Kitchen Trends – What's Hot in Decorating Style Kitchen Design

Storage : One of the biggest and hottest trends in kitchens is increased and stylish storage. From oversized pot racks that hang from the ceiling to drawers built to stow away the microwave oven when not in use, storage plays a huge role in kitchen design. Frosted glass, veneer, and metal accents are all making a comeback, featured on shelf doors, drawers, and racks of all kinds. Drawer and cupboard inserts used to arrange everything from cookware to drinking glasses are also popular.

Appliances : Put a cook-top, refrigerator, or microwave oven in a kitchen island that can be moved around as needed, and you've got a veritable kitchen on wheels! These new roll-around appliances can be plugged in and used where needed, giving you complete freedom to have extra cooking surfaces right nearby. Move the unit into another room to keep dishes warm during a dinner party, or have a refrigerator handy. The newest ovens and refrigerators on the market feature French-style doors, which take up less space when opened. They also give the kitchen a new and updated feel, as the doors add a decorative touch to your appliances. Oven hoods are also making a comeback, creating a focus on the oven as the central part of the kitchen.

Countertops : New materials are being used in countertops now, such as laminated plastic and even hardwood. Sealed hardwood adds warmth and sophistication and can draw together other elements of you kitchen like the cupboards or dining furniture. Layer colored or printed fabric, naturals like dried herbs or flowers, or other items between layers of laminated plastic for an eye-catching appearance on your countertops.

Colors : Long gone are the days when kitchens were done in dull, monochromatic hues. Splashes of color are not only trendy but very much in demand. Light blues, sharp oranges, and deep corals are especially popular.

Contrasting Colors and Shapes : There is a significant move away from symmetry and sameness in kitchens at the moment. Contrasting colors from both the cool and warm palettes used together are becoming fashionable, as well as opposing textures like smooth metal and uneven stone. Cabinets and cupboards are displayed in varying sizes, from tall, narrow standalone shelving units to long and wide cupboards.
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