23,600 Reasons to Have Your Chimney Serviced

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, reports that some 23,600 residential fires in the 50 states were related to solid fuel appliances and equipment in 1996. An additional 5,500 fires were attributed to chimneys and chimney connectors serving heating systems burning liquid and other fuels. As a result of these fires, 130 people died, 230 people were injured, and total property losses were set at more than $184.4 million. In addition there were a minimum of 119 deaths from carbon monoxide and at least 4,700 "injuries" reported for the same time frame, though most estimates range much higher.

The root cause of most of these losses is that most U.S. homeowners are unaware that chimneys are an integral part of a home heating system and that they require regular evaluation and maintenance. In a great many European countries - including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Germany - chimney-fire damage statistics have been reduced to negligible numbers because national coalitions of government, insurance companies, fire and building officials, and chimney sweeps have developed tough regulations mandating regularly scheduled chimney inspections and cleaning. The citizens of those countries understand the hazards of unmaintained chimneys, and their chimney sweeps are regular members of their home safety team. Tag:Chimney Caps Wood Stoves Fireplace Sweep Gas Logs Fireplace Accessories Stove Copper Caps Liners Fireplace Tool Set Vent Firebacks Dryer Vent Brushes Gas Stoves Hearth Brush cleaning sweep fireplaces relining gas woodstove repair caps regency masonry dampers inspections repairs sweeping relining masonry repairsdryer vent cleaning certified sweep oil wood flue clay brick