Indoor Water Fountains And Water Features

Selecting an indoor water fountain requires just a little thought on how a particular room is decorated and the type of home décor and furniture you have in it. Most tabletop water fountains can be placed anywhere but wall mounted or floor standing fountains need a larger room. Tabletop water fountains have more of a decorative value as a table accent. They are usually on the smaller side and normally made of glass or ceramic. If you live in a very dry climate, a major benefit of these smaller fountains are that they are portable and can be easily moved from one room to another. In a bedroom they can put just enough moisture into the air so that you don't wake up with a dry throat or stuffy nose. They also help as a natural moisturizer for your skin. When choosing table fountain whether it is a large or small desktop size, read the description so that you know whether you need to purchase anything separately. They will come with the pump installed but sometimes you may want other accessories to go with it. One of the most interesting fountains that I have purchased lately is the flower vase. This is a very nice decorative piece to use in the kitchen, because you can use it as a flower vase and fountain together. If you are looking to add a decorative effect to a bookshelf, mantle, or entertainment center they are a good choice. The subtle motion and sound will relax guests creating a peaceful ambience. Some feature electronic sounds of nature that enhance the sound of trickling water with a natural design. Most of these types also have multiple options for changing sounds. Mist fountains and the kind that create a fog are a nice addition if you want to create a romantic atmosphere. These could also be used as a humidifier in a pinch.

Wall mounted fountains are usually home décor items that you want to display as the main focal point in a room. They are seen a lot in office reception areas and in homes that have a very large foyer or entrance way. If you are planning on installing a wall fountain in a family room, do not buy one that is too large. The noise level increases with size and if you are watching tv or carrying on a quiet conversation you may think of it as an annoyance. Trickling fountains are the best to use in these rooms because they produce the right amount sound that you hear quietly in the background like a distant sound. The wall area to install these does not have to be large, only around 3 to four feet, the only concern here is that they will not be banged by opening doors or by people walking by. Many wall fountains can be used as a floor standing fountain if you wanted. has more information about wall mount water fountains and large water features. Outdoor fountains can be used as part of your landscaping to increase the value and as a special selling feature when your home is for sale. Fountains placed near a garden or by the patio, help create and add to your outdoor living space. The relaxing sound of water carries throughout the yard and sets the scene for a more relaxed enjoyable afternoon. These water features for indoor or outdoors could be the extra edge you need to sell your home. If it comes down to someone choosing the tie breaker, the home with the water fountain will win out every time.
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