Decorating with Feng Shui

Courtyards, entrances and vestibules are transitional spaces between the outside world and the private domain. To the Oriental mind, the alignment of the entrance in relation to the exterior is vital to good feng shui because this is where the flow of energy or ch'i is controlled. The right entrance invites harmony, good fortune and well being. It is also here that negative forces, spirits, or influences are repelled. Sha or 'noxious vapor' is the antithesis of ch'i. Doors and windows are orifices for the ch'i to enter. Here, clear glass doors link the yin and yang of spaces, the interior and exterior. The paving stones and pebbles on the ground suggest a riverbed with water flowing into the house. Water is the most potent symbol of wealth and prosperity to the Chinese.

Feng Shui - Tusk Door Handles A pair of ivory tusks converts into door handles as a fitting token for the owner who is in the jewelry business. A designed holder for the tusks in 14 carat gold and set them with nine different semi-precious stones to represent the nine planets of our universe. The door handles are works of art in themselves.

A closer look at the courtyard reveals a dramatic play of light and shadow. The Bamboo, one of the "Four Gentlemen" in Chinese paintings, represents strength, pliancy, aspiration and scholarly character. Feng Shui Around the House Against the lighted wall of the garage is a shallow pond for gold fishes, another prosperity symbol to the Chinese. A modified yin and yang pattern in gravel on top of the garage provides a sense of harmony between the interior and its outside views. Rock arrangements are long lasting and easy to maintain.
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