Wooden Water Tank

What is a Wooden Water Tank? Wood storage tanks are the best medium to safely secure millions of gallons of water at a time for fairly many-many years same as other contemporary `Water tank` does. They are as same reliable architectural mastery or expertise as any other concrete based `Water tanks` and can be reliable to safeguard the breakages or leakages of water from the tank because usually wooden water tanks are made up of hard unbreakable plywood which remains intact wit the water and other components mixed to construct a titanic water tank structure and over time the hard wood doesn’t get decayed while coming in contact with the water and even avoid `Plant roots` to seep under; by the side or over the tank because water tanks constructed in every part of the world is extremely vulnerable to `Plant formation` in and around the tank and are architects horrible dream scenario that even has the power to break the water tank in multiple pieces if extra care and attention isn’t levied upon therein. `Varnishing or wood painting` is applied before and after the water tank construction so that paint could efficiently seeps into the pores of the wooden areas and holds the leakage in abundance. Wooden water tank is strongly recommended to handle with care under extreme conditions or circumstance as they can turn out to be very fragile by nature. Strong recommendation is provided to safeguard wood from unnecessary cracks due to hard architectural work such as: Hammering, pasting, broad or thick needle usage, applying concrete with wooden board adjustments placements, etc. have to be beard in mind beforehand.
Advantage of construction
· The initial construction of wooden water tank is significantly less in quantity in comparison to concrete based expensive components availability;
· Onsite construction time: `Wooden Timber Tanks` have very low maintenance requirements compared with the cost of painting steel tanks every 5 to 10 years or the leakage problems of reinforced concrete tanks.
· Deliberate and inherited intricate design and wood patterns are systematically incorporated at the construction time to make the ‘tank’ (earthquake proof) or résistance to natural calamities;
· Plywood applied to the water tank construction is made up of `Termite proof` hard wood where termites and other insecticides or pesticides may not eat them to demolish the entire structure either from the base; in between or from the top structure;
· Reservoirs can be readily dismantled and proficiently be transported for re-erection from one vicinity (locality) to another if required and if it is made up of wood only. That helps in time; physical work (energy and labor work) wastage utilization to a nil.
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