Decor Trends for 2008

Decor Trends for 2008
Working hand in hand with the colour choices for 2008, decor trends are leaning towards a natural environment, cultural flare and sophisticated simplicity. So if you’re considering redecorating your home, get some inspiration from these themes!

Natural Environment: Living in an eco-conscious world, many decorators are leaning towards more "green-friendly" decor. With inspiration being drawn from nature's soft greens, earthy browns, sky blues, golden yellows and colour-tinged grays, many decorators are bringing outdoors indoors. Here are some other ways to create that “natural” environment:

Cultural Flare: Thanks to the Olympics in China in 2008, you can expect to see a lot of Asian influence in decor. Much of this is taken from China, India and some elements from Japan. You’ll find bright reds, magentas, purples, pumpkin oranges, peacock turquoise, jade greens and royal blues being used as both as main and accent colours. Here are some options to consider:
* Textured painting is leaning towards marbling or creating more natural appearing finishes.
* The notion of creating a feeling of “space” indoors is growing which means getting rid of unnecessary walls, creating balconies off of rooms, and adding large windows to bring in more natural light and open rooms up to the outside surroundings.
* Explore unique natural materials either as a furniture, flooring or as accents such as rustic wooden or leather furniture.
* Flooring options are expanding as well, with stone becoming a popular option in rooms other than the bathroom and kitchen. Granite, marble, slate all offer a range of colours and can create both modern and traditional looks, and a thick rug in the cooler months can help keep feet warm. Cork tiling is a popular, attractive and environmentally friendly option for kitchens as well. Hardwood floors are expanding into wider planks and hand-scraped versions give a weathered look.
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