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Very Nice Wine Glasses Riedel Glassware brings a contemporary flair to the traditional duck-style decanter. The Riedel Dove Wine Decanter is as pleasing to the eye as it is invaluable to fine wine service. The sleek elongated base helps young wines open up, while offering a dazzling presentation for aged vintage wines. The wine decanter has a 32 ounce capacity and like all of Riedel fine glassware, it's made from 24% lead crystal. Famed for their technical and hedonistic sophistication, Riedel are at the cutting edge of glass-making and Charles Mitchell Wines can only truly be appreciated when accompanied with Riedel glasses. Riedel produces a range of 24% lead crystal glasses, with shapes and sizes to suit your wine, maximising the taste, aroma and finish. Combining Charles Mitchell finest wines with Riedel finest glasses is a match made in heaven and they are available exclusively to our customers.

Introducing the official Tequila Glass, designed by Riedel Crystal with the help of Tequila producers, officials and cognoscenti. Elegant and slender, the Riedel Tequila Glass is 8 high with a capacity of 6 ounces, designed to highlight the finest characteristics of Mexicos national drink. Non-lead glass from Riedels Ouverture collection, the tall stem lifts tequila to the level of appreciations it deserves. Claus Riedel was the first to recognize that the shape of the glass could enhance the overall enjoyment of alcoholic beverages. He believed that the bouquet and taste of wine was dependant on the form of the glass. 'Sommeliers' is the ultimate in hand-blown lead crystal excellence. While 'Vinum' offers the same wide range in a machine made lead crystal version. Maximilian Riedel decided to create a Pink Champagne "O" glass to toast life and hope for those women whose lives have been affected by breast cancer. After much deliberation, discussion and collaboration between Maximilian and Georg Riedel on the final design, it was Georg Riedel's design that was chosen. Maximilian says, "We liked his drawings better than mine." The Pink Champagne glass differs from the standard "O" glasses as it sits on a ribbed hollow pedestal and the bowl is an elongated tulip shape. The first handmade prototypes of the glass will be shown at the April 2006 NY Tabletop Show.
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