Quilted Table Runners Versatility

Quilted table runners are versatile and functional. Of course they add beauty and cohesiveness to the dining area decor however a good thick table runner is functional and useful as well as pretty in many rooms of your home or cabin. The same quilted table runner that sets off your table scape is the same runner that protects your expensive dining table. Damage from warm serving plates, candle drips and centerpiece scratches can be avoided by it's thickness. A table runner that reaches to the end of the table or two inches longer and at least 16 inches wide can also serve as placemats on either end. For a very attractive look add complementary colored placemats at the rest of the settings. Since quilted table runners wash up easily it's not unthinkable to actually use them. Want to carry that same theme and pattern from your table runner throughout the room? Many quilted table runners are long enough to have one or two go across a window as a valance. Just add a fabric sleeve to the back side at the top or add fabric tabs and run a curtain rod through as with any valance. They also work very well as wall hangings. Depending on which way the pattern or scene of the table runner goes, hang horizontally or vertically in that hard to decorate area of the wall.

Quilted table runners are not just for the dining room either. Sometimes dresser scarves, which are usually thin, one layer of fabric or lace, just are not enough to protect bedroom furniture from keys, coins, bolts and other pocket items being tossed on the chest of drawers, dressers and nightstands. The added protection quilted runners provide could save you a lot of money on furniture refinishing or even replacement. The bedroom is a great place for these heavy runners whether they are short to just cover the top surface of the nightstand or long enough to hand down the sides of a dresser. Many bedroom quilts have matching pattern table runners so you can complete the entire look of the room in your chosen design. One word of caution, 100% cotton fabric has a tendency to shrink. To maintain the shape of a cotton table runner avoid over drying in the dryer. If a small amount of shrinkage is noticed the runner can be re-shaped or "Blocked". To do this remove from dryer while it is still slightly damp and iron while carefully pulling on the fabric. This simple procedure will help bring it back to shape. Take advantage of the versatility of the right quilted table runner. When choosing a runner think of its functionality as well as the design, shape and size. Keep those other rooms in mind and measure table tops with and without the leaf, dressers, windows, wall space and end tables before you shop. Your new table runner will provide protection for your furniture and add color, design and style to many rooms of your home.
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