Foyer Lighting Fixtures

When one considers that the foyer is the very first room in the house that a visitor sees, it becomes readily apparent that lighting the foyer represents an important step toward establishing home atmosphere. Foyer lighting sets the tone for the interior lighting design of a home, and it also functions as something of a bridge that links outdoor lighting to indoor lighting. Foyer lights should differentiate the inside world from the outside world, but too much differentiation creates shock to the guest with either too much or too little light. RLLD recommends therefore that regardless of the style of foyer lights ultimately chosen that they also be fitted with one or more dimmer switches to allow for adjustable levels of luminance. One can also install multiple foyer on multiple, separate dimmers, each controlling separate combinations of fixtures and allowing for the creation of layered and colored lighting effects. Foyer lighting is almost essential to homes with a staircase entrance or a tall ceiling, as they provide in these settings a functional level for safety as well as comfort and ambience. The choice of fixture size depends primarily on the size of the ceiling, although such factors as the dimensions of one or more adjacent wall(s) and the presence of mirrors and paintings also plays a role.

Perhaps the most important value of foyer lighting is its ability to instantly set mood for arriving guests. Most people remove their shoes when entering a home, and the necessity of having to pause for a few seconds in the foyer gives the subconscious mind time to take in its new settings--almost like a camera taking a picture. Foyer lights with colored glass fixtures can instantly shift the mind away from the energies of the surrounding locale into the private reality of the residence, and they do this in a very subtle way that the conscious mind seldom notices. Many foyers also have mirrors, and lighting the mirror vanity style is an excellent way to blend function and decorum. Vanity mirror lights on a foyer dimmer switch can be adjusted to illuminate the mirror either as a decorative piece or as a tool for visitors to use to check their appearance before entering the house proper. Smaller foyers lend themselves better to recessed lights, and usually a single overhead fixture is all that is necessary to center down lighting over the room. This can then be complimented with wall sconces or multiple light fixtures placed at or just above eye level. In a two-story foyer it works better to use a suspended fixture or even a chandelier for foyer down lighting. Much of the ultimate selection of physical pieces will depend greatly on both personal preference and fit with other lighting systems inside the home. This is why RLLD inventories foyer lighting fixtures in styles that range from compact fluorescent, contemporary, Craftsman & Mission, crystal, iron & rustic, traditional, and transitional.

Aside from the obvious benefits that foyer lighting offers the individual homeowner, and aside too from the obvious connotation of our brand as a Residential Lighting vendor, there is a tremendous opportunity here for the professional interior design consultant and the commercial lighting design contractor to take advantage of our one-source supply of the world's top-rated, commercial grade materials. In fact, a growing segment of our client base is emerging from the commercial arena as increasing numbers of professionals find timesaving and cost-saving value in our convenient drop shipping delivery policy. Every product ordered travels straight from the factory to the location of install. Interior designers working as sole proprietors find this service invaluable, as it absolves them of the task of having to figure out where to store the equipment they plan to install for their clients.
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