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Building a Garage - Nailing and Positioning the Wall
It will be easy to nail the wall together if your layout marks are accurate and your pieces have been cut to the proper size.
Most Common Mistakes:
1. Not nailing exactly flush where pieces come together.
2. Not squaring the wall.
3. Not having enough people to lift and hold the wall in position while bracing.
4. Not nailing braces securely.

1. On the garage floor slab, separate the top and bottom plate slightly more than a stud's length apart with the bottom plate positioned nearest the wall's final location, place the different pieces in position.
2. It works best if two people can nail - one at the top plate and one at the bottom plate - to prevent the wall from jumping around. Drive two 16d CC sinkers into each stud through each plate and into all studs in the corner assembly as well.
3. Nail the headers in place with all adjoining pieces exactly flush with each other. The studs should not protrude from the plates nor should the header protrude from the sides of the king or trimmer studs.
4. After everything is nailed together, check the wall for squareness first by measuring across diagonally from one corner to the other, then measuring the opposite diagonal. Adjust until the two diagonals are equal and the wall is square.
5. Temporarily nail a 2" x 4" diagonally across the wall to keep it square and lend rigidity during moving.
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