Kitchen accessories stainless steel paper towel in OBAR

A necessary accessory in any kitchen, this sleek stainless steel paper towel holder is both unobtrusive and simple, and goes well in any style kitchen. This paper towel holder has an arm to the side that's spring-loaded so it adjusts to the size of the paper towel roll. As the roll becomes smaller, the arm continues to press snugly against the roll so there are no fly-away sheets. This OBAR elegant paper towl holder stands on countertop for handy access. A paper towel holder is one of those things. The next time you’re at a department or craft store pick up a couple of things or just use items you already have at home. In place of the wooden dowel you can also use a sturdy plastic tube or even a narrow ruler. Napkin rings can also be fashioned into a dowel. You have to have plenty of them, the round kind, to glue together. Glue enough of them together to be a little longer than the paper towels are wide.

OBAR is Stainless steel kitchen multi storage unit. The sleek Blomus OBAR Kitchen Multi Storage enables a three system storage process that can be attached to cabinets or walls. Keep paper towels at your fingertips with this attractive antique style Paper Towel Holder. This Paper Towel Holder is designed to use free standing on your counter or table. This multi-storage holder is a must have item in your kitchen. The OBAR multi storage is Stainless steel kitchen multi storage unit. Obar Kitchen Multi Storage unit is a finished in matt stainless steel. Clear shapes and the high material make blomus living accessories an eye catcher in every house. Imported from Germany, and made to only the finest standards. blomus features designs inspired by premiere European designers, and crafted by German craftsmen. The obar is a leader in stainless steel products for the modern home. Please purchase online in Newyork.
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