The Electric Fireplace - Distinction and Style

Today's electric fireplaces are the product of much improved design and engineering. With all the options available it's easy to find one that will be the perfect addition to your home or office. Fill that empty wall space or corner with a new upscale piece of furniture - an electric fireplace.

Having a fireplace once meant the need to clean and inspect chimneys, remove soot and ashes and haul wood all season long. Forget that! The new ventless fireplaces have eliminated all that. Now you can have an elegant electric fireplace that assembles easily and plugs into any standard electric outlet in your home or office. The new advances in engineering and design makes these ideal for apartments, condos, offices, conference rooms and anywhere else you don't want to tear out walls, install chimney flues and take on major remodeling activities. These portable fireplaces can easily moved from room to room or packed up and moved to a new home or office. While most people choose the portable models, there is the option of hard wiring for a permanent installation. Be careful if you choose this option and you go to sell your home. It will be considered a permanent fixture of the house unless you explicitly exclude it on the sales contract.electric fireplace, electric fireplaces, ventless fireplace, ventless fireplaces, fireplace, fireplaces Fireplace Tools Fire Pit Fireplace Mantel Gas Fireplace Chimney Caps Fireplace Screen Pellet Stoves Wood Stoves Vermont Castings Electric Fireplace Door Gas Logs Outdoor Fireplace Fireplace Doors