Saving Energy and Keeping Hot Tubs Clean With a Hot Tub Cover

If you have a hot tub you probably already know the importance of a hot tub cover, as well as how important it is for you to get a cover that fits. The cover helps to keep the heat in to conserve energy and to keep the dirt out of the tub. Fallen leaves and other greenery may be getting in your water and making it dirty, but a hot tub cover can help to prevent this when properly used. The cover that you purchase has to fit correctly and have no spaces that are going to let dirt in. If there are spaces that are not completely covered you won't be preventing heat from escaping and the water may still get dirty. If you need to go to the dealer to get a cover you should take pictures and measurements (which should be from every possible angle to make sure you don't miss anything) to help you get the exact size that you need.

When you use a cover you may be surprised by how much money you actually save on power bills. The cover holds the heat in instead of allowing it to quickly rise and warming the air around the hot tub. without a cover it takes more energy to get the water heated which is going to take more power and more power makes the power bill higher. On top of that this wears out the tub components faster and will end up costing you even more to replace.

You will certainly want a cover on it if you have a lot of trees in your yard to prevent leaves from getting into the water. Insects, pinecones, and leaves clog the drain quickly and turn the water interesting colors while it is at it. When you have friends over it would be very embarrassing to take them out to a tub full of brown water. The water in your hot tub should be just as clean as the water in your bath tub or your pool. Besides the chemicals needed to maintain a healthy hot tub, a cover is the most important thing that you can get for it. These covers are not very expensive and there is probably one that fits your hot tub.

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