Childrens Room Decorating Trends and Ideas

One of the best and most personal room treatments that we've seen for children's rooms is using their own handprints to form a border around the room. Just mark off about 6 inch-wide border 38-40 inches from the floor around the room. Then paint that area a background color that will coordinate with the room. Paint the bottom portion of the wall 2 shades darker and the top portion 1 shade lighter. Finally, let the little one help by placing little handprints on the border area around the room using 3-4 different colors of non-toxic acrylic paint poured into paint pans for hand-dipping. You can then go over the border area with a clear poly-type topcoat.

-A great way to use those decorative vinyl placemats that are rarely used for eating is to group them on the wall in a diamond pattern. The filled glittery ones work best and we just used push pins to attach them.

-You could also use wooden baby blocks to dress up tie-backs on the curtains. Just drill holes through a few, feed onto the tie-back cord or use an upholstery cord and secure with a knot on the ends. You could even spell your childs name on the hanging portion.

-Another border idea for the "little princess" is to attach large bows in each top corner of the room and use sheer pastel fabric or wide ribbon to drape from corner to corner along the top of the wall. Just attach with a staple gun behind the bows.
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