Teenage Bedroom Designing

The first point to note is that you will no doubt feel more like the cash point than the designer, as most teenagers have very firm ideas of how they want their very personal space to look. There are a few things however that you can keep in mind and perhaps give them the odd nudge to keep them on the right lines. I hope you find my tips useful:

1. Teenager's, boys and girls, tend to be quite precious about their bedrooms. They see them very much as their space that will increasingly become an expression of their own personality. From your perspective, you will want a room that looks presentable and that does not impact on your house value! Therefore, be prepared for a degree of negotiation and compromise.

2. As with any design project, set yourself a budget and stick to it. Make sure your son or daughter understands the budget, they will enjoy spending it!

3. Try and agree what general look you are aiming for. This is a difficult one, as a parent as you will understand only too well that what looks good at 13 may look very different in their eyes at 15. If possible, choose furniture that you can take in a number of design directions. Changing wall colours or coverings and updating a room with some cleverly bought accessories is much cheaper than going out and buying new furniture every two years!

4. When choosing furniture for a teenager, do take into account the fact that GCSEs or A levels will never be that far away. Teenage bedrooms should be a place that they can retreat to and spend time in, but they will also need to study in them and so a well-sized study desk with decent storage is a sound investment. Remember, a lot of revision is now done online and so consider the positioning of a laptop or standard computer when purchasing the desk. A good study lamp is a must, so make sure there is a power point in the correct place before you decorate.

5. We all love accessories and understand how they really can put those finishing touches to a bedroom. Mirrors are one of my favourites as they truly do bounce light and the illusion of space around a room. I've yet to meet a teenager who doesn't love mirrors. If you are decorating for a girl, there are some wonderful dressing table/chest of drawer sets available. I have found these particularly popular as well as offering valuable storage space, allowing make up, clothes and general teenager clutter to be neatly packed away.

6. I can't finish this article without commenting more specifically on storage. Any child's bedroom requires far more storage than you will initially think. There are lots of options available in lots of shapes and sizes. I'm a big fan of the basics on this front and recommend a decent wardrobe that offers a good balance between hanging space and shelf style space. If you can fit in a three door wardrobe, do go for this option, the extra cost will be more than worth it. Do also remember that teenagers will normally require surface space for a TV and other electrical items. CD and DVD storage racks are another good investment, can be picked up relatively cheaply and really do avoid a look of too much clutter at the outset.

7. We've touched on accessories already. I favour keeping accessories cheap and cheerful, you will not mind so much when your son or daughter asks to redecorate their room in about 12 months time! Lots of websites and high street stores sell good value children's bedroom accessories. Take your son or daughter shopping with you or sit down together in front of the computer to do some surfing. It is a great way of letting them put their signature on the final feel of the room and a lovely way to spend some time together.
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