or scarify your wall so that your tiling mortar can bond your tiles to your wall. To begin installing ceramic wall tile on your wall, start from that intersection point you just laid out. While tiling, do regular checks on your work. When installing ceramic wall tile, you have to make sure that all the tiles are bonded consistently and not running up or down in different angles. Place your tile over it and press the tile down firmly in place. Give it a slow, twisting motion till the ceramic tile is firmly in place. Duplicate this procedure with the rest of your ceramic tiles. To get a consistent tiling, place tile spacers on all the spaces between your ceramic bathroom tiles. After you've tiled your bathroom wall, leave it to set overnight. Then, it's time to lay in your grout. There are two main kinds of grout for installing ceramic wall tile: Sanded or unsanded grout. Sanded grout is a mixture of cement, water and fine sand, ideal for tile spaces that are more than an eighth of an inch wide. Unsanded grout is a type of grout preferred for small tile spaces. To maximize your grout application, angle your rubber grout float and press firmly down as you spread it over the tile spaces. Check for pockets of air and dab these spaces with more grout. When you're done, let it set for an hour, and then use a damp sponge to wipe off any excess grout. Rinse your sponge regularly so you can get a cleaner and better finish. Then, let your grout dry for a day.
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