Decorating Small Spaces Making It Cozy and Attractive

Having a small room doesn't mean the space is lost. In fact, decorating small spaces so they are cozy and attractive can be quite rewarding. The first step in this process, however, involves determining what you want to do with the room. When you have a small space, you have many different possibilities available to you. For example, you can create a reading nook or a small sitting room where you and a couple of guests can visit with each other and enjoy your cozy surroundings. By determining your purpose before you start decorating small spaces, you will be able to decide precisely what the room needs. If you are interested in creating a cozy space, you will need to start off with warm colors. By choosing warm colors for the paint when decorating small spaces, you will make the room inviting and cozy for everyone that sits inside. The warm colors don't stop with your walls, however. In fact, you should use warm colors for the furniture and other decorations you add to the room.

Light is always important when it comes to decorating small spaces. If you are trying to create a cozy and relaxing space, however, you don't want to make the room too bright. Rather, use soft and indirect lighting that will give you enough light to see but won't be overwhelming. Of course, when it comes to making a space look cozy, it needs to feel cozy too. This means you should add comfy furniture and throw pillows that will be inviting to anyone that enters the room. Nonetheless, when decorating small spaces so they appear cozier, you don't want to overload the room and make it look crowded. With the right pieces, on the other hand, your small space just might become your favorite room in the house! To help keep your home organized, download a free copy of the ebook "The Essential Guide to Organizing Your Home". Download it free here: Organizing Tips Lynn Cressy has a love for decorating and shopping for home decor. She owns a home decor web site and writes articles on home decorating and organizing your home and your life.
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