Landscape Lighting - Increasing Garden Value

You must carefully plan the lighting for your garden. If you do not plan well, the whole purpose of the lighting will backfire. A well thought out landscape lighting system will increase the value of your garden and create a specific mood. The two most common general methods for landscape lighting include "general purpose lighting" and "special purpose lighting". General purpose lighting will light up the whole garden at night.

Special purpose lighting is used to create mood, and it spotlights certain areas of your garden such as rock gardens, water features, or specific plants or trees. The light and shadow effects that result from this special purpose night lighting can be amazing. The shadows that you can create can be as interesting and as important as the lighted areas.

One sample lighting setup that is cheap and easy to create is "Japanese garden lamps". These lamps are carved in stone and can be used to line pathways. They are both functional and moody. It is very important to start planning your lighting system early. You will need to lay the wiring underground before creating paths or other features to avoid extra work in the future.

If you wish, you can avoid using any wiring at all by using solar lighting. This type of lighting uses the power of the sun to make electricity. It stores the energy in a battery during the day to be used at night or at any time in the future. The battery is made out of nickel-cadmium, which works much better than the original lead-acid batteries.

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