Chlorine Free Pools

Chlorine alternatives to water sanitation in swimming pools and home spas are growing in popularity. Chlorine has been implicated as a trigger in a variety of health problems including asthma and bladder and rectal cancer. Pool operators are actively searching for different methods to reduce their dependency on chlorine for water treatment.

Ozone generators, catalytic cartridges, chlorine generators and ionizers all reduce dependency on chemicals and offer a safer swimming environment. Ozone generators use the power of natural ozone to sanitize water. Catalytic cartridges sometimes referred to as mineral sanitation, uses oxygen and natural algaestatic and bactericidal minerals for water treatment. Chlorine generators sanitize by using salt present in the pool or spa water to generate a more natural, softer form of chlorine than what is purchased in pool supply stores. Ionizers remove microorganisms from the water through the use of natural mineral ions. The ECOSmarte Pool System is an alternative to the use of chlorine in pools and spas. The unit is installed in the pool's return line and delivers a non-chemical shock to the water as it passes by the oxygen electrodes in addition to releasing mineral ions into the water. Mineral ions bind to microorganisms in the water and kill them. These ions also provide residual protection in the water against microorganisms.

Most ionizers are not effective at eliminating algae from a pool or spa with a pre-existing algae problem. Chlorine or a non chlorine shock treatment must be used to first clear the water, and then the ionizer can be used to maintain the water purity. Most pool operators also find that they need to keep a residual level of chlorine in the water to maintain adequate sanitation. ECOSmarte customers report a good deal of success with maintaining a sanitary pool with no residual levels of chlorine. Care must be taken to monitor the pH level in the pool (generally 6.8 to 7.0, and some customers state that the lower in that range a pool is kept, the more efficient the ECOSmarte system is), and the copper levels must be checked regularly and kept at sufficient levels to kill algae. Bacteria are not visible to the naked eye, however there are no "bacteria blooms", so periodic testing for bacterial presence, especially coliform bacteria, should be done. ECOSmarte Ionizers typically last three to five years and are relatively inexpensive to replace, usually around $95. They are easy to replace by the pool or spa owner merely with a screwdriver. ECOSmarte has a 60-day money-back guarantee, and existing customers report being pleased with their customer service line.

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