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Orange is a very hot and volatile color, which evokes vastly different responses around the world. In the Netherlands. Orange summons a national pride; in Asia it is a holy color used only for Buddhist monks robes; and in the US our immediate reaction is Halloween! Only recently has this brighter, more spectral aspect of the Orange family been more openly received in America. Previously only Spice tones of Cinnabar, Allspice, Paprika and Terracotta were marketable consumer colors.

Fortunately, the influx of bright acidic tones of lime green and lemon yellow in apparel, recreational gear, autos and electronics naturally brought along Tangerine; and Orange then was accepted more readily. Variations of Orange have become hot colors! It is the feature color for advertising, when the statement being made is "New". It is used in communications and graphics for manufacturer wanting to convey "hip and cool" products. Orange perfectly targeted Gen Xers and even younger, who had never seen the color on products before. It was a color they could adopt as their own. Orange arrived!

However, in home furnishings, the use of the Orange family as accents is widely favored; yet the richer more sophisticated reddened oranges of Cinnabar or the yellowed oranges like Allspice or Terracotta are much more livable and are used more frequently. These more muted tones work well with traditional country, ethnic and hearth-based designs. Deep, yet clear tones work with the more exotic design colorations and the influences of the Orient. This deepened range of color has been widely accepted. Orange tones are warm, comfortable, cozy, active, expansive and jovial. Orange is a vibrant color linked to health and vitality. It has developed from the fire of red towards a more earthy tone. Also associated with enthusiasm and optimism, it is a good welcoming color for hallways, but because it is rather flamboyant, you do have to feel that it suits you or it can be rather overwhelming. Ideal for north-facing rooms which need warming up, It is also a great choice for places where conversation needs to be stimulated. In softer colorations of Cora, Salmon, Clay and Peach, it can be quite soothing and sociable.

As demographics have evolved in the US and the greater visibility of other cultures has emerged. Americans find themselves more open to some of the Orange hues that are readily accepted in other part of the world. You need to know the cultural affects on the colors you use , before you use them.
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