Protecting Your Garage Floor From Stains, Dirt and Mayhem

Take a good look at your garage floors - what do you see? Are you floors coated with dirt, grime, and cracked cement? If so, you need to give some thought to cleaning up and protecting it.

You may be asking yourself why you would even consider fixing up your garage floors ... and the answer is simple. Chances are, you have spent a great deal of time decorating and reshaping the inside of your home, right? Well (want it or not), you also spend quite a few hours inside of your garage - don't you? Aside from parking your car, you probably use tools to create various items within your garage; store things inside of your garage; and you may even invite guests into your home through your garage. Doesn't it make sense to put down a coating to protect it?

Most people associate their garages as some foreign part of the home. Well, they are not. A person looking to buy your home is not going to discount the garage. In fact, a common tip given to home buyers is to pay close attention to the garage floor and driveway. Why? Well, much like the eyes are the paths to the soul, these surfaced tell a pretty accurate story of how the homeowner cared for and maintained the home. While the rest of the house can be spruced up at the last moment, trashed garage floors are much more of a challenge.

Irrespective of resale issues, you should endeavour to keep your flooring in good shape for another basic reason. Garage floors are typically tough, but even they can eventually fall apart. This is particularly true since a garage tends to be the area where heavy stuff is moved about, dropped and so on. Penetration of liquids, particularly water, into the foundation can lead to a host of problems such as rebar rusting, cracking and so on. All are a pain to deal with and very expensive to repair.

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