Colorful Artel Vases

Artel is a glassmaking company based in prague that fuses czech glassmaking traditions with contemporary shapes. Owner karen feldman designs elegant, whimsical motifs that are then hand-etched into the glassware on a made-to-order basis, producing pieces that are truly timeless and reflect a czech tradition alive since the 16th century. This set includes 1 of each of the following motifs, butterfly, dragonfly, fly fusion, lady bug, mayfly and wasp. This is a great set to give as a gift and we recommend it in the single-old fashion or tumbler size as these glass shapes best silhouette the delicate engravings of each insect. Features a hand-etched pattern of plants, filigree, and birds on 100% lead-free crystal. a wide range of barware, stemware and decorative objects are available in this pattern-- please see spec sheets for available colors and shape specifications. The quality of Bohemian crystal has been renowned for centuries. Now designer Karen Feldman is wowing the US, UK, Europe and Asia by breathing new life into a classic craft. This American company, using Czech expertise, is setting a new standard in an age-old industry.

Named for a group of Bohemian artisans established in the early 1900s, Artel has taken this time-honored art and, working hand in hand with only the most highly skilled traditional craftspeople, company founder Feldman has created a collection of fresh, whimsical, yet elegant designs. Adhering to centuries of tradition, each piece by Artel is given the dedication and attention such luxurious items require. From mouth-blown molten crystal to finished, engraved pieces, the process can take days to complete. Feldman's design innovation is winning new audiences with popular patterns such as Frutti di Mare, and a new line of hand-painted glassware is being unveiled using a process unique to Artel. "We will never, for the sake of faster or cheaper production, forgo the tried and true techniques the way other companies have." Says Feldman. A testament to Artel's quality and appeal is its partnerships with such high-end retailers as Scully & Scully, Niemen Marcus and Harrods. Since the crystal is made the old-fashioned way, not knocked out by machines, each piece develops its own story. These are handmade creations that will last a lifetime, eventually becoming family heirlooms that grace the homes and tables of future generations, each on ea story in the making.
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