Turn Steel Building into Residential Home

One would look at a stainless steel building and not believe that it could be turned into a residential home. There are many components that stainless steel buildings lack that homes must have, so the work involved may be rather extensive. However, stainless steel buildings tend to be less expensive than the average home and may even still cost less if converted into a residential home.
But can it be done? Yes it can. Believe it or not, a group of architects in 2006 actually turned steel shipping containers into homes. Because of this innovative accomplishment, they proved that such a feat is possible and have opened the doors to more steel structures being converted into residential homes. It first started with the military using steel storage containers as offices, showers, and bunkers. It is true that these structures are lacking many of the components required for a home such as wood, but many of these buildings actually have teak floors and are insulated. The lack of components hasn't hindered designers from turning steel buildings into residential designs since 1982. However, it isn't something we see often, but the point is that it is actually being done. It is actually growing in popularity and there are architecture firms all over the world cashing in on the benefits.

They call these "Quick Houses' and they can be two-stories at 2000 square feet with large glass windows and skylights. Such a structure is built by using 5 storage buildings, which provides the owner with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The price range can be anywhere between $76,000 and $160,000 depending on how much space the owner needs. This actually comes out to be around $100 or less per square foot. The price is actually the same if not less than an actual home built from scratch. The steel building is an existing structure that can be built upon by adding insulation if needed, carpeting the floors, adding drywall to the walls and actually creating rooms out of multiple buildings being sealed together. Bathrooms can be installed as well as heating and cooling systems. The possibilities seem to be endless, so the imagination can go a long way when turning a steel building into a home. However, it is the building codes that tend to get in the way. Although steel buildings are stronger than other construction means, there are hurdles that must be taken care of before building can begin. There are some communities that do allow steel building construction and then again there are communities that do not. That simply comes down to the fact that new things tend to be accepted slower than the old. The truth is, though, that the fact that steel buildings can be converted into residential homes will eventually catch on and the industry will be booming.
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