Great Garden Design in 10 Easy Steps

Behind every beautiful garden is a great garden design outline. Who better to give a quick lesson on how to begin planning your own garden masterpiece, than garden design expert and one of the popular hosts on Garden Architecture, Haig Seferian? Here are his quick and easy tips to ensure that you can plan a beautiful garden and keep it looking fabulous all year long.

· Don't have too many colours in your garden design. Choose two or three colours and spread them throughout your garden to make more of an impact.
· Look at the architecture of your home to help you select the theme of your garden. The two should compliment and reflect one another.
· Think about form composition and remember that two forms work better than three. For example, curvilinear + modular = great design!
· Consider all of the many different elements and principles of a garden when you begin designing. For example, line, space, texture, repetition, harmony, and unity are all important features in any great garden plan.
· Keep it simple. The best designs are always the ones that are very clean and simple in nature.
· Consider all four seasons in your design. A well-designed garden should look beautiful all year long.
· Choose plant combinations that compliment each other.
· Take advantage of existing trees, views and vistas. Incorporate them into your garden design.
· Take into careful consideration how much entertaining you do before you decide on the size of a patio or a deck.
· Don't forget the water feature. Be sure to locate a water feature in an area so that it can be seen from both inside and outside of your home throughout the year.

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