Decorating Small Homes New Tips Ideas

Space in home and apartment décor is not just about physical dimensions. It is about the visual impression too. So, use these wonderful tips to transform your small apartment or home into a luxurious, lavish, airy and spacious home:

* Arrange the largest piece of furniture on the longest wall of the room and keep the focal point easily visible from the place.
* Buy small pieces of furniture that have open designs and can be rearranged easily such as a love seat with exposed legs instead of big bulky sofa sets, two small side chairs and a small glass top coffee table.
* Ceiling lightings should be avoided as it cuts off the height of the room.
* Ceilings lighter than the walls and furniture of the room make room look brighter.
* Mark out a conversation area in the living room by placing the loveseat on the longest wall, coffee table in front of it and the side chairs facing the table on both its sides.
* Place your furniture in the room in such a manner that people don't stumble into it while coming in or going out of the room or to reach cabinets and closets.
* Soft incandescent lights placed evenly throughout the room that eliminate shadows make room look larger.
* Soft monochromatic color schemes make rooms look bigger.
* Stick to simplistic minimalist lifestyle and keep your home clean and well organized.
* Use accessories sparingly and use mirrors and shiny reflective surfaces abundantly so that it reflects more light and makes the room look bigger and more spacious.
* Use smaller patterns on walls and big pieces of furniture. If you do use large patterns, stick to small accessories, pillows and small areas.
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