Kitchens and Dining Rooms Decorating Trends Style and Ideas 2008

-Don't throw out those gaudy clip on earrings that have been collecting dust! Clip them on plain wood napkin rings for a great "Shabby Chic" look! *A great way to re-use old forks is to twirl them into a circular shape with needle-nose pliers. Curl each tine of the fork under or in a spiral shape, but just curl the middle one under in a hook fashion and use them to hang tab top or grommet top curtains. They give a great "folk art" look to a room!

-Another great way to use old silverware is to take a 4" clay flower pot, 20 gauge jewelry beading wire and pliers, some jute rope twine and create a fantastic mobile/wind chime to hang indoors or out! Just use the wire to "wrap" the end of the handles of the silverware and create a loop. Also, curl the tines of the forks and bend spoons or knives into interesting shapes. Use the twine to attach to the ends of each piece and feed up through the drain hole of the pot tying a knot on the inside to prevent slipping and create a loop to hang with!

-Cover your empty coffee cans with fabric (using tacky glue) or wall paper border (use glue also) to match your decor, top off with wire-rimmed ribbon or fringe around the top or flat-back beads glued around, use as a custom utensil holder. You can also use clay flower pots or wine buckets! If you have an old wood dresser that you're not using, it's great to sand it down in some spots to give an aged look (you can also color wash those spots), change the drawer pulls, put small casters on the legs, place a colorful table runner along the top and use as an ecclectic, trendy buffet! It looks fabulous and you get bonus storage space for linens, china, serving pieces or just about anything!
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