The Home Energy Audit - The First Step For An Energy Efficient Home

As a homeowner you obviously want to prevent skyrocketing utility bills. Good news; you can invest in ways to improve your home's energy efficiency. But, before you go about making drastic changes to your home, you might consider an Energy Audit. Such an audit will provide an assessment of how much energy your homes uses and evaluate how you can make your home most efficient. From here, you can begin a plan of attack for making your home more energy wise.

A professional energy audit involves hiring a pro, who will complete an audit that could set you back $300-$700. But, fear not. The investment that you make in the short-term, could mean slashing your heating bill by 40%! Likewise you won't need another audit for another 15-20 years. Most likely the auditor will perform various tests that include: a thermographic scan which detects air leaks and moisture problems, a combustion safety test for your heating system, a blower door test to determine how airtight your home is, and also an insulation, appliance and lighting survey. Professional energy audits go into great detail. The energy auditor should do a thorough examination of past utility bills and a room-by-room examination of the residence.

In terms of finding an auditor for the job, you can check with your utility company. Some companies may even provide free audits. Your state energy office might also be able to help you find a local company that performs audits. Another place to look for a list of home energy raters in your area is to check out the web site, There is also the option of a do-it-yourself energy audit. Start with is a list of places in your home where you feel a draft. Simply taking measures to cut these drafts, whether by door replacement or alternative methods, can save up to 30% a year.

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